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For the Week of May 22, 2006

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!  Since I provide AMC discussion in the "Sage's News and Gossip" column, I will be discontinuing it here and this column will become what it was intended to be in the beginning:  GH & OLTL Spoiler Commentary.  To read my thoughts about AMC, just check into the other column as it posts.


One Life to Live

Friends and family gather for Duke's funeral;

Better than people who don't know him showing up, I guess. 

Viki is incensed by Dorian's comment;

Well, THAT's different!

Kevin breaks down as he begins to speak;

Time to take the Kevin in to be serviced.  I hope the warranty is still good.

Tess is uncomfortable but fights to keep Jessica at bay;

If she knew I liked her better than I like Jessica (which is something like "none"), would she have the strength to fight harder?

Margaret races away when Natalie calls to her;

I'd do exactly the same thing.

Todd rejects counseling.

??!!  Counseling?  Isn't that sort of like using alcohol to sterilize the needle they use to give him the lethal injection?

John admits to Natalie that he wanted to kill David;

Like that's a major reveal?  Pfft.

Natalie and John try to figure out where Margaret is hiding;

They should ask David to help.  He found her in BANGKOK for crying out loud!  ()

David is nervous about his future;

Being on the business end of a crazy cop's revolver tends to fray the nerves a bit.  All I could think of in that scene was, "My name is John McBain.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die."

Evangeline is sure the autopsy reports were falsified;

Does she actually THINK better without the power of sight to distract her? She's sure been on a roll lately!

Kevin and Kelly exchange words at the funeral.

Yeah and from what I hear, they aren't nice ones.

John forces Margaret to return to the hotel room where Natalie is guarding David;

Did he realize that A) she has no memory of her days in Llanview and B) she isn't crazy any more?

Spencer is shaken to learn that Todd is requesting an exhumation;

Sounds like the not-so-good doctor is coming undone.

Blair begins to doubt Todd's guilt;

A little late in the game for that, isn't it?

Viki makes a televised appeal on Todd's behalf;

The final hours sure motivate people, don't they?

Clint plays peacemaker.

The first time I read that, I thought it said, "Pays the peacemaker."  It was much funnier that way.

Blair is nearly hysterical when Todd refuses to see her;

Well by all means!  Nothing could be more important than what Blair wants!

Viki stages a protest outside the prison on Todd's behalf;

She can afford to pay a lot of people to attend, that's for sure.

Starr has a warning for Spencer;

I'd love to see her just kick his ass.

John and Natalie want to get David and Margaret back to Llanview;

At least John is now motivated in a more noble cause than finding David and killing him.

Adriana questions Kelly.

If it's a "father vs son" thing, I'm outta there.

Evangeline is teary when she says good-bye to Todd;

I am quite sure I am going to be as well.

Viki, Blair, Evangeline and others gather to witness Todd's execution;

I don't think I could watch a loved one be executed.  Will they be bringing Jack and Starr in next to watch?

John and Natalie are desperate to get Margaret to the authorities;

Um, yeah, there's some urgency here.

Starr insists on going to the prison;

Got my tissues ready.

Paige stands up to Spencer

And makes a real balls up of it.

Latest reports seem to indicate that yes, Todd will be killed off and TSJ has been let go.  I kept hoping that Todd would get a reprieve from OLTL if not the governor.  Is it really too late to hope for a last minute story where his death is faked to trip up Spencer?

General Hospital

Sam is devastated when Jason insists on ending their relationship;

You have to admit, it's not a good month for her.

Alexis comforts Sam;

But at least she got a mommy out of the deal.

Jax is convinced he has made the right decision about John;

Because Jax never, ever believes he is wrong about anything.

Emily tells Sonny she thinks he is suffering from manic depression;

Oh, she's a psychiatrist now too?  I picture him flinging a rock glass at the wall and shrieking, "I AM NOT!"

Lucky confronts Elizabeth and Patrick.

My hope is that he walks away from the encounter feeling like an idiot (and that no firearms are involved).

Patrick keeps Robin from revealing Carly and Jax's secret;

Pity he wasn't around a few years back when she was burning to tell AJ about Michael.

Jason tells Elizabeth he must stay away from Sam for her own good;

At least someone in the mob is making sense.

Jason hears Patrick tell Alexis to remove the source of Sam's stress;

That sounds like good advice, actually.

Lucas and Guy break up a fight between Dillon and Diego.

Oh come ON.  At least wait until they pull hair, tear clothes and pop a bra strap or two.

Jason refuses to allow Sam back into his dangerous life;

Finally!  A mob man who actually loves someone is the one who supposedly has brain damage!  (Although I do enjoy Sam and Jason, he does have a point)

Alexis and Sam begin to bond;

Good!  I think they both need one another.

Molly and Kristina meet their new big sister;


Alcazar tells Juan Escobar he will not do business;

I have a feeling "A lot of good that will do him" works here.

Robin reconsiders telling Nikolas the truth;

Yeah, I'll bet.  The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.

Luke owes Tracy.

Not good when tables are turned!

Sam tries to get Emily and Carly to help her change Jason's mind;

Has she not heard that Emily is not exactly the highest power in Jason's world these days?

Jason prepares for a dangerous meeting;

The first of many, I am sure.

Emily pleads Sam's case to Jason;

Has she not heard that she is not exactly the highest power in Jason's world these days?

Carly has a warning for Jax;

"I tend to change faces in the blink of an eye.   On the other hand, you won't get bored looking at me."

Robert settles into the mansion;

I can think of no better place for him... at least not outside of my house.

Dillon and Georgie want to salvage their love.

Yeah, well, good luck with that, kids.  I wonder if "she took someone else to the prom" is still grounds for divorce.

Events unfold that reinforce Jason's decision to keep Sam out of his life;

Still the smartest guy on the show and it's Friday already!

Jason saves Sonny from death;

And he has honor as well!  I'm in wuv!

Nikolas asks why Jax sees him as a threat to John;

Something tells me that Jax isn't interested in giving him a straight answer.

Helena spies on Jax, John and Carly;

And spoiler that starts with Helena is a friend of mine.

Robin is mortified;

Someone must have left the toilet set up or someone did not use an apostrophe correctly in the word "its" or today has a "Y" in it...

Maxie breaks the law to help Lucky.

And for her own devices, it would seem.  Not diggin this character...

(PS:  This new Mark and Kelly commercial for the Tide Pen is up my butt and twisting.  How soon can we get rid of it?  It's razor blades up and down my spine!)

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