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For the Week of July 7, 2008

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JR is shocked to see little sister all soused to the gills.

Dre plants one on Cassandra, much to her surprise.

Adam asks Krystal to accept what she really feels.

Babe stays at the mansion.

Samuel and Erica continue their mating rituals.

Randi fights down her growing affection for Frankie while he continues to try and help her.

Erica gets to actually hug Kendall.

Samuel withstands some questioning about Erica from his father.

Carmen tells Jack he should go after Erica.

Babe bitches about how she's treated at Fusion, so JR offers to buy the company for her.

Angie finds Randi in Cassandra's bed.

Jesse is not happy with Zach's vigilante move to go after Richie on his own.

Kendall worries Zach will kill Richie.

Sure enough, Zach calls Jesse to tell him that he found Richie dead on the road.

Annie doesn't know what to think when she hears of his death.

Zach thinks Annie knows something.

Jesse is not convinced that Richie's death was a simple hit and run.

Annie reflects on her last moments with Richie while she and Ryan wait for his autopsy results.

Zach swears to Jesse that he did not kill Richie.

Jesse learns that Richie's last cell phone call was to Annie and questions her aggressively about it.

Kendall is pissed when Annie tries to cast blame onto Zach.

Zach is arrested.

Dre and Cassandra have the hair go up on the backs of their necks when they hear that Richie will killed in a hit and run, remembering that they hit something when they were driving drunk Colby home.

They weigh whether or not to come forward with this information, but decide to keep quiet.

Colby is surprised when she receives a visit from the newly SORAS'd Petey Cortlandt.

Petey notices something odd as Colby is giving him the bum's rush.

Aidan insists on guarding Greenlee.

Jake pushes Greenlee to give Aidan another chance.

Aidan begins to get to Greenlee.

Ryan is flooded by Greenlee memories.

Aidan and Greenlee are thisclose to reuniting, but Greenlee feels she needs to take it slow.

She goes sailing to clear her mind, but ends up falling and whacking her head. 

Ryan sees her accident and rushes to save her.

Next week:

Ryan is awash in a sea of Greenlee memories and suddenly SHE is the sole object of his affections as Kendall was before.

Kendall rips Annie a new one for trying to make Zach look guilty.

Petey is a loose cannon for Colby, Dre and Cassandra.

Angie and Frankie search for Randi.

Adam takes charge when Colby and Cassandra tell him about the accident.

Kendall has a clue to Ryan's obsession over Greenlee.

Samuel gives Erica good news.

Annie wonders if Ryan has any feelings for her.

Zach still isn't buying what Annie's selling.

Annie goes all teeth and toenails as she warns Greenlee to stay away from her man.

Jesse has proof that Colby's car was at the scene of Richie's death.

Ryan learns something surprising.


Tina and Cain share a glorious reunion.

Tina worries about Sarah.

Carlo keeps Talia and Sarah in the dungeon.

Antonio is surprised to see Cain.

... and Carlo as more people hit the dungeon.

Cole tells Todd that Starr is pregnant and planning to have Marcie adopt the baby.

Michael explains to Starr why they cannot adopt her baby while Marcie assures Starr that she will try and change her husband's mind.

Todd goes off on Blair and Starr and vows that Marcie and Michael will NEVER adopt his grandchild.

Marcie makes no headway with Michael.

Cole admits to John that he told Todd the truth.

Todd continues to threaten the McBains, but Marcie is unruffled.

Starr vents her fury on Cole for bringing Todd into the loop.

John continues to offer support to Blair.

Sigh - I thought we were past this - Nora interrupts Bo and Lindsay's wedding to flaunt the incriminating letter from RJ. 

Clint wonders why Nora would do such a thing.

Lindsay confesses to Bo, but he rejects her.

Rex finds Bo getting drunk and despite all efforts, cannot seem to console him.

Nora has Lindsay arrested for murder.

Lindsay pleads guilty.

Tess, posing as Jessica, asks Viki if she can move back into Llanfair.

She also asks Jared and Natalie to come home to live as well, which throws up some red flags for Viki.

Charlie and Roxy learn that he was stone cold sober when he blacked out.

Charlie realizes that his last memory was of bumping into Dorian at the hospital.

Charlie confronts Dorian, but she denies any wrongdoing.

David tells Viki about his marriage.

Charlie tells Viki that Dorian is somehow involved in his blackout.

Viki tells Charlie that she loves him, but cannot forgive that he lied about Jared and Rex.

Clint wonders if he can use David's marriage to Addie against Dorian.

Marty presses Todd for more information about her past.

Rex tells Gigi he does not regret what she said at his wedding and admits that he cares for her as well.

Guess what?  Adrianna phones, but Rex pulls Gigi into a kiss, only to be interrupted by Brody and Shane.

Brody gives Rex a clear message regarding his feelings for his new "family."

Next week:

Todd and Cole band together toward a common goal.

Madame Delphina is back and this time, she has some advice for Rex.

Talio keeps Antonio from killing Carlo.

Both baby custody sides wind up in court.

Clint and Nora go after Dorian.

Langston decides to blackmail David herself.

Tess launches a deadly plan.

Bo gets a true shock.

Jessica and Tess battle for control.

Carlo exposes Tina and Cain's ruse.

Dorian makes a disturbing discovery about Viki.

Bo and Rex fight for their lives.

We learn what Carlo is planning.


Jason has clear warning for Carly:  Keep trying to interfere in Sonny and Kate's relationship and she'll lose Jax.

Anthony reminds Claudia what a whore she is for seducing Trevor when she was 16-years-old.

Robin wonders why Sonny is marrying Kate.

The paparazzi catch Kate and Jax in a compromising situation after she drops her ring in a limo and he picks it up for her.

Noah Drake


back (July 7th), having been away with Doctors Without Borders.

Noah sides with Robin.

Jax tries to reassure Carly regarding the photos with Kate.

Claudia tries unsuccessfully to seduce Sonny.

Patrick gives a moving testimony in court, which melts Robin's heart.

Logan finished up attacking Maxie at the Crimson offices and goes looking for Johnny.  Oh, and he's got an axe with him.

Johnny shows up at Crimson, finds Maxie and tries to revive her.

This, of course, makes Lulu feel insecure and she begins to rant -- OK, just kidding about this one.

Johnny takes Maxie to his apartment and finds that Lulu has killed Logan there.

Johnny tells Claudia that he killed Logan, shocking both Lulu and Maxie.

Johnny and Claudia dump Logan's body at Nikolas' ready-rise clinic, but Nadine sees their car speeding away.

Claudia fills in Anthony on what happened.

Anthony summons Maxie.

Kate is humiliated in public when Carly learns her true identity and tells all.

Jason believes that Johnny killed Logan.

Claudia stands up to Jason.

Next week:

Maxie tells Spinelli what happened.

Jason tells Lulu he will fix everything.

Maxie and Spinelli have sex.

Johnny is arrested.

Sonny has second thoughts.

Carly continues her quest for revenge.

Maxie confides the truth to Jason.