AMC Spoiler Commentary

kate2010By Kate Brown

For the week of October 11th

 Replace “= = = =” with whatever verb comes to mind:

“It’s my party and I’ll ====if I want to. ====if I want to. You would ====too, if it happened to you.”*

Oh, Annie.  I completely understand your need to ==== after your party disaster. Your only mistake was ====ing your cousin-in-law instead of your husband.  Oh, well, these things happen.

It was about time Scott let his rage filled flag fly. His calmness was starting to freak me out a little. He never really got angry at his uncle for accidently shooting his father. He never really got angry with Annie for cuckolding his uncle with JR. He never quite gets angry enough each time JR reminds him that he “is not really a Chandler.”  He must be angry about the boring sex with Marissa. And now he must contend with Annie cuckolding him with his cousin.

Scott  doesn’t have to be the antithesis of his father.  Looking objectively at people and their motivations doesn’t make you a bad person; it makes you a smart person.

(I like Daniel Cosgrove but I am going to miss Adam Mayfield’s take on the character.)

What else. What else.

I try my best to like Kendall. Well, maybe not my best, but I do try. This week I wanted to smack her all the way to Port Charles. Poor wittle Kendall had to do community service instead of oh, yeah, going to prison.  Are we really expected to believe she doesn’t know how to clean a toilet or wash a floor?  Her adoptive parents, the Harts, lived a life in Florida that could hardly be considered luxurious. One of Kendall’s main complaints was that the Harts did not provide the life she deserved. I used to feel sorry for Alice Hart, because Kendall had forgotten all about her. Trust me on this one, Alice, you are better off without this brat bothering you all the time. If she gets any brattier, how will we be able to tell Kendall and Bianca apart?

Not-dead David didn’t complain as half as much during his community service gig. Not-dead David had to swab floors in the same hospital where he served as head cardiologist. Oh, and he lost his medical license, too.

Speaking of David:

“Nobody manipulates Greenlee. Greenlee brought out the worst in David.”

With that sentence, I went from merely liking Erica to almost loving her.

“Please don’t do this to AJ.”  Nice try Colby but Marissa is a Carey. Careys always know what is best for any child-lots of cookies, ice cream, and grifting lessons.

Glad Jack is back. Pine Valley needs a grown-up.

“He can’t sleep without his stuffed cow.” Please don’t let this be a foreshadowing of a not-dead Babe returning to PV.

“So you sleep with the guy. On what planet does that make sense?”  Scott, let me introduce you to my dear old friend, Planet Crack.

Who am I? Crazy Annie? Some gold-digging slut who married Adam Chandler and then slept with his son?”

One reason I love Annie? Because she just might be the most self-aware person in the Valley.

On to the spoilers:

You’d think Scoot would be upset because the truth behind the purloined nanotech project could come out, but he’s not. His attitude surprises JR and Annie.

I’m guessing that everything pales in comparison to finding your wife in your  bed with your cousin.

Scott takes a gun from Casa Chandler’s safe.

I don’t really care about this spoiler. I do care that the place doesn’t feel like Casa Chandler ever since Adam left.

Scott confesses that he stole the nanotech project from Palmer. JR and Annie are shocked that he confessed to Caleb.

These days so many PV residents are doing so many stupid things that Scott’s confession doesn’t surprise me at all.

Caleb is mighty pissed with Scott. Opal is angry at Scott for taking advantage of a dying Palmer.

The more I think about this, the more I am convinced that this is Palmer’s last scheme. He told Scott about the project, knowing that Scott would steal it. Should the truth come to light, the Chandlers would be on the brink of ruin. Few things made Palmer happier than a chance to ruin the Chandlers.  Besides, I like the idea that Palmer wouldn’t let death stop him from messing with people.

Jesse arrests Scott.

Scott’s big mistake wasn’t stealing; it was not becoming BFFs with Jesse and Tad.  Their friendship comes with a “get out of jail free” card.

Annie makes a mistake-she visits Scott in jail.

See above: stupid things/PV residents.

Scott tells JR that if he goes after Annie, he will lose custody of his son.

