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For the Week of July 31, 2006


Monday July 31

Carly reminds Sonny of the good times they have shared.

But WE haven’t forgotten the bad…

Sonny tells Emily that it is not up to her to make him well again.

Huh?  It’s not up to Emily?  Will she understand that?

Jason tells Sam he will always care for her

Lucky is defensive when Elizabeth confronts him

Most druggies/adulterers are

Robert makes arrangements for Skye

What a loaded statement.  There are so many different arrangements that could be made here.

Tuesday August 1

Emily accepts Sonny's decision to end their relationship and moves back home

I know we’ve done this before

Carly credits Emily with helping Sonny

I concur.  She did whine him all the way to the shrink’s couch.

Sonny tells Jason he may never be able to resume control of the organization

One would wonder why he would want to.  Might be fun to see Sonny and Jason have their roles reversed.  “Sonny, I need you to just take out Ric.”

Elizabeth confides in Nikolas

Her worries about Lucky or her attraction to Jason?

Lucky lies to Elizabeth

I guess he is more Spencer than he ever wanted to believe he could be. 

Wednesday August 2

Lucky gets more pills from Maxie

This girl has a whole lot of connections

Elizabeth confides in Jason but hides when Lucky arrives

She does that a lot

Noah struggles to accept the possibility that Patrick may have contracted HIV

It is a scary thought

April learns what happened during her surgery

Alexis accuses Sam of theft

Would that be another file or perhaps her husband?

Thursday August 3

Carly convinces Sonny to continue his therapy sessions

She had to get her two cents in somewhere 

Sonny explodes when Lainey increases his dosage of medication

I thought the point of meds was to prevent these sorts of episodes?

(On a side note I think it is amazing how quickly Sonny has been diagnosed and I am amazed that he is being started right out on Lithium.  Generally doctors try a combination of drugs starting with anti-depressants and/or mood stabilizers.  Doctors also do not generally change a patient’s dosage with in 3 days.) 

Robin tries to put on a brave front

Will she wear a cape too and save the day? 

Robert has a change of heart about Patrick 

Now there is a story Daytime has yet to tackle…My Dad stole my boyfriend. 

Alcazar plots against Jason and Sonny.

Friday August 4

Lainey has a warning for Sonny

“Don’t throw my paperweights” 

Carly stands up to Alcazar 

As long as she doesn’t try to marry him again… 

Alexis takes steps to keep Jason away from Sam 

Maybe she should take steps to keep Sam away from Ric 

Sonny wants nothing to do with Ric 

These days I don’t either 

Ric comforts Sam 

Sonny makes a dangerous move 

Mixes pills and liquor? 

Emily tells Nikolas what she thinks about Colleen 

Couldn’t have a Nanny without her opinion


Monday  July 31

Evangeline's surgery appears to have been unsuccessful

I’ll believe that when I see it.

Cristian is determined to build a life with Evangeline

He sure gets into his ladies

Spencer taunts John

This could be fun.  I love a good villain

David wants a private meeting with Spencer

When is David going to stop talking and actually DO something?

Antonio is not happy that Jessica wants Nash in Brennan's life.

Antonio is NEVER happy when it’s not about him

Tuesday  August 1

David recalls more about the night Thomas McBain died

David gives John more information about the gun that killed Thomas 

Bo asks Kevin and Clint to help prove that Spencer was behind the forged documents

Kevin and Clint?  Are they PI’s in disguise?  Maybe Bo should ask Matthew too.

Kelly tells Dorian she is not pregnant.

Lies.  Lies.  Lies.

Wednesday  August 2

Bo tells Blair that he and John think Spencer kept the murder weapon

They are sure a swift pair

Todd is suspicious when he sees Blair with Bo

Can’t get nothing past this guy

Evangeline is upset when Todd insists on another specialist

Can she ever just say Thank You?

Natalie confronts Nash and Claudia

They have what exactly to do with Natalie?  Doesn’t she have enough on her plate running John’s life?

Matthew calls Paige for help.

Thursday August 3

Spencer sets a trap to test Blair's loyalty 

Spencer has been many things and stupid has been one of them…whereas Blair isn’t known for her smarts…someone besides me had to see this coming. 

David gives John and Bo a clue to the whereabouts of the forger 

Can John and Bo ever do anything on their own without help from the people they accuse? 

Todd and Starr have a heart-to-heart talk 

They are a good pair 

Adriana is desperate to get away from Rex 

Too much sex?   

Evangeline experiences a miracle 

Wonder whatever that might be. 

Todd is not pleased.

Can anyone really blame him?

Friday August 4

Blair searches for evidence to use against Spencer

At least she doesn’t give up

Todd and Cristian set their animosity aside

Starr is involved in an accident while swimming at the quarry

Adriana assumes the worst about Rex

One word… Dumb Ass (Ok two)

Dorian shares Kelly's secret with Clint.

The one where she ISN’T pregnant?


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