August 11, 2008
I'm directing this barb straight at your heart, Bobby Guza... You have trashed this show and these characters more than enough as it is.  You have turned the PCPD into nothing more than a cracker box full of goofy cartoon cops who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag, let alone to a crime scene.  You have taken the rich potential of bringing in war veterans (HEROES) and shown them NO respect whatsoever.  Now you bring back a character, with ENORMOUS potential to be an all-time great, who is a war veteran, and the rumors are flying fast and furious that he will be the one to betray favored-son, Jason?!  I'm speaking, of course, about Cody Paul, who is portrayed by the fabulous Graham Shiels.  He is the last remaining military war veteran and you are plotting to make him a traitor?!  Not just to Jason, but to the Country (by having him aligned with Andre Karpov)???!!!! 
I know there are still alot of people out there who never had a chance to see Cody Paul on the first season of GH: Nightshift, and that's a shame, because he was RIVETING!!!  Despite the fact that he had gotten hooked on prescription drugs - his way of dealing with the PTSD after the war - he was still shown to be a man of honor and courage.  Take note, Guza, these are NOT bad traits to have; just so you know.   Not only was he honorable and courageous, but he was compassionate and smart as a whip.   The respect he showed for a man he didn't even know (Lainey Winters' father, Roger - an Alzheimer's sufferer) was heartwarming to behold.  He didn't know that man, but he knew that he was suffering.  He knew that he was losing his dignity and he did for Roger Winters what no one else had - he showed him the PROPER RESPECT DUE A MILITARY VETERAN.  He spoke to Roger Winters with the respect and deference due a superior officer and it worked.  It calmed Roger down in a way that nothing else did. 
When Lainey could not do what her father begged her to do - end his suffering - Cody stepped in and did it for her.  Now, whatever your thoughts about euthanasia are, there is no denying that Cody's actions were not the actions of a coward - not by any stretch of the imagination.  He took responsibility for what he did and didn't try to foist blame on anyone else.   He went to jail - until Diane managed to get him out, and he got clean and sober.   THAT is a character worth better treatment than to turn him into a criminal and a traitor.  That is a character who deserves respect; not ONLY because he served his Country with honor and distinction, but because he turned his life around.  Lest anyone think that I believe ALL people who serve in the military are perfect and should never be portrayed in a negative light - that's just not the case.  As with people in all walks of life, military personnel have their problems and issues too.  My beef with Guza is that he has taken any and every vet that appears on the show and makes them either crazy, or a killer, or a criminal, or all of the above!  He has never let any of them BE a true hero.  Even Cooper Barrett, who became a cop, didn't do so because he WANTED to BE a cop - he did it because Sonny MADE him.  Why?  Because he was a criminal who helped in the Metro-Court fiasco.    So yeah... I take issue with Guza's treatment of those who are SUPPOSED to be the good guys.  As for Graham Shiels himself?  He is a FABULOUS actor.  He may not be your stereotypical soap pretty-boy, but he has depth and heart and charisma.  (For the record,  back in the day, Tony Geary was no pretty boy either and look how THAT turned out!!)   Shiels is a perfect example of what this show is lacking and desperately needs.  Put him in scenes with Carly, Sam, Liz, or Maxie and watch the sparks fly!!  (I'm not saying it has to be a romance, mind you, but chemistry doesn't HAVE TO be sexual.)
Okay, enough about THAT affront to the fans and onto something else...
How about vets of another kind?  Soap vets!  Specifically Q's, Bobbie and the Brothers Scorpio... I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how ridiculously insulting it is to those of us who have invested decades in GH that two people who were ENGAGED before have yet to cross paths since one of them returned to the show.  Namely Bobbie Spencer and Jerry Jax.  Especially given the fact that Bobbie's daughter is MARRIED to Jerry's brother!!!  Is it because THIS Jerry is now much younger-looking in appearance than Bobbie?  Or is it that we're not supposed to remember that Bobbie and Jerry were once very much in love?  Perhaps it's that TPTB don't want to explore the vitality of still gorgeous "older" women, such as Bobbie - who is SURE to have mad chemistry with Jerry no matter what their relationship?  "Older" women aren't supposed to be perceived as "sexual beings"?  How very insulting!
The Q's are ALWAYS a welcome addition to any episode - haven't you learned that by now?  Their scenes crackle and sizzle every time, even if they're just arguing about breakfast - but especially when they are a united front against anyone coming after one of their own.  The Q's are a core LEGACY family and they should be treated with more respect - and given more air time than they have been getting.   AND they should be built back up in numbers, since they've all but killed off or moved away the entire family.  Since there's no way anyone is planning to bring Laura back on a permanent basis, then by all means, allow TRACY to mother Lulu. She genuinely seems to care for the girl - separately and aside from any Luke consideration.  Let Tracy be the mother that Lulu soooooo desperately needs. 
Likewise for the Brothers Scorpio.  Mac is not the buffoon he's been made out to be, so STOP IT!  Give the man back his dignity and for crying out loud, give the man a woman!!!!  Mac is dead-sexy and it's a crime for him to have no love in his life!  He's also not stupid, so stop writing him as such.  As for Robert?  Some of us (who get Soapnet) have finally seen glimpses of the real Robert Scorpio over on Nightshift.   Yes, it was kind of chuckle-inducing to watch Robert's exploits while trying to escape the hospital following his plane crash, but at the heart of it was his undying love for his daughter.  He may have been confused about what year it was (he thought Robin was 8 years old) but he was being driven by his love and commitment to his only child - and his need to get to her at all costs.  Later on, when he'd regained most of his senses and came back to the present, it was touching to see him schmoof all over Robin about how happy he was at the prospect of being a grandfather.  Likewise to see his genuine concern for her over the HIV+ issues that could arise for her and her child.  Why can't we see that on GH?!  Oh wait... I know...
