In keeping with what our resident fashion police Ďpersoní wrote recently, Iíve decided to follow her lead.  Iím sure there are few of you that truly care but you never know, you might find you and I have something in common.  So, here it goes: 

100 Things About Carolyn 

  1. I am anal-retentive (Katrina and Kathy are currently saying, ďDuh!Ē)
  2. I like sushi
  3. I am a die-hard fan of the Bo Deans and have hung out on stage during a concert in the past
  4. I make my bed everyday
  5. I have two dogs and all of their feet smell like Fritos
  6. I have had sinus surgery
  7. I have no rhythm
  8. I used to be a cop
  9. I hate lobster but love crab legs
  10. I hate snow
  11. I love the beach
  12. I am left handed
  13. I am a Scorpio
  14. Our dirty laundry is backed up and sitting on the floor in my bedroom
  15. I believe in the rights given to me from our founding fathers
  16. I majored in Criminal Justice at Indiana University
  17. My all time, hands down favorite song is ďUndercover AngelĒ by Alan Oíday
  18. I liked to hang out at the roller rink in junior high
  19. I have a friend who is like a sister to me and I donít call her my best friend because that doesnít say enough
  20. I lack patience
  21. I hate to wear make up
  22. Iíve lost my desire to work out but am looking for it again
  23. I can paint well (not art, but walls)
  24. My mother lives with me.  I feel I owe her at least that much
  25. I plan to live in Italy when Iím older
  26. I donít tell my kids I love them enough
  27. I want new family room furniture
  28. I hate mini-vans
  29. My first car was a 1979 Honda Civic. It only lasted 6 months
  30. I used to manage health clubs
  31. I stole corn seeds when I was five years old and planted them under our garbage cans.  The corn never grew.
  32. I played with Barbie dolls as a young girl
  33. I aspired to be Kris Monroe (Cheryl Ladd) of Charlieís Angels
  34. I do not see the thrill in Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt
  35. I love chick flicks
  36. I am happily married
  37. I have the nastiest PMS around and have had it all my life
  38. I have a tattoo on my stomach
  39. I have my belly button pierced
  40. I did both of these in my 30ís
  41. I want to learn to knit
  42. I have a knack for interior decorating
  43. I have no self discipline
  44. I think I am fat
  45. I have a fairly big nose
  46. I cannot figure out Algebra and donít ever plan to
  47. I can read a 400 page book in a day
  48. My favorite author right now is Harlan Coben. Iíve read all of his stuff so he needs to write something quick.
  49. I was convinced my father was the greatest man alive until I met my husband and now theyíre tied
  50. I donít like football
  51. I like hockey
  52. I broke my arm once roller blading.  I hit an air patch and flipped. This was my first major fall in 13 years of active blading. Iíve not put on my blades since.
  53. I donít forgive easily and I rarely forget
  54. I am a constant peeír.  I have a small bladder.
  55. I have an odd collection of music
  56. I once pretended to be Jenny McCarthy on the radio to fool a newscaster. I had fun doing it.
  57. I have never looked at a Playgirl magazine
  58. I have looked at a Playboy magazine and felt inadequate
  59. I love 80ís music
  60. I want an IPOD but hate to spend the money on one
  61. I have two books Iím writing and one screenplay
  62. I used to wear really expensive clothes
  63. I prefer Target to Wal Mart
  64. I cannot stand to play any sort of video game
  65. I am a realist, which makes me appear negative
  66. I have never tried any drug in my life
  67. Because I have a brother who died from a drug problem
  68. I like to be alone
  69. I am a morning person and can barely stay up past 10 PM, even on the weekends
  70. My first time drunk was at 16 years old and Iíve never touched any form of Schnapps since
  71. I like to type on my laptop while sitting on the floor, on my calves with my butt practically up in the air (nice visual, huh?)
  72. I was four months pregnant when I married my husband
  73. The first boy who tried to French kiss me got slapped in the face
  74. I still have a secret crush on Steve Perry from Journey
  75. If not for the ABC soaps, Iíd never watch a soap opera.  I canít stand the other ones, they seem strange to me
  76. I was born in Gary, Indiana but lived in Crown Point, Indiana until I was 2 & Ĺ years old
  77. I want my next car to be the Volvo sport wagon. I now drive the Volvo S60 but my kids are starting to get too big for it
  78. I spend too much money at Starbucks
  79. I only read two other GH sites
  80. I bank online, but fought it for quite some time
  81. I watched my first dog get hit by a truck and then a motorcycle and it broke my heart. 
  82. I have my German Shepherdís remains in a container on my wet bar. I still cry when I think of him, even though he died in 1998 (he was not the dog hit by the above mentioned)
  83. I have slept with Kathy Hardeman (okay, just in the same bed, not in the Ďotherí way!) and Iíd never met her officially, until that day!
  84. Speaking of Kathy Hardeman, I happen to think sheís an amazing woman for taking in her grandkids.  I donít think I could do that because
  85. I am selfish
  86. I donít like rap music
  87. I love Toby Keithís ďThe Taliban SongĒ
  88. Certain songs remind me of certain people
  89. The longest I ever dating anyone was 2 years.  I didnít even date my husband that long
  90. I lost my virginity long after any of my friends did
  91. I thought I wanted to smoke as a teenager but it made me sick so I didnít
  92. I have the best sense of smell out of anyone I know
  93. I canít grow anything to save my life
  94. I still talk to my uncle and aunt who have been dead for years. And Iím sure they hear me
  95. I also say ďíNight Toochie bears, I love youĒ to my German Shepherd every night before I go to sleep.  That was his nickname.
  96. I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell
  97. I canít watch things about ghosts at night because Iím certain they are then in my house
  98. I hear Ďfan peopleí talking from my ceiling fan.  It makes a strange sound and it sounds like people talking far, far away
  99. I should see someone about the fan people
  100. I am tired of thinking of things that you might not know about me and am sure youíre tired of reading them!


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