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General Hospital I Miss You
By B Believer


I must confess, I am a former S & B (Sonny & Brenda) believer, but seeing the wreckage the mob has caused to the show, just call me a B believer.  I remember with great anticipation watching GH the one Saturday night in prime time – remember scenes with Nikolas and Katherine, Stefan and Laura.  In the past, we had great storylines independent of the mob.  I loved Ned and Lois, Nikolas and Gia, Stefan and Laura, Helena, Luke teaming up with Alexis, Carly with Tony, Laura and Nikolas getting to know each other, Kevin and Lucy.  Before we were force fed Sonny and Jason, Sonny was a complex character that lit up the screen.  Sonny and Brenda were fantastic and the triangle with Jax was great drama (Lily, V and Miranda enhanced the storyline).  With the Q’s and Cassadines playing key roles, other storylines gave the show balance.

I loved AJ and Courtney (I wrote Alicia Leigh Willis back then and I still have an autographed photo), but they destroyed the character of AJ.  Remember when Lucky was a hero supporting Liz, asking Stefan and Scott for the truth about what happened with his parents? Confronting Luke?  Now Lucky is a joke (Mac even worse).  Faith and Alcazar were great characters with depth, but they were turned into cartoon characters to glorify Sonny and Jason.

Why does everyone have to be in the mob storyline?  Why did Ian have to be working with Claudia?  Spin, Maxie, Lulu, Logan, Ric, Jax, Kate, Diane, Jerry, you name them, one way or another they are all drawn it.

GH: Night Shift was so refreshing (even with Jason’s heroics).  We got to see characters actually developed (Kelly, Lainey, Cody) – great scenes with Robin and Jason.  Spin even got laid.  The scenes on the rooftop were fun.

Luke and Tracy scenes together show how great GH could be if the focus was less on bullets and bombs but more about the rawness (and tenderness) of love (like my S & B).  Maybe Night Shift had the right idea, Sonny should be neither seen or heard.           

B Believer

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