Sage has suffered a broken arm and will be unable to continue his column for the foreseeable future.  This week, Dianna from "Dianna's Dimensions" steps in to do OLTL and GH Spoiler Commentary.

For the Week of August 8, 2006

Michael tells Todd that Starr may have suffered brain damage;

Hell hath no fury…we saw what happened when he was told Evangeline would not see again.  Now we’re talking about his daughter…get out of his path.

Todd tells Blair that Starr is in the hospital
And award for Worst Mother ever goes to…

John gets David to help get the truth out of Lenny
Anytime spent with David on screen is time well spent.

Rex regains consciousness
Can we tell the difference?

Rex tells Bo that Adriana has run off
Keep running, girl.

Kelly is furious
Ooooh, Mufasa (say it again)

Spencer notes the bond between Todd and Blair as they sit at Starr's bedside Here we go again.

Evangeline offers her support to Todd

More, more, more.


Clint admits he told Viki that Kelly is pregnant

Clint can’t keep a secret…too much time spent with Dorian.


David warns Spencer that John is on to him

But, why?


Kelly confesses to Kevin

I never really liked you anyway; I always loved your brother more.



Adriana is unable to shake the feeling that Rex is her stalker

The evidence is awful incriminating


Nash apologizes to Jessica and Antonio and severs ties with Bruce

OK, but can he sever those Claudia ties, while he is at it?


Jessica experiences more of Tess' memories

I love that she has all the raunchy ones with Nash.  Soon even Jess will realize Tess is more interesting.


Marcie tries to prove Tommy's foster parents are unfit

This has to be Margaret baby.


Clint and Viki worry


Blair gives John something they hope he can use against Spencer

He likes the new vibrating ones…


Bo returns to work at the station

Things will surely got solved now


Blair questions Evangeline about Todd

“Evangeline, why do you think Todd is so angry with me?”


Starr regains consciousness

And promptly sees Spencer and wished she would pass back out


Dorian has a false sense of security 


Jessica is unsettled when Nash talks about Tess

When Nash talks about Tess even I want to be her


Todd and Blair go to great lengths to keep Starr happy

It’s about time Blair acted like a mother


Spencer is not pleased by the closeness between Todd and Blair

I wouldn’t imagine so.


John gets one step closer to nailing Spencer

One step forward and twelve steps back


Kelly makes a decision

Alert the Sun!


Jessica reads Tess' journal

Now when did she have time to write one of those?


Antonio considers a career change.

Will he have to relocate?


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