July 26, 2006

In the Green Room

GH Fan Club Weekend

As was said in A Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times."  This was the 6th year that Eye on Soaps covered the GH Fan Club Weekend and by far the hottest.  I am quite certain that the heat was impressive enough to gain mention in pretty much anyone's account of the events.  It was oppressive and damned near debilitating.  It was hot enough that on Friday, in the middle of July, the lines for Disneyland's best rides were only about 40 minutes long (normally at least 2-3).  The only people who were there were those who had traveled to be there and damned well were not going to miss it. 

True to Mercury Retrograde dictates (NEVER plan a trip during a Mercury Retrograde), of our five flights transporting 7 EOS folks, all five were delayed, anywhere from a half hour to several hours.  Kelly's luggage was lost and she chose to wait for it rather than have them bring it out to her, which took several hours.  Two of us had catastrophic camera problems.  As you'll see below, my camera was fine at Disneyland, then went to hell for the GH photos.  The shutter stayed open and stayed open and stayed open despite all adjustments.  I think a grain of sand from our beach trip a few weekends ago shifted into a bad place.  Grrr.

Thursday night was the Kickoff Party and although it was very warm in the main ballroom (a bitter harbinger of what was to come), I thought it achieved what it set out to do, which was to christen the weekend's events with a tantalizing taste of mingling with GH stars.  It was much more informal with actors just walking into the room and spending time with the fans.  Lindze Letherman, Dirk Cheetwood (was Drew there that night?  I can't remember), Cynthia Preston, John J. York, Rick Hearst, Greg Vaughan, Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough and Dylan Cash all put in appearances.  Ignacio (Just call him Nacho) provided music for the event and many GH fans proved they could cut a rug with the best of them.  Nacho's song selection was perfect for the event.

Friday was Mouseland Day for me, Delena, Dianna and Karen.  Here are some of the few photos we took:

They actually had a Jack Sparrow character that was not listed on the day's events and was absolutely fabulous. He had the mannerisms down perfectly and Delena waited in line for around 45 minutes to get her photo with him.  These are of Dianna and Delena on the teacups.  

*Sigh*  I love Disneyland, but it really was just too, too hot.  Evidently, it was also too hot to think to take photos.  We considered splitting the cost of a local hotel for a shower and nap, but ended up coming home earlier than we expected, just in time to hit some brutal LA rush hour traffic.  We got to the hotel around 8pm and I managed to get in my annual "up until midnight" deep talk with Kathy Hardeman over iced tea at Twains while everyone else slept.  Prior to that, we attended the Rebecca Herbst Soirée, which will be covered in a different column.

Next morning, we got up bright and early to go to the main luncheon.  After sign in, I moved on to the green room, excited to get my usual stash of candid shots, but disappointed to find my camera was jacking up.  What's interesting is that the weird focus provided by the prolonged shutter opening gives it a surreal, time-lapsed quality, which is pretty much how I remember the whole weekend.  It is sadly apropos.  Below are some of the photos that were even remotely salvageable. 

I find it funny that Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan, now Mr Rebecca Herbst) and his expression of (fear? surprise?) is what is most in focus here.

Bras showing and super, super high spiked heels with shorts were all the rage this year.  That's Natalia Livingston's back with Rebecca Herbst to the side and Rosemary Rosse from ABC Soaps In Depth to the right

A very backlit photo of one of my favorite actors, Denise Alexander.

Jason Thompson and Laura Wright

Adrian New Cop with Julie Marie Berman

Lindze Letherman, Scott "My Hair is a Brushfire Waiting To Happen" Clifton and Jason Thompson

Kimberly McCullough arrived in these trendy (?), lightweight, soft leg warmers that had the more couture of us noting how cute they were and the rest of us wondering whatever happened to our link to www.gofugyourself.com.  She took them off for the main event and I'm thinking HOT as in dem legs wuz sweaty in there!!

Steve Burton looked much bulkier and sturdier in person this year and confided that he'd been working out for his upcoming love scene.

Mark from the Gabriel Project was busy in a lot of conversations, this time with Jackie Zeman, Constance Towers and Denise Alexander.

Three of my favorites in one shot.

Stuart Damon gets a hug from the gets a big hug from GH Mama Bear, Jill Farren Phelps.  Damon was in much better spirits this year and was downright friendly and charming.

Jason Thompson gets some advice from the man who was everywhere this year, John Ingle.

Mizz Julie Marie was quite a hit with the fans and her castmates.


Rosemary Rosse just seconds after getting a handful of sweet Scott Clifton cheeks.

Class, dignity and talent.

Class, dignity and talent.


My favorite GH photo of this year's events and about the only one that came out:  Our own lovely Carolyn Aspenson with John J York.

After the main luncheon, I had a bit of a health crisis and had to step down from the rest of the events, but they will be covered by the EOS staff members who were able to attend.

Thanks to Debbie Morris and her staff for working so hard to make this year a success, despite the Sportsmans Lodge's complete inability to accommodate so many people in a heat crisis.  There has to be a better forum for this weekend!