Breaking News-AMC & OLTL Canceled

By Sandi Kelly Showalter


It is with a very heavy heart that I report that ABC has officially announced the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live. AMC’s last air date will be sometime in September, 2011 and OLTL will go off the air in January, 2012. In their infinite wisdom and unending compassion for the viewers, ABC is replacing these iconic shows with The Chew, a food program and The Revolution, a health and lifestyle show. With every fiber of my being and in all sincerity I hope these two shows fail miserably.

I didn’t want to believe the rumors. I resisted it and I let myself hope with the hiring of LB and RH, but I knew these could be ploys to bring about the end of the shows, and sadly, that is exactly what they were. So, my fellow AMC and OLTL viewers, please join me in mourning the loss of our shows. Let your feelings out and write about your memories. Let us know what you would like to see for the end. I will let this be your forum, because I will undoubtedly write a very long Sandbox column.

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  • Clarke


  • Theactors & crews were told AFTER the press release went out. ABCD what a class act. Expect a long column from me,too, as soon as my anger subsied enough for me to write a coherent one.

  • karen

    My son was born in January of 1969 and due to health issues after the C-section, I was on the couch for 6 months. I fell in love with One Life to Live at that time and have watched it ever since. That’s a lot of bonding with the characters and enjoying the plot turns! What a roller-coaster!! I have loved and hated those writers, and always enjoyed the show thoroughly. Can’t wait to see how they will wrap things up.
    Does anyone think the show might be picked up by another channel- maybe on cable?

    Also- to ABC- what a mistake!! The new shows sound so boring.

  • Jammie

    I just read the AP release that AMC and OLTL will be cancelled; no word yet on when the final air date will be. They will be replaced with a cooking show and a lifestyle transformation show, whatever the H*** that is. According to Brian F*rt, “people are looking for a different type of programming now.” LMAO Now, excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out.

    I wrote this earlier in other forums, Sandi. Thanks for the information on the shows’ replacements. Here’s one who will not be watching either of them. I couldn’t begin to list all my favorite storylines from both shows. My earliest remembrance of AMC was the Tara and Phil story way back in the early 70′s. That’s how long I’ve been watching. (I even named my daughter “Tara”. She is now 37 years old.) OLTL of course was the Karen Wolik story where she had to confess in court that she was a prostitute, and, of course, Vicki’s multiple personality storylines. There’s just too many to list all of them. Sandi, I’m going to miss your column and Kate’s AMC spoiler commentary just as much as I will miss the shows. Thank you for sharing your take on them. Now for the ending storyline, how about having all the stars and crew taking BF, JC, and AW out and beating the crap out of them.

  • Lisa H

    Any chance a cable network might pick up either or both series?

  • Jammie

    Sorry, that should be BF, JC and AS, I think. I’m too mad right now to think.

  • KR

    Any one else notice that AMC ends in the fall and OLTL when Soapnet goes off the air in January? And the food show has a sizable cast to just be thrown together in the last couple of weeks. Sadly, it looks like this has been planned for some time.

  • Sandi

    There is little doubt that this has been in the works for a while. We started hearing the rumors a few weeks ago, so you can bet that plans have been in the works for months. The fans only started hearing about it, when things started to solidify.

  • Ron

    And the soap killers, Frons and Carruthers and Sweeney all continue to collect paychecks and cause pain and havoc.

    May they rot.

    This depresses the hell out of me.

  • Dottie

    I’m devastated by this news. I’ve always described AMC as one of the constants in my life – I’ve been watching or following since the late ’70s – and I got hooked on OLTL in the early ’90s – can’t even remember exactly how that happened, but I fell hard & never looked back. I honestly can’t imagine being without them. Feeling kind of numb right now…

  • Gail

    I am incredibly sad today. Even though I kind of knew the end was near – especially when folks like Michael Logan started reporting it pretty much as a done deal – I was still hopeful maybe they would listen to the fans. But reading the network release today, it’s clear these shows have been in development awhile. I know I will never watch them and most ardent soap fans won’t, but they don’t care about that. Even if fewer fans watch than are watching AMC right now, they still make tons more money because the shows are cheaper to produce. Frons has a Q and A on The Wrap – — that will surely make your blood boil. I don’t know if I can hate Frons more than I do right now. He’s so damn cold and calculating – typical network shark!

