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Why is No One Watching One Live to Live?
By Kate

Note:  This is not our Kate Brown, but another Kate!


This is by far my favorite ABC soap.  Yet, every week when I look at the ratings, OLTL is always near the bottom.  Why? 

The entire cast is very talented.  The writing has been exceptional and they are trying very hard to get back to the basics of soap opera writing.  The vets are being used, even in romantic story lines.  Where else do you see that on an ABC soap?   

We even have comedy!  David Vickers in a hair net was hysterical!   

The writers are telling stories about family, parents, children, lovers, x-lovers, corporate takeovers, secrets, scandals, back door dealings and, by far my favorite, illicit affairs.  We have our bitches, bastards, evil doers, manipulators and schemers.  Why isnít anyone watching this?  Itís great stuff! 

I canít wait to see what happens at Rex and Adriannaís wedding.  Will Gigi speak up?  I canít wait until that adorable Shane finds out that Rex is his daddy.  They are already a great team and together all three will make a great family.   

Who is Ramsey hiding in his penthouse?  Marty?  Caitlyn?  Tina?  I canít wait to see whoís living there and WHY.   

Whatís going to happen to Clint and Nora and Lindsey and Bo?  Will their relationships make it through the next attempted corporate takeover? 

Who is really behind these takeovers?  Dorian?  Carlo Hesser?  Tina and Cain?  Someone else? 

What do you think Todd will do when he finds out Starr is pregnant?  Will he kill Cole?  Slap him around again?  Then what will happen to Todd?   

Do you think John and Blair will ignite those sparks that are flying all around these two?  If that is Caitlyn in Ramseyís penthouse, how will this play out? 

What will the Buchanan family do to Jared once itís reveals that he is not the latest Buchanan heir?  Will the family accept him and Natalie together as a couple?  What about Nigel?  Do you think theyíll turn their backs on him?   

When will David find out that he is the true Buchanan heir?  What will he do once he knows and just how much will he make me laugh while doing it? 

Will Viki forgive Charlie for not telling her the truth about Jared?  Will she forgive Natalie? 

Do you think Cole and Starr are mature enough to raise a child?  If not, will the child be raised by Blair and Todd?  Blair and Dorian?  Marty and John?  Marty alone?   

Whatís going to happen to Jessica and Nash?   

Whatís Ramsey going to do when he finds out heís been duped by Antonio, John and Talia?  What will happen to him once his secrets come out?  Will Bo get his old job back?  If so, what will happen to Buchanan Enterprises?  

I wonder who the little girl is whoís emailing Matthew?  Will he have a summer crush?  Heartbreak?   

These are all stories I cannot wait to see play out on my TV.  I donít understand why no one is watching OLTL.  Itís great soapy stuff! 

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