But which son? The one he already has or the one Annie is carrying? I don’t if Annie is pregnant but it’s been quite awhile since we had a WTD storyline. (I don’t think the whole Damon/Bailey thing counts.) And no, I don’t want a WTD story, which means we’ll probably get one.

The judge awards custody of AJ to Marissa until the final custody hearing takes place.

JR is having a really crappy week, isn’t he?

Erica and Caleb work together to get CE back into the fold.

As for me, I want Caleb to work on not referring to Erica as “Dorothy.” It irritates me. A lot.

Erica wants Scott to say that JR was his partner in crime.

I think Scott should turn down Erica’s request. I don’t trust Caleb. He has become too influential too fast.

PV’s other felon, Greenlee, discovers her situation is causing trouble for Fusion.

Isn’t something always causing trouble for Fusion?

Tad tells Ryan that a Nick Pearson saw him outside David’s room moments before he died.

I don’t know who this Nick Pearson is but I already like him.

The night before the trial, Amanda, Jake, Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall, and Madison hold a kegger at Wildwind.

I hope they hold their party in the mausoleum. I miss that place.

Ryan insists on testifying at the trial. Greenlee insists that Ryan not testify at her trial.

Aww, aren’t those kids sweet? You know what would really be sweet, if they both were found guilty and sent off to prison. The drinks would be on me!

Jake and Jesse commit perjury testify.

Let the endless lists of David’s transgressions, real and imagined, begin.

Angie talks to Krystal about her pregnancy.

“Well, Angie, you have come to the right person. I have lots of experience with this. First thing we need to do is decide where to post your “Baby for Sale” ad. I’m thinking Craig’s List and the Pennysaver, what do you think?”


* with apologies to Lesley Gore


11 comments to AMC Spoiler Commentary

  • Jammie

    I have wanted to slap Kendall ever since the came back to PV. In fact, I’m making a list of gals I’d like to bitch slap: Kendall, Annie, (GH: Carly, LuLu, Olivia, Lisa. OLTL: Langston, Hannah, and can’t forget Lindsay if she wasn’t already locked up). Anyone care to add one or three?

  • BarbD

    Jammie & Kate: I cannot stand the new Bianca, so I’d like to put her in the “bitch-slap” line up. Throw Marissa in there as well, Oh, and, I know he’s not a girl, but can we also bitch slap Ryan? It would make ME feel better.

  • Reddi

    I’d love your idea about Palmer’s last plot against the Chandlers to be true. I don’t think the writers think that far ahead though (or Frons orders them to change direction every time they try). It would be awesome, though, to have Palmer pulling strings from the grave.

    I wish the writers would remember Kendall’s history- she was not raised a rich girl, or a Kane. Her Kane-ness is purely genetic. Then again, her adoptive parents doted on her so maybe when she threw a “I’m not cleaning!” tantrum they gave in.

    One thing about the WTD storylines– they do illustrate the real life fact that sex makes babies. Then again, in PV, babies are often made in a lab instead.

  • jean

    Barbd: I really agree with you about the new Bianca…she looks so mean and bitchy. No wonder Reese didn’t want her anymore. And Kate, that was a wonderful thought you had about Palmer…yes, it sounds very right to me…maybe they’ll even show Palmer standing in front of the red-headed Dixie and grinning from ear to ear!

  • Ron

    October 11th, 2010 at 10:03 am
    I’d love your idea about Palmer’s last plot against the Chandlers to be true. I don’t think the writers think that far ahead though (or Frons orders them to change direction every time they try). It would be awesome, though, to have Palmer pulling strings from the grave.}}

    Exactly, Reddi! That would be both a nod to the history of the show and also to the viewers who know how essential this rivalry was to the both Palmer and Adam. I have seen more nods to the history of the show recently than I remember from the recent past. From the memorial benches in the park – two of which were dedicated to Ethan and Leo, the the “Charles Tyler Memorial Board Room” at the hospital, I think the writing staff does what they can to tie in AMC’s history. But either they decide not to explore it further, or, more likely, the show is micromanaged to such a degree that we’re left with only these tidbits.