    My heart breaks for the fine casts and crews of these shows. Their lives will never be the same. Some may never work as actors again. The opportunities have gotten so few and far between anymore. Unless you’re a housewife from Beverly Hills or NYC or a knocked up teen from some backwater town you’re not going to get air time these days. You have to give Cam credit -he and Lucci are probably in the best positions coming out of this. She of course has all her HSN businesses and he has been doing the reality, hosting and GMA gigs for awhile now. With four shows left on the air, realistically how many displaced ABC stars will get jobs there? Maybe a few fan favorites – maybe.

    I think our only hope now is to appeal to Oprah. RavenBeauty is appealing to her fans to contact and lobby the Queen of all Media to seriously look at putting these shows on OWN. I could even live with a combined show with elements and cast from both. But they may be even too expensive to produce even for Oprah! I hope not. It’s worth a shot. I already signed into the comment board area and pleaded with her! Takes just a few mins if you’re already a member of

  • Scottyb

    This is turning out to be a crummy week. First I lose my job and now AMC has been cancelled. My first memory of the show was of my mother watching AMC when I was a very young child. I then started watching AMC when my parents were divorcing and my sister and I were sent to spent time with our grandparents one summer. Through the years AMC has always been there for me. When I was younger I would watch AMC during school breaks and later when I was in college, I arranged my classes around AMC. Over the years I taped AMC. The last time I out of work, AMC was at times the bright spot in my day. I will miss seeing the residents of Pine Valley. My hope is that the final shot will be Agnes Nixon writing in the book “The End” and then closing it. Good-bye AMC. In the immortal words of Agnes Nixon,
    “The Great and the Least,
    The Rich and the Poor,
    The Weak and the Strong,
    In Sickness and in Health,
    In Joy and Sorrow,
    In Tragedy and Triumph,
    You are ALL MY CHILDREN”

  • Roni

    ABC I’m done. Daytime/primetime – I have no time for you.

  • MelP

    In answer to the people that are asking if another network could pick up these shows, probably not. I heard that Lifetime wanted to pick up GL but it happened too fast, and then that they tried to get ATWT, but that didn’t work out, either (IMHO, because the head of C-BS daytime didn’t want to be proven wrong when he cancelled ATWT to give his much younger wife a job). I don’t know if even the mighty Oprah can save either of these two soaps.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket. And I pray that I can be proven wrong…but with the ego trips over at ABC daytime, well lets just say I’m a real pessimist.

  • Andy

    Actor reactions to the news. My personal favorites:

    Tyler Christopher (Nikolas – GH): My opinion of oltl and amc being canceled is…ABC farted then panicked when a little poop came out

    Greg Rikaart (Kevin – YR): 2 soaps gone. Talented peeps lost gigs, but the douchebags of Jersey Shore have job security. WTF is wrong with society’s viewing habits?

    Read more at ONTD:

  • Andy

    Tess said it all today
    “Goodnight Lords…Goodnight Fords…Goodnight Llanview”

    It’s almost as if the announcement was timed to this particular line.

  • Caleche

    It was clear when Frons and “the suits” moved the show to LA to “lose” Adam’s salary they didn’t take into consideration they would lose ratings too. The 2.5 to 2.9 of NY with Zach and Adam on the screen gave way to 1.0 to a 1.9 on a good day. All so unnecessary. ABC Daytime needs someone better at their jobs than Brian Frons and Julie Carruthers. And to hire writers with 3 kills on their resume was folly.

    As for The Chew and The Revolution…retreads of similar shows and I would bet you anything that they will not even garner the numbers of viewers of AMC and OLTL. They will be major bombs. Major. Wait and see.

  • Gail

    ScottyB – I am so sorry to hear you lost your job today. A crummy day indeed. I hope you find new work very soon! It does sound as if AMC has been a special part of your life, as it has been for so many of us.

