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General Hospital
Farewell My Beloved
By Brune 


I began watching General Hospital years ago, just at the beginning of the Luke and Laura story.  I stayed loyal for many years, watching One Life to Live and GH daily, with my favorite of the two always my beloved GH.  I stopped watching briefly sometime around í92 because of my job and duties as a young mother, but I didnít stay gone long.  I fell back in love with GH during the BJís Heart story and had watched ever since.  Until recently.  

Sadly, the Romance is over Ė the love I had for GH gone.  Lost because of the abuse, violence and betrayal.  I watched while The Fab Four took over my beloved show.  I watched while it became what others have coined General Mobspital.  I watched as wonderful, well-developed characters were forgotten, pushed aside and turned into mere shadows of their former selves.  I watched as my much-loved Bobbie, Edward, Alan, Monica, Tony, AJ, Ned, Felicia and Mac slowly faded away or disappeared all together.

I watched as they were killed off for lame plot lines that served no purpose other than to shine the light on The Fab Four.  I watched, as Sonny, whom I once loved, became a barley tolerable beast as TPTB worshipped at his feet.   

As would a disenchanted partner, I tried to remain faithful and hoped for change.  I pleaded with TPTB (in writing, no less) to hear my voice and restore the splendid show that I knew GH had been and could be once again.  For a time, a short while, I thought it might happen.  I saw Felicia!  I saw Mac!  I saw the beginnings of a story for Monica.  It was a lame story, but I had no doubt that Leslie Charleson could knock even the weakest ball out of the park.  Sadly, she was not given the chance.  Upon the return of the head writer, whom I refer to as Mr. E-Vile, Monica and her story faaaadeddd awwwayyy...to rehabilitate.  Off screen.  Then, when I didnít really think it could happen, it did.  It got worse.   

The Michael is shot in the head story.  Something inside me changed.  My love, which had turned into love-hate, had become indifference.  I stopped caring.  Poof.  Gone.  Just like that.  I was done.  I no longer cared what happened to Carly, Jason, Elizabeth, Sonny (especially), Jax or Kate.   Oh, I would still care about Maxie, Luke or Tracy.  However, the Sonny abuse that I would have to endure just for 5 minutes of the characters I DO care about...well, itís just too hard to take.  Not worth it. 

So, after over 27 years of loyal viewing, I left.  However, all is not lost in my soap loving heart.  I have found love again with OLTL.  With OLTL under Ron Carlivatiís pen, is what I thought I would never see again.  Character development.  Story development, not just plot-driven rubbish.  A well used, connected canvas.  A return to established, historical characters.  Veteranís allowed strong, front burner storylines!  Strong and well thought out dialog.  Slowly built, well-developed couples.  And, unbelievably, location shoots.  Location Shoots!  Actual water and real boats!!!!  My fountain of love runneth over. 

Will I ever return to my former love?  Will GH learn from its mistakes and grow?  Will it ever return to its former glory and stand strong in the spotlight of power?  In my opinion, no, it wonít.  I donít believe that it can or will change unless Mr. E-Vile moves on to do damage elsewhere.  I read where he was quoted as saying of GH ďthis is a mob-show, itís going to be violentĒ.  Really?  It is a mob show?  Silly me, I thought it was a soap opera called General Hospital.  That is what I, that is what we all, get for thinking. 

Thank you for reading,


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