    And Kendall is a case in point. One of the main causes of her insecurity was her late acceptance both by her birth mother and her introduction into her world. The last I saw that even referenced was several years ago when she and Ryass were locked in a church by the evil Father Clarence at Christmas time and Kendall talked about how Alice had kept one of her grade school drawings up on the refrigerator door. Now they make Kendall seem as entitled as Bianca.

    I’ve usually enjoyed the WTD storylines, but since the introduction of chemistry fertility, and the insistence of Ryass’ donations not only populating the world but being in such demand, I’ve lost my interest. And the clumsy introduction of Dimrod as Tad’s son by Hillary was so badly done. If they weren’t going to bring Hillary back, they had no business putting such a revisionist spin on PV history.

    But it’s all the Ryass and Greenlee story anymore anyway. Frons is going to force us to “love” his couple, no matter how many times we reject it.


  • Chuck

    Kate, my dear, thank you for fast-fowarding through the show so I don’t have to endure it on SoapNet.

    Sad. I’m finding local reruns of “Wild, Wild West” far more interesting than Pine Valley as of late.

  • victoria

    I know I may be the only one–but I love Ryan and Greenlee together. LOVE. They don’t bother me one bit. Marissa–snore. JR and Annie–OMG–hot scene but so so so stupid.

  • mary alice

    I hate Greenly, Ryan, and Kendall, and the story about Kendall doing community service in the jail is a hoot! All she does is stand there and talk to Greens, while the guard stands there and watches! Give me a break. I agree with you though Kate, I kind of like Adam Mayfield’s version of Scott. I hope he finds another job soon.

  • Gail Kalinoski

    I know it’s a soap and therefore we must check reality at the door, but Greenlee just got out on bail. Are we really supposed to believe that a major murder trial is going to start this week? Really?

    Have to agree about Kendall. Lately she is getting on my last nerve too. I think the character is really at loose ends without Zach. They need to nail TK down one way or the other because Kendall needs to either move on with her husband or on with her life without him. Right now they’re throwing her in all sorts of scenes (trying to cheer up Marissa?) she’d never have any business in if her character was settled in a decent storyline.

    I also love the idea that Palmer set all this in motion. I’d like to believe the writers could think this way. It would be so deliciously soapy….can they really write like that any more? Time will tell as this plays out. I do like the idea of Caleb and Erica teaming up (as long as it stays platonic and they keep the Dorothy lines to a minimum) to take down the House of Chandler. I think that will be a very interesting story to follow — and I haven’t thought that about any AMC s/l in a long time!

    While Adam Mayfield seems like a nice fellow, I never really bought into his version of Scott. Maybe it was because we only saw him bond with Stuart after the fact in flashbacks. If D. Cosgrove has grown as an actor, and it appears he has, since he was last on as SCott, then it’s probably time for a change. Unless they find a strong actress to play Marissa, I wouldn’t even bother recasting that role any time soon,if ever.

    How is Fusion even surviving at this point? What a joke that company is. Gee maybe it would help if the co-owners (when they’re not in jail) would show up once in awhile. AT this point, Madison does more Fusion business than Kendall and Greenlee do. And wasn’t Binks supposed to have come to town to help run Fusion? She hasn’t been there much either.

    I too am very happy that Jack is back….oh yeah, and Erica too….I was glad to see some cozy Jerica scenes. I hope that’s not just a bone the writers are throwing for the Jerica fans.

  • jean

    Scott always professed his deep love to Annie…then he turns on her…did he forget that he slept with Marissa because she was so hurt…why didn’t he punch JR and then get Annie’s story about the party. Oh, well, he’s out now, anyway….I don’t know why they put Kendall back in the story…she has nothing to do…maybe she needs another love interest since Zach is gone….and I wish Bianca would go back to France. Somehow, I think Greenlee will be too smart to go back to Ryan, or Ryass as some of you call him. And I am wondering what they have in store for Annie…she has lost Ryan, Adam, Scott and JR.

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