January 28, 2008

Just when I finally have a chance to give Lucky some props, he goes and blows it again.  BIG TIME!  What the fracking frell was Lucky thinking by letting Sam anywhere near Cameron and Jake?!  Yes, I know he is blissfully ignorant of Sam's crimes regarding the boys, but he DOES know that Lizzeh doesn't want Sam anywhere near her boys.  He also knows that Sam HAAAAAAAAAATES Lizzeh with the intensity of ten thousand burning suns and that, alone, should tell him that she has no business being anywhere near those boys.   But, does he have enough respect for Lizzeh to keep the boys away from Sam?  NO!  Not only does he take them to Alexis' house to visit, but he brings Sam into his home.  Where Lizzeh's boys are staying.  As if that weren't bad enough, he actually has the audacity to leave the boys in her care while he goes off chasing leads about Johnny Z's whereabouts; in spite of the fact that he supposedly took a couple of days off to take care of them!!! 
And Sam?  I have to admit that she had the decency to look horrified at being left to care for them; I just wish that she had stepped up and flat out told him NO!  That she should be the last person watching over them - out of respect to their mother.  But alas... It was not to be.  I could totally feel the coiled rage in Lizzeh the moment she laid eyes on Sam holding her youngest son in her arms.  I can't even feel sorry for her at this point, because she totally has whatever Lizzeh throws at her coming.  She KNEW she shouldn't be there, let alone be there alone with those boys - you could see it in her face when she locked eyes with Lizzeh across the room.  She's had every chance in the world to come clean with Lucky about what she did to those boys and she didn't take it.  Well, now it's time to pay the piper.
Now... onto more deeply disturbing happenings...
Michael, Michael, Michael...
I know that there are "interim" writers who are penning GH these days, but were they not paying attention a couple years back when TPTB considered having Michael be the one who killed his biological father?  I remember the sick feeling, the uproar and the huge backlash that fans unleashed on TPTB at the very thought of a CHILD killing anyone, let alone his own father.  One would have thought that they had learned from that backlash, but no... here they go, sending Michael down a dark and dangerous path again.  He's not that much older than he was back then, so... what?  Suddenly he's old enough now?  I can't think of a single person who is responding to this storyline in a positive way.  No one wants to see Michael, or any other child go darkside. And now he's actually gotten his hands on a gun and taken it home?!
Putting that aside for just a moment, can we talk about how lame and sloppy this whole storyline is?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but is PC not in the middle of a brewing mob war?  Is there not a serial killer running amok in the confines of Port Chuckles?  Have not people close to Sonny and his family already been killed?  Didn't I hear something about guards being assigned to trail the Corinthos children EVERYWHERE they go?! 
You know, it's bad enough that Sonny and Carly DON'T parent their children, but when the Nanny and the bodyguards drop the ball, that's just inexcusable!!!!  (*removes tongue from cheek*)  Come on writers!!!  I've said it before, but it bears repeating:
It matters.  Just saying.  We're supposed to believe that Carly and Sonny love their children with all due madness, but it's hard to hold on to that belief when they can't be bothered to make sure their children are safe, secure and emotionally grounded.  Sonny just up and disappears - in the middle of a mob dispute - and Carly is off, so busy worrying about JASON'S child instead of her own.  Now we see that there are NO bodyguards watching Michael and Morgan, nor is the Nanny anywhere to be found...  Spoilers indicate that something TRAGIC will result from Michael having that gun and I'm afraid Morgan will bethe one who tragedy steps on.
(Wait... Random thought....Can it be that TPTB are no longer so enamored of Sonny and Carly?  It sure seems that way, because both of them are completely unlikeable - and have been for a while now.)
Anyway... back to the matter at hand.  Who thought it would be a good idea to have Michael WANT to be a stone killer-mafioso-wannabe?  Seriously.  He's still a little boy, for crying out loud!  Are we supposed to ignore how heinous the very notion is just because he's still a boy and doesn't fully comprehend the complete picture, not to mention the consequences?  I got into a little debate recently with someone who insisted that Michael was fully capable of knowing the specifics of what his father's life really is, and all the consequences resulting from that life, yet choosing it anyway, "just like Jason did."  Her take is that Michael knows more than people give him credit for, after all, he's not a dumb two-year old who doesn't know anything.  After all, he's been overhearing conversations he shouldn't for all his life, right?
MY take is that overhearing conversations, or having a rudimentary understanding of what a mob is, doesn't automatically mean that he UNDERSTANDS what those conversations mean, or what the fallout from making certain decisions will really be.  Michael is nowhere near capable of understanding everything about that world, nor is he capable AT THIS POINT in his life of making the choice to pursue that life for himself.   Michael has no concept about consequences, big or small, because he has never had to pay any consequences for what he does.  Sonny pats him on the head and laughs, thinking it's cute and that boys will be boys.  Carly will ground him from video games, for like... an hour... but so what?  He probably just pops in one of his DVD's of "The Soprano's" and dreams about all the power he will one day have.   His parents have made excuses and covered up for him over the years so much that Michael has never had to answer for anything he's done wrong.   And if his parents DO happen to get mad at him, he just sits there and says whatever they want to hear because he KNOWS that all he has to do is wait five minutes and both of them will be out the door and onto more important things than actually parenting their children.