    Caleche – I hate to say it, but even if they are bombs, the replacements are way cheaper to produce and will make more money for ABC than the soaps…it’s a cold hard and ugly fact!

    Andy – thanks for the retweets – Greg R. really said it – the Jersey Shore gang has job security – two spinoffs plus the orignal show last I heard. What does that say about America and its viewing habits? The thought of more crummy talk shows, weight loss shows, reality of any kind makes me want to vomit. And sadly they will keep churning more out because they are cheap.

    Caleche – you’re right about the ratings plummet. The move, as many of us actually feared and many fans said here and elsewhere – would actually accelerate AMC’s demise. The loss of DC and TK plus the just awful writing over the last few years was just too much for many loyal fans to take and they have been jumping ship in record numbers.

    It’s just an incredibly sad day. I know to us it’s just a show or two shows if you watch both, but there are real people who work at these shows and my heart breaks for them. We don’t know the crews, but we know and love so many of the actors. Heck we’ve grown up with most of them. Even when AMC was bad, I still tuned in most days live and if I missed it, would catch the update on SoapNet (no DVR!). I guess we should have known the writing was on the wall about soaps and ABC’s committment to them when they cancelled SoapNet.

    RIP AMC and OLTL! I know it’s a few months off, but I feel like it will be a death march until Sept. and then Jan.

  • Barbara

    We all know that there are many who not only look down upon us Soap watchers, but also secretly watch them. This is HORRIBLE. All things considered, timing, schedules, revolving writers and show runners, OLTL, in my humble opinion, is one of the best, most timely, best acted things on TV (and many movies). I will not only mourn the loss, but continue to be baffled. I had some hope when Castle not only referenced OLTL, but had ex and current daytime actors on. I guess I was wrong.

    Ok, ABC. It is all about the Money. Yeah. Well you have disney, and all of the other stuff. Good for you. Yay.

    To all of my fellow soap watchers: What can we do? Obviously they don’t care about us. Would it be better to just stop watching NOW? I guess that would only fuel ABC
    ‘s idiocy. They will lie, and do what they think will make they more money.. And maybe it will, since we won’t be watching, and the other shows are cheaper to produce. Sickened. I am.

  • I cannot believe that ABC is doing this. As a fan of “All My Children” I am devastated. “The View” is not what television should be. That shows demonstrates that Television is declining its good taste”.

  • Sandi

    Hey guys- it’s really hitting me hard today and I don’t have anybody but you guys to discuss it with, so I really would appreciate anybody posting anything about the shows and the way you are feeling. It’s hard to deal with, because no one else I know is going through this right now and the rest of the world will think I’m crazy or stupid for being this upset. I have some downtime at work right now and am writing my column for this weekend and can’t stop myself from crying. God, I hate this!

  • JLC7930

    ABC owns these shows, so I wouldn’t bet on them showing up on another network. ABC has no interest in continuing to produce them. Other shows like Y&R and Days of Our Lives are owned by Corday Productions so the Cordays can shop them to other networks if they want to continue to invest in them, but ABC is not going to do that. Sorry to dash hopes, but I wouldn’t count on these shows being “saved” by Oprah.

  • Ron

    Sandi, I know how you feel. And except for this site and one small place I belong to, there’s nobody to discuss this with.

    And there are such far-ranging consequences with both shows being cancelled. The cast is out of work – how many of them will get hired by other shows, when their are only 4 left??? And this really is the death of opportunity for women of certain age in daytime tv. The slots for them are few and far between as it is.

    The crews of both shows – and this after the NY-based AMC crew was tossed aside in the move.

    The soap magazines – how long can they survive with so little to write about?

    And what will happen to our soap websites??

    And yet, talentless hacks like Frons, and corporate hacks like Sweeney will continue to collect paychecks large enough to fund a small country. And it seems we have people without any shame or sense of privacy lining up to embarrass themselves on television.

    I can’t see myself ever watching anything ABC creates for daytime. And my only ABC nighttime show is Modern Family. And I watch everything on the internet anyway.

    Those two stunted morons have hurt a lot of people, and I hope with all my heart there is payback to come.

