By Starr Raven Madde


Jax and Carly's Date:



Yes, Devil Spawn?


 HAHA! He called you a Demon Seed.


 What are you talking about? I did no such thing. 

 You wanna fight about this in here? 

 I donít want you lying in front of the kids! 



Mr. Corinthos? I came to take Carly to the prom. 


You didnít tell me you had a date. 


Why should I? Iím an adult, I deserve to be treated like one. 

Carly, what youíre missing here is that you didnít tell me. You can go out, as long as I know you are ahead of time, so I can make plans for the kids. 


Back off. Weíve had this date for months! 


I didnít know about it, so she isnít going. 


Weíre getting married anyway! 


You werenít supposed to tell him thatÖ 


Good luck with that, buddy. 


Iím leaving and Iím never coming back! 


Fine! Go! 


By the way, Carly. 



That dress makes you look like a whore. 




Thatís the nicest thing anyoneís ever said to me. 

You deserve it.



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