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How to Fix GH
By Luv


"It saddens me that the best soap on TV has turned into the biggest joke. I've gone from never wanting to miss an episode to not caring so much if I do.
I'll never forget the BJ storyline and sobbing as Tony Jones put his ear to Maxie's chest and heard his little girl's heart beating in her chest. (I'm tearing up now just remembering that). That was the type of writing that made the show great. That's the GH I want back.
Get rid of the mob, daytime doesn't need a mini Sopranos, let Jason realize that his son needs to come first. Let him go to medical school and become the great doctor he should have become instead of a mob enforcer. That way he and Liz could give the type of life their children should have instead of worrying that what happened to Michael would happen to Cam or Jake. 
Give Sonny the out he needs from the mob and live a normal life without body guards. Let him realize that Connie Falconari is the love of his life. Let his children grow up without fear.
Let Carly realize that Sonny and Jason need to live their lives and stop interfering in them. Give her the chance to have that great love she could have with Jax and let them have children of their own.   
Put the Quartermaines front and center where they belong. Have Michael wake up and explore his relationship with them.  There's so much that could have been explored if they hadn't killed off most of them.  It's a shame all that lost potential.  One option is to have Michael wake from his coma and have the last 2 years or so to not have happened ala Dallas.     
Let Audrey interact with her grand-daughter Liz and her children again. After all, she was the longest running character on the show and should be given the respect she deserves.  It's a disgrace what's been done to the vets. 
Give Bobbi and Mike a story, heck, let them fall in love. Or give her a chance to rekindle what she had with Dr. Drake, Sr. 
Bring Laura back 100% so she can be the mother that Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu need. Even when kids are grown up they still need their parents in their life.
Give poor Mac a love interest. The man is still hot he should be burning up the screen with someone.  
The writers waste the talent of so many of their actors. GH writers, Guza & Co., don't give the actors a chance to show what they've got before they get whacked. Look at the professor (Patrick's friend from college) he was supposed to have a storyline with Georgie but that never happened. He never even got written out that I can recall. Then he gave Georgie the axe as well.  She was a very talented actress and was never given the chance to show it. 
I haven't liked Kirsten Storms much in prior storylines but the girl has blown me away with her reaction to Georgie's death. Finally some great acting from this girl!  I'm so loving her storyline with Spinelli and with Kate!  One thing the writers did was help me love Maxie again.  Please don't change this!   

He's destroyed so many characters like Rick Webber, Laura, Felicia, Frisco, Jax (he never would have stood Brenda up at the altar knowing how much it destroyed her when Sonny did it), etc. Guza twists history to his liking and he should be fired. They need to bring in completely fresh writers who know the history of the soap and who would write with an honest perspective of that history.

Stop SORASing the kids and let them grow up on the show like Robin did. It's insane for us to believe that Lulu and Georgie are the same age when they were born several years apart. 
There needs to be continuity from storyline to storyline.  The writers need to go back to tapes from when the show was #1 in the ratings and WATCH THEM.  See the wonderful writing, and learn from it.  Are you listening ABC? Listen to your viewers!"

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