  • Jammie

    Sandi, I know exactly how you feel this morning. I feel like there’s been a death in the family and I’m facing a long drawnout wake and burial. I have no one to share this with except a daughter and a sister-in-law, but it’s not like sharing with you guys, because I can’t vent to them anytime I feel like it. I feel you really understand.

  • Peggy

    What a bunch of idiots. What I have heard reported was that these soaps appeal to the older demographic and ABC is trying to appeal to a younger audience. Is that not being prejudiced against older people? I’ve been watching since 1971. I record or watch on Soapnet these soaps every night. I guarantee you I won’t be watching or recording any of ABC’s idiotic daytime shows now. Younger demongrapic, gimme a break.

  • Cheryl

    All I can say is….THIS FREAKING SUCKS!!!!!

    This decision has me making a decision about my tv-viewing in general. I will never get invested in a new show again, period. Whether it’s a brand new show, or one that’s been on the air for awhile that I haven’t watched yet. Once the shows I currently watch go off the air, that is it. I will not get invested in something new and have the a$$hats at the networks draw me in and then drop it, and me, like a hot potato. Never again…they have broken my heart too many times by cancelling shows that I have gotten invested in.

    All those people, and not just the actors, but everyone behind the scenes, fired. All while the imbecils at the top sit in their cushy offices, cashing those huge paychecks…I hope they can sleep at night knowing they have put all of those people out of work, at a time when employment offers are sparse. Truly, truly sucks!!

  • Cheryl

    Oh, and one more thing….I have been a fan of General Hospital since 1979, and I can honestly say, that if ANY ABC soap should have been cancelled, it should have been GH.

  • Lori F.

    I am sooooooooooooooo dang mad! I have watched these soaps since the beginning..I’m not that old but when I was home from school sick or in the summer, mom had on AMC, then OLTL and then GH.

  • Caleche

    In his capacity as president of ABC Daytime, Frons was responsible for the development, marketing, production and promotion of all ABC Daytime properties, which include Port Charles, All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The View. Under his leadership, every daytime drama has hit new lows in terms of ratings.

    They should have gotten rid of Frons, not the soaps. His new shows will bomb. They will not have the ratings of the soaps.

  • Scottyb

    In case you haven’t seen these groups on FaceBook yet, I urge you to join:
    Save “All My Children”!/SaveAMC

    Boycott ABC For Canceling Our Soaps!/BoyCottABC

  • Gail

    Sandi – and everyone else here – I feel your pain. It is hitting harder today, I think because it’s sinking in. While I was watching both shows today,I just couldn’t believe that in a few short months they will be gone. I know I won’t watch any crap they put on at those times, especially those two shows mentioned. I suspect they will each be gone within two years and replaced by yet more reality-driven crap.

    I said yesterday that Frons should be charged with criminally negligent homicide for basically killing AMC, in particular! He and his team have made horrible decisions over the last 10 years, most notably in the head writing. The show has been uneven at best and nearly unwatchable on others. Let’s face it – as sad as it is – this is not the Pine Valley we all grew up with! But that said, I will suck it up and hope Lorraine B. works magic on the remaining months…wonder how much longer we have to watch the show killer’s stuff? I would think at least two months or more….anyone know? guess?

    It really does feel like a death in the family. I am grateful to EOS and some of the other boards so that we could post our feelings and thoughts. Unless you’re a soap fan, it sounds silly to be so sad. On prime time, shows get cancelled all the time…but this is different – this is 40 plus years of two shows that did amazing things in years past. Just think about some of the social issues each show covered. Too numerous to name here, but I hope when they write the final obits on these shows, they note all that.

    While I will miss the shows, in the end, it is just entertainment to me. But I just can’t help but think about all the cast members and crew members of both shows that are devastated by this. How many of them will find ongoing work in their chosen field? Unfortunately, I suspect most of them won’t as the TV landscape in general is changing so much and scripted shows are getting shoved aside more and more.

    There are so many reasons why soaps in general are failing – and why these in particular are….But are they really failing? I’ve read that ABC is still making money on both – just not as much as they used to! Almighty dollar …..

