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For the Week of June 12, 2006

One Life to Live

Monday, June 12
Bo, Hugh and John are frustrated when Spencer reveals nothing;

Something tells me that Bo, Hugh and John go through a good bit of their day to day life being frustrated. 

Blair stays close to Spencer to try to learn the truth;

The problem with this plan is the Blair does not have a poker face by any means.  The other problem is that Spencer strikes me as the kind of guy who is just as happy having a dead Blair tied to his bed to periodically violate as he would be to have a live Blair hanging around trying to get the goods on him.  These two observations do not bode well for Blair.

Bo's signature is found on the paperwork identifying the bodies;

Well then, that definitely takes away Spencer's hold over Paige, I would think.

Nash and Bruce plan to ruin Reston;

Pinky and the Brain are at it again.

Jessica and Antonio are happy.

Here's a thought:  Why can't they just timeshare the Tess/Jessica property?  It's obvious that Antonio loves Jessica and the reunion with Jamie was tremendously touching.  It's obvious that Nash adores Tess and he is so bonded to baby Brennan.  I propose three month shifts.  Since Antonio is always too busy to parent Jamie, this should work out great.  The blonde remains the constant.  Tess/Jessica is with Jamie and Brennan all the time.  Granted, this will be tougher for Tess than Jess, but she will adjust, especially given the fact that she doesn't have to integrate and can remain fully herself for half of the year.  For three months, Jessica and Antonio live together and raise the two girls.  The, Jessica has to surrender for three months and let Tess come out and living with Nash and the girls.  Then three months later, they switch again.  That also gives each guy three months during which they have no familial obligations and are free to run off and save the world or ruin blackmailing ex-almost-fathers-in-law or whatever kind of rebel, renegade man doings appeals to them.  I think it's perfect.  Everyone wins.

Tuesday, June 13
David tells Blair about Spencer framing Todd;

It's funny that with a prominent lawyer, a detective and the chief of police telling her what Spencer did, she's unsure, but when David tells her, she's convinced.

Blair tells Bo about David's claims of blackmail;

I doubt Bo will balk at that one, especially if they can get Paige to wake up.

Todd lashes out at Blair before she can tell him what she has learned;

Sounds appropriate since she slept with Spencer before Todd could convince her of what HE learned.

Margaret demands to be taken to the police;

Sounds reasonable.

Jessica is set on integration.

Didn't like the time share idea, huh?

Wednesday, June 14
Bo, John, Evangeline and Blair wait anxiously for Margaret;

I'll bet a month ago they never thought they'd read that spoiler about themselves.

Todd refuses to see Blair;


Blair watches Spencer's reaction when he learns Margaret's memory has returned;

I'll bet he's a cold fish about it, but when this nut cracks, he's gonna crack HARD.

Todd dreams of Blair;

I pray he doesn't get all gushy and stupid over her again.

R.J. administers some tough love to Nora.

Won't the ball gag get in the way of speech therapy?

Thursday, June 15
Bo realizes what Blair is up to and warns her against it;

What, Spencer's thigh?

Todd re-injures himself;

Good lord, how much more injured can you get than having death juice shot into you?

Evangeline is completely frustrated with Spencer;

Yes, dear, as are we all.

John wants nothing to do with Vincent;

Ooh!  I'll take him!

Jessica is nervous about the integration process;

With good reason!

 Kevin and Kelly fight.

So I wasn't sure... how many weeks will this spoiler be included?  Bored already!

General Hospital

Monday, June 12
Robin reaches the breaking point and announces that Nikolas is John's father;

Yes, yes, yes, as we knew she would.  It's good to see that some things never change.  Robin is still the keeper of knowing how everyone should behave and think and be and how in the world did life go on without her to tell people what to do?

Jax admits the truth;

This is going to be an amazing scene.

Lucky takes the credit for shooting the gun dealer;

Yeah, wait until his 5 brothers ride into town.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Lucky appeared drunk during the shootout;

I hope she's listening.

Sam turns to Sonny for help.

"Well, Brenda, I really don't know what I can do, but I'll try."

Tuesday, June 13
Sonny dismisses Emily's worries about his behavior;

"Don't worry, Lily.  I'm fine.  It's just a flesh wound, really."

Ric questions Lainey about her bipolar disorder;

You know, I missed the whole reveal that Lainey has bipolar disorder. 

Nikolas thanks Robin for telling the truth;

Yes, he would definitely be the beneficiary of that situation.

Patrick accuses Robin of trying to get back at Carly;

Maybe he's sharper than I thought he was.

Elizabeth suspects Lucky is addicted to painkillers.

It took her two days of spoilers to figure that out?

Wednesday, June 14
Sam confronts Jason with her suspicions about Alexis;

What is it now?  Did she figure out that Alexis can only cook popcorn and had to run and tattle to Jason?

Jason secretly watches Sam from afar;

In some worlds, that's called "stalking."

Carly and Jax fear for their relationship without John in their lives;

Then this will tell the tale, won't it.

Helena spies on Nikolas and Alexis;

At least she's around to spy!

Maxie learns she has lost her drug connection.

Awww.  You gotta hate when that happens!

Thursday, June 15
Sonny refers to Emily as Lily;

She should take it as a compliment since everyone also treats Lily as if she's sainted... plus, it's only a couple of letters away from Emily, really.

Ric steps up his plan to drive Sonny over the edge;

Gotta love that brotherly love.

Jason fears for Sam's safety;

Especially with dead guys trying to kidnap her!

Luke explains his treatment of Lulu to Robert;

Those are names I love seeing in my spoilers!

Alexis learns the Alcazar family is virtually untouchable in court;

Then she'd better stop groping!

Manny wants revenge.

Then let's get on with it!  This story is draggging!

Friday,  June 16
Emily vows to stand by Sonny; matter what he calls her.

Ric's psychological manipulations begin to take their toll on Sonny;

Does he start calling Ric "Stone?"

Jason insists that Sam is better off without him;

I desperately wish they'd get back together solely because I am sick to death of all of the pining and whining.

Justus finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

and then it's bye-bye "My Middle Name is 'Fun'" M'fundo.  The last of the Wards have left the building.  *moment of silence*

See you next week!

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