By Mysti

Random Musings from a dangerous mind…. 

Or maybe that’s just a deranged mind ;-)  You decide! 

Carly & Jax having a romantic dinner at Sonny’s precious Greystone is funny.  Add Max & Milo to the fun, and you have pure gold.  Max dabbing her jacket where the wine spilled even cracked my husband up. 

Jason: You and I, we get along. And I think that we could probably live together pretty easily, and I know that you are a great mom, and I would -- I would try to be a good dad. I would.


Elizabeth: Except for one little thing. I still love Lucky. And I'm pretty sure you still love Sam. So it seems to me getting married when we're both in love with other people would be a huge mistake.


Well, that and the whole fall into bed lust thing y’all have going on when you’re hurt and have had a wee too much tequila.  For some of us, that might be a perk.


Why is Robin so surprised and outraged that her father refused to cave to Lorenzo?  You’d think she’d be used to that type of macho posturing after all those years with Jason.  He and Sonny wrote the book on “I’m right, and I’m going to do it my way whether you like it or not.”  Frankly, I’m a little outraged that she would expect Robert to just tell the big bad mobster where Skye is.  Come on – the dude is a former police commissioner and ISA agent.  Since when did he let a small time arms dealer tell him what to do?


Greg Vaughn is breakin my ever loving heart with this storyline. 


Maxie, on the other hand, is making my bitch-slap hand itch uncontrollably.


OLTL is making a real push to take over the “best show ending musical montage” title from GH.  Both of the John McBain funeral episode endings had me all teary.  And no – it wasn’t just hormones.




David on AMC is also making my bitch-slap hand itch.  Although I can almost understand his reasoning.  The question is, why would he expect anything else from Dixie?


Speaking of the bitch-slap hand, can I mention Colby?  As the mother of a 13 year old, I long to ground her for life.  Or fit her with a bulky chastity belt.  I don’t think Erin is using hers anymore.


I should care about Josh and Babe.  But I don’t.  His idea of love creeps me out, and her idea of love nauseates me.  It’s a sad state of affairs when I start thinking that Amanda’s idea of love makes the most sense.