    As for GH, sorry, I won’t be tuning into it. I will support AMC and OLTL until the bitter end for each show. Once AMC goes off, I may watch Y and R. I used to watch years ago and still follow some things about the show online or in the mags. They have so many of our former ABC stars anyway, it will feel like old home week! I do hope and pray that many of our faves can find work in the last 4 shows or on the Web soaps that are popping up…or even better – prime time or movies. They are so talented…

    I wish them all the best…in the meantime I will savor their talents and enjoy the shows — even when AMC annoys me as I suspect it will until we see LB’s work in the scripts!

  • Ron

    I’m listening to the podcast from Daytime Confidential, and they are eviscerating Frons and Carruthers, and they are calling him out on his lies and his favoritism. They also are holding his feet to the fire for lieing to the cast, basically making fools out of Susan Lucci and RJB who blasted the “rumors” that turned out to be true.

    These folks seem to know quite a bit of background about how Frons has stuck his nose into all of the ABC soaps pushing his own agenda, his ageist behavior towards the female vets, and his downright LIES about the “studies” that have been done – they haven’t – and the LIES about the ratings.

    It’s very interesting. And the most interesting thing of all is their fury that no-one in the mainstream media will hold Frons or Sweeney accountable for the misstatements, not holding them to their contradictions, and the very visible mismanagement. They pointed out – very vociferiously – how prime time execs have been fired for less.

    It’s actually depressing to hear the doublespeak from Frons and Co. that hasn’t been challenged by anyone who could have made a difference.

    They talk about that in the podcast, and say that the advertisers made it clear that they PREFER to advertise on soaps, not reality shows, not talk shows, not game shows, because they feel they hit viewers more consistently, because the viewers of soaps are more consistent viewers than the ones who watch the other stuff. According to what they said – and they made good sense – the advertisers have been stiffed as well.

    And on the Fairman site, he said that because the advertisers aren’t thrilled, they will be paying LESS to run commercials with the new stuff than they do right now. That’s what happened with the GL and ATWT time slots. But the networks feel that is offset by the money they save with cheaper shows.

    So, short time gain by Frons and Co. means long-term loss financially. Do the stockholders realize this, or are they lied to as the viewers are? Why do I ask? OF COURSE they are.

    I hope that Sweeney and Frons’ next gig is running a potato stand on the Santa Monica pier.

  • Andy

    Yanno, I’m more disgusted than sad. I no longer care who RH comes back as, I don’t care about much at all. I am hoping that it will pass enough that I can enjoy our discussions here for the next 9.5 months, but the way I feel right now, I just have nothing to say.

  • When I read the description of the shows that will replace AMC & OTL, I thought, “oh goody, we need another show like those just like Portland needs another teriyaki joint.”

    I cannot even read all the posts, it is so upsetting. WTF? doesn’t even begin to express it. I think DC & TK had a strong inkling got out.

    The View is mostly 2 – 3 women shouting at each other and 1 woman breaking it for commercials. Afterwards we get to watch them slobber over some politician. Haven’t watched it in forever.

    And, really, reality shows? Whenever I see Survivor advertised I think of Lord of the Flies.

  • Viewer from the Beginning

    What a terrible decision! I’ve watched the shows since the beginning and it’s difficult to believe the shows aren’t worth saving, in ABC’s opinion. I should be used to having the things I like being cancelled. It’s a side-effect of getting older. However, I won’t be surprised if the shows both end with Erica on AMC and Viki on OLTL waking up in bed talking about the crazy dream she just had about the fictional place called Pine Valley (Erica) and Llanview (Viki). Or one of the male characters steps out of the shower and it’s all back to normal. That’s about all the talent the writers have been able to muster for months! What a travesty. Guess I’ll go back to reading worthwhile books!

  • mary alice

    It’s devastating that all the actors and crew will be out of work, but what happens to the Soap Magazines, the soap sites on the internet, heck, even the daytime Emmys,with only the CBS soaps and Days of Our Lives left, there is not much to honor. My friends at work and I tape our soaps and watch at night and discuss at break the next day. I can’t see us taping “the Chew” and discussing it, can you? “The Chew” what a stupid name for a show, I read somewhere on the internet that Frons came up with that name because it rhymes with The View, don’t know if its true but I wouldn’t put it past him, the dumb ass.