Someone else also pointed out that Jason or Jax will likely be blamed for whatever happens with that gun in the future.  How sad is that?  I mean, I agree that Jason should have blabbed for all he was worth to both Carly and Sonny about Michael trying to steal Sonny's gun, but they're no where to be found.  Sonny was off, who knows where - completely out of touch for at least two days - and Carly is too busy trying to rip Jake from Lizzeh's arms.   (If I were Jason, I would have shipped Michael off to military school the moment he tried to take that gun, but maybe that's just me.  At least he would have gotten some DISCIPLINE there!)  As for Jax?  Carly will probably try to blame him, saying he was so busy taking care of his business interests to help her with Michael...  Of course, you and I know that Jax DID try to warn her about the boy before he left on his trip, not that she'll remember that.   I say "poor Jax" because the guy has all the responsibility of a father without any of the authority.  He's in a no win situation there. 
*deep breath*
Okay...now I have a little bug in my ear about the whole Sonny/Carly thing... Really, is it possible that the bloom has fallen off the rose where they're concerned for TPTB?  Think about it... There was a time when they wouldn't even consider letting Sonny be seen in anything but a positive light.  "The mobster with a heart of gold."  The man who wanted and longed for a family more than anything else in the world... Well, he HAS a family now - three beautiful children, to be exact, yet...he can't be bothered to spend any time with them?  He is more concerned about chasing down Kate/Connie and couldn't care less what's going on with his kids?  That golden heart has been getting increasingly tarnished over the last year or two.  Sonny, having grown up the way he did, should be hearing alarm bells going off where Michael is concerned.  The instant Michael brought up wanting to follow in his footsteps, Sonny should have focused ALL his attention on Michael and turning him around. Period.  Likewise for Carly.  She seemed genuinely frightened at one point - even going so far as to alert Jason to the problem.  Then she does a complete 180 and claims later that Michael is just going through a phase?!  Now she's ignoring her own children in favor of obsessing over Jason's son?!  Could they possibly be more unlikable than they are right now?  Not in my book.
Moving on...
R.I.P. Cooper Barrett, we barely knew ye!  Seriously.  Talk about wasted potential!  There was gold there, and TPTB let it slip through their fingers.  Here's hoping Mr. Gerhardt lands on his feet in a better role somewhere, and that he's properly appreciated for all he has to offer.
Poor Maxie.  YES, I can say that with a straight face!  Girlfriend has her issues, but YEESH!  She's likely to wind up in Shadybrooke, losing all the people she has like that!  I look forward to more consummate acting from Kirsten Storms, but the poor girl (Maxie) needs to catch a break!!  While we're on the subject of Maxie, I'm not all about pimping her out right after she lost another boyfriend to death, but someone on one of the message boards brought up the point that Maxie needs to get away from danger-boys for a change, and suggested how pretty she and Dr. Leo would look.  Having seen them share scenes together on Nightshift, I have to agree!  They had amazing chemistry!!  There is a lot of potential there.  I strongly encourage anyone who didn't see Nightshift to go out and rent the DVD's.  It's not all gold, but there were some powerful performances in that 13 week run.
You know, I GET why she is having a hard time telling Patrick that he's about to be a daddy, but girlfriend needs to heed Lizzeh's warning.  She should know better than anyone how the truth has a way of coming out eventually - and in the worst way possible.  Add to that the fact that she's about to step in a major pile of hypocrisy by withholding the truth about her baby's paternity from its father.  You can't have it both ways, Robin.  I know you're in a tough spot with Patrick Jerkface, but you proclaimed many, many times that EVERY father deserved to know he WAS a father and have the choice left up to him about the nature of his involvement with said child.  Ya gotta sack-up, girl.  So what if Jerkface thinks you got preggers on purpose.  That's his problem, not yours.  Make it clear that you expect nothing from him by way of monetary or emotional support and move on.
Coming up this week:
The return of Sarah Joy Brown to GH!   WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! I know I am not alone in my excitement over seeing her in Port Chuckles again.  I have to add - doesn't she look AMAZING in those promos?!  I would be more excited at her involvement with Sonny, except for all the reasons I brought up previously.  *points up*  It's just one more distraction - keeping Sonny from doing what he SHOULD be doing: parenting his children. 
Still, I look forward to the energy she brings back to GH.  Welcome home, Sarah.  *raises toast*  Here's to you!
Until next time!


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