December 28, 2006

Now that my arrangements are made for the General Hospital weekend, which  is about one week long, I am anticipating July. I have a few other trips and visits before July but truly this weekend or week is something I really enjoy. My very first time attending was in 1991. I just realized I was 40 years old then. Well needless to say I am no longer 40 and as my husband says, honey you are pushing 60. All said in good form and humor. After all, he is one day older than I am so he is pushing 60 too. Today I drove around and got some needed errands done, I started thinking about all the fun throughout the years I've had at the GH event. I remembered my very first year attending the luncheon, and because I sent my money in later than my friend and her party, we didn't get to sit together. I was actually a little nervous about sitting by myself. However once the table I was seated at filled, people were really friendly and kind and I found it was "OK". I also remembered Kin Shriner coming over to my table to say hello. I thought that was so cool. I helped him answer his fan mail for a few years and it was very nice of him to take the time to say hi to me. After all, there were about 500 people also in that room.

I think most of us go to the GH summer event to meet our favorite actors. At least at first that's how it began for me.   We want to see if they are as gorgeous in person as they are on television. Usually it's the case that they are even more handsome and beautiful in person. However not to say they are ugly on television. We want to get to know them through their personal appearances and see if their hearts are equal to their looks. Many of us see the same celebrities year after year. We spend extra money not only attending the GH luncheon but attend the personal, what I call side dish events. Many times we hear the same stories but like hearing a singer sing a song we look forward to it. It always pains me to hear that someone felt that an actress or an actor was rude. Chances are they weren't. However with all our running around that weekend for the various side dish events and the partying and no sleeping probably the fan is a little tired and overwhelmed. I guess I have been pretty fortunate because the actors/actresses all have been nice to me. I love having my picture taken with any and all and then I let the next person in line have that same opportunity. I have never been told by an actor or actress, "No photos." Perhaps if I took 100 at once of that celebrity, that might spark that remark. Anyway, as I started to say about 20 lines ago, it all starts out wanting to meet your favorites on the show and then it blossoms into seeing your friends and acquaintances who you've met at this summer event. Some we stay in touch with throughout the year and others we say hi to at this event and spend some quality time. Sadly there are others we run as far away from as possible so as not to be roped into a bitch fest.  

This past week my husband and I went on our belated anniversary cruise to Hawaii. We had a fabulous time. We met mostly wonderful and friendly people. Their reaction when I answered their question of what I do for a living was funny. You answer what? Oh you must get really crazy letters. I laugh because there have been a few letters that have been a little "different" but never crazy. Soap Opera fans are very loyal.  They usually are there for the long haul and if their actor/actress leaves the show and signs on to another one, many follow. I have noticed that those who I have told about going to the GH summer event who do not follow the soaps look at me quite strange. I think we the fans still have that reputation about eating chocolate covered cherries and bon bons. This vision also includes wearing a moo moo with our house being a mess and the kids screaming and running around in a dirty diaper. I just laugh because I know better. The funny thing is over the summer, my husband and I were at the Las Vegas Hilton (we won a spa weekend) and it was the same weekend as the annual Barry Manilow fan club events. These (mostly) women were dressed up like waitresses from the 50's diner and had all these great photos of Barry and had shirts on that said FANILOW. I laughed. As much as I do adore Barry I would never join this club. And a few months ago at the Hilton there was the Star Trek convention. Have you ever seen Trekkies?? Now that's funny!! Point is, whatever your enjoyment is, go for it. The only person you have to answer to is YOU. 

Many  years ago my late mother wanted to travel to Las Vegas. This was well before we moved her. My late father never enjoyed Vegas and never enjoyed the gambling. My mother reveled in the excitement and the gambling. I was unable to join her, being a new mother, and she really wanted to go to Las Vegas. She was terrified of going due to her being semi handicapped and alone. She thought people would be nasty to her. I looked at her and said, "Mom there is a world out there for every single one of us. So go. Don't let anything hold you back." She went that first time and went several times after that until her health gave out and she could no longer go. By that time, we had moved here and I was able to drive her and take her wherever she wanted to go.

You are the only one that can make your life complete.  Whether your passion is Star Trek, Barry Manilow or cough cough the soaps, you are the only one in control of your desires. I always say we only go around once and there is no rehearsal. Live everyday like it's your last so you never look back and regret.

Happy New Year

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
... Stevie Nicks, c1975

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