  • LisaG

    Was truly shocked when I heard the news of both amc and oltl being cancelled yesterday, while amc has been pretty up and down for the past couple years in terms of both writing and casting, oltl is currently one of the best written soaps on tv in my opinion(with days of our live being my current fave).To give you a bit of my history I am a 32 year old who started watching all abc soaps with my mom when I was just 11 or 12 years old I still remember all the great storylines from those years, Jesse (supposedly) being shot and killed and watching angela try to move on with her life, Adam holding his twin brother stuart in a dungeon, Tad falling of the bridge on his wedding day to Dixie and my close personal favorite Janet from another planet’s many many crazy story’s from putting her twin sister in a well and imitating her, to killing the scummy Will Cortland, to her getting involved with Kendall and the whole blackmail storyline that took place the whole summer of 95. And on the OLTL side I started watching just as the Eterna storyline was wrapping up and while I know that was not many fans favorite story as a kid I was truly fascinated by it. After that came the classic Tina and Cord love/baby story, to Vicki and her multiple personalities ,to of course the infamous todd manning and marty rape which is still probably the most shocking thing I have ever seen on a soap period, it made you realize how brutal and vicious rape and assault can be, and my personal favorite the controversial love story of the cougar before there was even that term Dorian Lord and the young and naive Joey Kramer. As I stated earlier I started watching these soaps when i was still in school so it was hard to catch every episode of course, but anytime I had a blank tape around it was my duty to try to fit as many episodes of my favorite soaps on them as I could or better yet I had a day off of school and of course I could not wait to summer vacation arrived because I knew where I would be between 12:30(yes I watched Loving too!!R.I.P.) and 4:00. Anyway by around 99 my interest in soaps really started to wane, there seemed to be a alot of writing that just did not gel with me especially on GH, which was the first soap I actually bailed on, I also started to have alot of personal things happen in my life like work and family issues that interfered with my soap watching and slowly but surely I just stopped watching all of them. It was not till about 2004 when I got satellite tv and discovered Soapnet that I discovered soaps again for the second time and all those nostalgic feelings of being a young girl and watching Erica Kane and Tad or even Dorian Lord came back to me and I was hooked all over again. While as a soap fan I love what Soapnet had been able to do with airing soaps at times of the day when most people like myself can watch them, In some ways I believe it may have hurt daytime soap viewing, I mean why watch during the day when you can watch it being repeated 3 times in the next 24 hours or catch all the weeks episodes back 2 back on the weekends. Anyway I know alot of people are angry out there but I think we all just need time to cool down and relax and realize that things no matter how good or bad come and go and just sit back and celebrate all the great years of entertainment that both soaps have brought us over the years.

    Which brings up another point, how come when the networks cancel these soaps don’t they just air old classic episodes in their place? Whenever I read message boards people always seem to miss the old days of soaps and are always reminiscent of certain episodes or storylines from the past that they miss or never got to see, as a viewer I much rather watch that then the crap they end up replacing them with like that horrible View ripoff “The Talk” or a gameshow that probably won’t even last a month. And it’s gotta be a hell of lot cheaper than maintaining those shows anyway. The way I see it they have about 30 years give or take of classic episodes just sitting in a vault that longtime soap viewers and former viewers would really be interested in viewing, then I would not have to go to youtube to see all my favorite clips and episodes.

  • Mary

    Seriously, “the CHEW?” Some of the best actors in the business are going to be unemployed for “the CHEW?” Well, I guess my DVR will be happy since it will get all kinds of rest now. I don’t care how they dress up those shows, I feel no need to give any support to anything Frons has his hands in. I will be taking ABC off my preferred channel list (I’ll still DVR GH)

    On the up side, if there is one, Frons won’t have shows where he can cast his blissfully talent-free teenaged peroxide princesses in summertime. So, there’s that, I guess.