Yeesh!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is NOT the MOB that so many fans love - it's the people IN the mob!  People we love in SPITE of them being in the mob, not BECAUSE they are in the mob!!!  There IS a difference!  Why do we love the people who are in the mob?  Because THEY are the ones written to be the heroes!!!  I can almost guarantee that if Sonny, Jason, or Johnny were written as, oh say... Karpov or Anthony Z. they would not be so loved.  If they were written as REAL mobsters and cold-blooded killers with no conscience, they would not be loved.   If Jason were not written to be the Patron Saint of Port Chuckles - the only one who can save the whole city from the big bad REAL mobsters - but as a REAL hitman-cum-mob-boss, he would not be so loved.  Pretty is as pretty does.
Case in point?  Look at Sonny and his fall from grace.  For probably over a year now, Sonny has been written as a complete ass.  He's always been an ass, of course, but he always had some redeeming qualities before.  Now?  None whatsoever!  The fans are turning away from Sonny more and more with each passing day.  Why?  Because he's no longer being written as the mobster with a heart of gold, but as a man with a heart of stone.  People can say all they want that Sonny gave up custody of the boys to keep them safe, but that doesn't make it true.  He signed those boys away so he could resign from the mob and have a life with KATE.  She was his true motivation, not the boys and not Krystina, or he would have given up his parental rights to her as well.   We all know that Sonny can't stay away from the power or "respect" that being a mob boss afforded him, and he waited all of about five minutes before hopping into bed (figuratively) with another mob boss.  To protect Jason, as he claims?  NOOOO!  It was about feeling powerful and respected again.  He's made a huge mess of it (as we all knew he would) and now (like always) he expects Jason to clean up his mess again.  Way to go, Sonny!  See what I'm getting at here?  Stop writing them as heroes and the fans see them for what they really are...
As for Johnny-Lulu (JoLu), I will only touch on that briefly, lest I spin off into a dimension of pissed off that I can never return from.  While I cannot even claim to be a supporter/proponent/fan of JoLu, I can still see how very insulting it is to true JoLu fans who have longed for more air time for their favorite couple.  They may be getting more air time, but come ON!  For THIS?!!  I'd be highly insulted and offended if MY favorites were being written to appear as though they were stupid or inept.  The potential was right there for a great summer love on the run storyline for JoLu - the pieces were all in place - but... they get THIS?!  First of all, love on the run implies... well... RUNNING!!  To have them stay in one place, where they have already been recognized by a girl who could turn on them the second Johnny spurns her affections?  It's beyond stupid and it's lazy writing.  A fan base that big deserves far better.
Speaking of fan bases?  Please stop jerking the Liasonites around?  It's not even funny anymore.  It's cruel and insulting.  That particular fan base has been patiently waiting for close to a decade only to be jerked around again and again.   Why?!  Either get them together or put them with someone else, (and I don't mean back with Sam and Lucky) because it's gotten really, really old.  The JoLu and Liason things are NO way to treat your most loyal fans.
Yet, for all my gloom and doom, not everything in Port Chuckles is dark and gloomy.  Robin and Patrick are on a... better... track.  At least they're not fighting every single time we see them now - so that's progress!!  Hip-hip-HOORAY!!!!  DinoMax haven't been on as much as we'd like to see, but they are still WONDERFUL in scenes together.  Diane is magnificent in any scene, but it's FUN to see her with Max.  It's fun to see her with Alexis, too.  And speaking of fun?  I give you SPIXIE!!!!  What an awesome pairing!!  Even if they never get romantic (which would be a shame IMO) they are pure soap gold together.  Their friendship has the potential to be the stuff of legends.  Maxie's obvious caring, concern and affection for Spins gives her a humanity that Maxie was lacking for a long, long time.  It gives her someone to care about, other than herself, and it's WONDERFUL to see the changes and growth in her character since putting her and Spins together.  Absolutely inspired.  Also inspired?  Scenes with Maxie and Kate!!  Especially when it's just the two of them.  I can't tell you how rewarding it was to SEE Kate recognize/realize just how much Maxie idolizes her and wants to succeed in the fashion industry.  For Kate to acknowledge that Maxie IS serious about her job and that she DOES listen to her?  PERFECTION!!  (I mean, please... "I'm sponge, you're water..."   FECKING BRILLIANT!!!!  May Kate never again utter the notion that Maxie is as expendable as Lulu or that their respective continued employment is dependent upon the other.  THAT is a scene that is a perfect example of what we'd like to see more often.  Simple and real.  No cattiness, no threats, just two women conducting business in a very believable fashion.  LOVE IT! Also refreshing to see?  Sam in action mode - so to speak.  She's not whining, or throwing around any "poor me's".   THAT is real progress and it gives me genuine hope for this character.
Well, my pretties, that's all I have for now.  As usual, the bar is open and the booze/soft drinks are flowing.  Enjoy!


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