April 2, 2006

I am doing such a happy Snoopy dance.  Cue in Schroeder's jaunty piano music, falling flowers and my ears flapping.  I got a DVR, which if ya don't know, is a digital video recorder.  I guess it's something like a TIVO; it records programs, pauses live tv, all that good stuff.  Not only can I now pick up work shifts on Tuesday or Sundays and not miss Grey's Anatomy or American Idol... I can again record General Hospital!  Wheeee!  I just *know* that you're all as excited as I am.  I've been lacking the means to record for years, because I dunno... the  $30 price tag on a VCR was too much for us?  We've burned through several VCR's actually and had one that was a DVD combo, even... but they all died the mournful death of cheap electronics and because we have exactly 6,032 cords that attach to the television by means of the surround sound, the Game Cube, DVD, etc... we just let go of our fantasies of recording soap operas.  Oh, that was maybe just my fantasy.  ;)  Until now!!  If you don't have a DVR, you need one.  There is just nothing quite as satisfying as fast-forwarding through Emily's breathy giggling.  

I love Dillon Quartermaine!  Georgie girl had just better not be so stupid as to screw things up with him with that Diego. Side note: Anyone seen Parenthood?  If not, it's worth it just for Joaquin when he was still Leaf, but that's an aside on this aside so back to the first.  Keanu Reeves is Martha Plimpton's slacker husband and she questions her mother as to why she always refers to his character as "that Todd".    Diego would very much be "that Diego", if we were privy to having Georgie's mother on this show, so in her stead, I'll refer to him as such.  Back to Dillon - the "Our trust is everything" conversation with Georgie (which could have been interpreted as a bit controlling, but considering Georgie was keeping secrets about that Diego, I think  the way Dillon reacted was understandable and sweetly intense) was heart wrenching.  The way he immediately jumped to Maxie's side when Jesse was shot... just *sigh*.  Scott Clifton is sheer perfection in that role.  I think he might be my favorite, even with his extensive abuse of hair product.  Georgie though, what is up with that loud outfit?  And the knee sock/boot combo??  Something nice to say... hmm, I like her hair straight.   

Speaking of hair, when did Mac develop that swirl of gray on the top of his curly locks?  I like!  

I am not a huge fan of Dr. Patrick Drake.  No, I am.  He's a doctor, not a mobster.  He has angst and romance and surgeries - I do like him, I just... okay, prepare yourselves... do not find him attractive.  I don't know what it is because I can understand where other women see his face and think "chiseled!" and "dimpled!" but I'm thinking something entirely different.  "Smug!"  His hair has improved of late, much less carefully arranged to look messy and pointy.  That's an improvement.  And I do enjoy him more when he's determined to save his father rather than ridicule him. I like that he thinks he's the cat's meow and yet he's kinda sweet on Robin, who shrills and chirps and is slightly sanctimonious toward him at every turn, behind every hospital room door.  Theirs is a classic entanglement, which is oddly refreshing on GH.  We're so used to mafia relations where the woman is dodging flying decanters and remaining tight-lipped about bidness.  Patrick takes a misstep and Robin is there, snapping her fingers and "Oh no you di'int" all over the place.  Cute.  But I am watching with one eye closed, I tell ya. 

What's up with all the cheesy leather jackets?  Carly's is the only leather jacket that doesn't scream "Wal-Mart" when it shows up on camera.  Diego, Lorenzo, even hunk o' Lucky were all sporting shiny leather blazers that I think aren't really all that hip anymore.  There's something coool about a leather jacket for sure, but when you have to shield your eyes from the glare it's hardly a tool for making women weak in the knees.  Or keeping Fashion Police from reaching for olive forks.  For the record, I'm talking about Lucky's black blazer on Friday, not the brown jacket that he was wearing at the carnival, cuz that was kinda 60's sexy and made Lucky look relaxed and chill.  Jason of course, has the ever present biker jacket and Sam and even Rick wear leather, and that's all fine I suppose (even though it's April now and I'm hoping they shed the trench coats before long), but those blazers have gots to go.   

Maxie is a cutie.  She's not Robyn Richards, but I guess I'm over the recast because Belle definitely seems Maxie-ish to me now.  She had some good scenes surrounding Jesse's shooting and I wouldn't mind seeing her become a more featured part of the new, integrated GH show.  I love the way the show jumps from one storyline to another, featuring more than 5 characters per episode.  It's a novel one, this ensemble cast idea.  Pfft.. it's not novel at all - I can really sense the effort to return this soap to its' former glory.  I love the way things are going! 

Laura Wright as Carly is golden.  I think she's really good in the role and has infused some unique Carly characteristics into her portrayal.  Some of her mannerisms seem so very Carly but I can't necessarily recall Sarah Brown or Tamara Braun having them.  Ms. Wright just seems to know who Carly is and how she should behave at this point in her life.  She's brought a bit of Sarah Brown's edginess to the role, but isn't as kick-ass or foolhardy.  This Carly is more shrewd and  less afraid, as if she really did live those years as Tamara Braun hiding behind the banister in Sonny's penthouse.  We finally have mature Carly, except for when she's being deliciously immature and confronting Sonny about the Sam is Alexis' daughter dilemma.  "You suuuure look sorry now" (twinkle in the eye).  Bee-yoo-tee-ful.  Something not beautiful was that brown sackcloth that Carly wore for ages last week.  I meant to write or scream from the rooftop for her to change that godforsaken thing while it was still on.  I like the Carly/Jax configuration, I think.  Jax is still Jax-assing it up, hiding the fact that John biologically belongs to Nikolas, but he's more palatable with Carly because she brings some spice (and cheesy chips!) to his life and I don't suppose she will ever take too much of his assishness without calling him out loudly and clearly. 

I had to laugh out loud when I read Katrina's comments about Nikolas figuring out that John is his son.  Yeah, when the little toddler grows some brooding dark eyes and a head full of black curls, it might dawn on him that something is rotten in the state of New York.  C'mon!  Jax trying to pass off a product of olive skinnned, Mediterranean Nikolas as the product of his SPF 50 self and Malibu Courtney, is indeed laughable.   

Funniest thing that I've maybe ever written on a sheet of notebook paper happened last week.  "Emily's lash to brow eyeshadow and satin blouse (both silver) are coordinating with the hair above Sonny's ears."  hee.  Girlfriend doesn't do subtle makeup, does she?  That eyeshadow was fierce, in a maybe notsogood way.  Was it lost on the writers that the sexiness of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" was lost, maybe because Smith was Zander's last name?  Does Emily just forget that she was in fact, once Mrs. Smith? I was confused as to whether she felt a pang of something and they were nodding toward her history, but then it was clear that it was just an oversight.  Strange.  But then, Sonny's porking Emily and I guess it should be strange because the whole thing is creep factor: high alert.   

Boy, Sam's become annoying.  And a wee bit psycho.  Carly gave her good advice about not having much potential for a genuine relationship with Alexis so she should just drop it and not make Jason crazy with the relentless Alexis stalking.   

I can't wait to enjoy another week of General Hospital (in about 2 hours total - wooot!).  Eliminating the scheduling dilemma should provide me more opportunity to write and I hope you will share your smashin' fashion observances with me along the way.  Feel free to  e-mail me... I love to hear from you guys!  


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