  • jean

    When I was a teenager my mother watched all the soaps, each of which lasted 15 minutes. I loved to be home from school when I was sick and watched right along with her. Then they went to half hour and then to an hour. I was right in the beginning of AMC and the characters became my second family. I think the cancellation of this show is a form of discrimination….discrimination against all the probably middle-class people in the country. We’re always being screwed in one way or another. People like Frons look down upon us, yet I feel our education could be just as much as his, if not more. We’ve known for weeks that the rating has been going down, but not because of us, but because Frons and company have gotten rid of a lot of good actors and actresses and have put in a bunch of illiterate writers to save money. He doesn’t realize (or maybe he does) that it was all because of him that the ratings fell. I will boycott ABC.

  • PVDreamer

    Frons and the rest gaslight AMC and then blame the ratings! What a crock! SO many AMC viewers will be boycotting ABC daytime, if not ABC altogether! That will send a message!

    Having David Canary leave was the last straw for me, personally. Everything after that has been a chore to watch. Then, Thorsten, then Melissa Claire Egan. What is left? The Castillos? Ricky? Not even my beloved David Hayward has been entertaining, and his relationship with Liza is as fun as eating something moldy from the back of the refrigerator.

    Watching the remains of AMC, with what we know now, will be like sitting with a loved one at their death bed. You want to say goodbye, and yet, would rather be doing anything but that.

    Losing AMC will be sad, but watching it deteriorate has been more sad. I hope Frons gets his for what he did to ABC daytime. I wrote to Anne Sweeney, but, that, I’m sure, was like blowing in the wind. ;o(

  • Gail

    True, PVDreamer – it has been painful at times and yet I will feel sad when it’s gone. I know it’s not 1/10th as good as it was in the glory days that LisaG referenced, but it’s still my show – for better or for worse…unfortunately the last few years it’s been for worse!

    Loved LisaG’s post – I loved all those storylines you mentioned too. When I was a young reporter many years ago, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee did a live show from the town that I covered. Cord and Tina were among the folks featured that day. I’ve forgotten the others – it’s been awhile! The crowd was going crazy as much for the soap stars as Reege and Kathy Lee. I loved the Cord and Tina s/l – and so many others from both OLTL and AMC. It still both saddens and angers me that they will be gone in a few months. How dare Frons blame ratings when he nearly singlehandedly destroyed AMC! I don’t think he was as heavy handed with OLTL, but he had to have a big role in the decision to kill the Kish s/l, which many fans loved….he probably also wanted that dopey Stacey and Rex s/l – it’s got his fingerprints – slimy! – all over it!

  • Gail R

    I had heard AMC had been canceled, but not OLTL. I DVR them every day, but have been working so much overtime at work, I had not heard “the rest of the story.” I am shocked and sad for the casts and crews as well as the viewers. ABC may very well be eliminated from my channel choices in the future as well as eliminating either Disney fun park as a future destination on any of my vacations. I have watched/taped/DVR’d all three ABC soaps (and Ryan’s Hope when it was on) for over 30 years. I remember Phil and Tara, Tad’s fall from the bridge and Niki’s appearances along with Tina going over the falls. I have been disappointed with GH for a very long time. I agree that if any soap should have been canceled, it should have been GH. OLTL has been great and deserved to stay. I think Lorraine B could have gotten AMC back on track.

    I also feel badly for the soap publications, they have employees to support also.

    If there is any way to get these two soaps picked up by OWN, I am willing to write a letter, email, Pony Express, etc. to give it a try.

  • PVDreamer

    As many of you know by now, Oprah has put a video on YouTube, stating how she will NOT be able to continue our soaps on her network, which is not doing well. This comes as no surprise to me. Oprah is wealthy and powerful, but she has no desire to save these shows. I’m sure she is upset, as so many of us are, but she does not want the burden of responsibility to resurrect what is now 2 ships that have been deliberately ruined at the hands of Frons, Sweeney, and the kingpin, ABC.

    In my anger and frustration, this is what hurts the most! We, the viewers are not at fault, and yet we are being blamed for the poor ratings! That is so unfair!!!