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Katrina asked me if I would be willing to get back into the news and gossip game (and since I already do the spoiler commentary thang, there might be a few of those thrown in as well) and I tell ya, timing is everything because I really felt ready to jump on it.  The spoiler commentary is just great fun, but it tends to limit what I can discuss, so this will give me lots of room to stretch out and yammer a bit more.

I will still be providing AMC Commentary and the spoiler commentary for OLTL and GH in my regular Monday column, Sage's Spoiler Party, but this will give us a space to discuss other things that are going on with the show and the rumors and gossip flying around out there in the soap internet world.

I will still not be doing the detailed Sage spoilers of yore.  That game is way too cut-throat for a bitchy pacifist like myself.  I'll leave y'all to the nut-chopping and back-stabbing world of cutting edge spoilers  It's just not for me.  Gossip and laughing and a bit of poking fun and running through the rumor mill, however, is just right up my ally, so if you can try not to take this sort of thing too seriously, I think we can have a really good time.

So let's get to all the news and gossip that is news and gossip out there!


Is it a good thing?

I'm not the one to judge because honestly, this chick-a-boo-boo gives me the chillies in my whoo whoo.  Just so you'll know, though, the one and only Ms Martha Stewart will be making an appearance on Erica's show (did you know she had a show?), "New Beginnings."  March 28th is the day!

We had a good thing going and now that good thing's gone.

Although the evah so lovely James Scott has been let go by AMC, he will continue to appear in a flashback here and a dream sequence there for a little while, much as we saw this week in Kendall's dream time.  If you enjoy this wonderful actor and would like to keep up with what's happening in his life, you can read his online journal at his official website here.

As if there aren't enough fans out there thinking soap characters are real, abc.com has launched "Kendall's Blog."  Mind you, unlike the delightful blog written by actress Cady McClain (Dixie) which is about the actress herself, Kendall's blog is written by the character of Kendall Hart and works to bring the reader even more so into the fictional world in which she lives.  "Confession time: Iíve been thinking about Ryan. The kiss he laid on me. What do you think that means? I have no clue."  If that's not inviting the crazies out there to get even crazier, I don't know what is!  Cady's blog can be found at www.cadysconfessions.com and Kendall's is at www.kendallhart.com.

I know you have been torn up with worry about what, just what, happened to the actresses and actors who played those cuh-razy Greys.  Well I am the man who can ease your pain.  Bobby Steggert (left) who played the Lily-molesting Sam Grey can be seen in the movie "Game 6" which opens tomorrow in theaters across the nation (he has a bitty part).  Paulina Gerzon (Maddie) will be seen here and there on the new and last season of "The Sopranos" airing on HBO (new season begins this Sunday evening) as Francesca Spatafore.  The role is recurring.  Mama Grey, Eva LaRue, has been seen on "CSI:  Miami" as Natalia Boa Vista.  John Callahan pretty much disappeared after moving to California to share in the raising of daughter Kaya with ex-wife, Eva LaRue.

Speaking of Lily, Sage's little sweet potato, Levin Rambin (Let's face it, I'm a Rambin man!) will be back from her mononucleosis recovering sometime next week.  Portia Reiners has done a fine job as Lily, but that whole Michelle Trachtenberg thing she has gone on is throwing me off on the Lily love.

When Ms Revin returns, perhaps Lily will have come to her senses and decided not to marry up with our resident word shifter, Jonathan!  Their courtship is sweet, but let's wait on the weddin bells.


Sometimes, you end up doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, but doh!  Doesn't it seem like no good deed goes unpunished, especially if it is a crime!  Evangeline ends up on the other side of the bars for a change charged with "suspicion of aiding and abetting a fugitive."  It's a crime to even be suspected!  So where is Todd really?  In his old digs back at the Lord Mausoleum.  But how in the world does RJ fit into this puzzle?  You'll find out next week...

The origin of Jessica's fracture into Tess will at last be revealed the week of March 20th to cap off Friday's cliffhanger.  Factoring into Clint and Viki's trek toward the truth is a young woman named Rose, who is the daughter of Sam, the owner of the Hot Spot.  Rose (airing March 14-15, played by Jess Weixler) recalls traumatic events from her past before Daddy Sam hauls her away.  She does, however, arrange a meeting with Viki and Clint before she goes.  Tess ends up getting some advice on love from a very unexpected source:  Todd.  She gets help from another very interesting source.  Jessica actually allows Tess to stay in control until she is able to reunite with Nash for the good of the unborn baby.  Personally, I think Jessica just wants to try out Nash for awhile and yes, they do reunite.

Tess' secret is not the only one to come out the week of March 20th.  After months and months of hinting, haunted glances, veiled references and lots and lots of blackmail, we will finally learn the secret that Spencer Truman has been holding over Paige and David.  That does not mean that the story of Margaret and Todd and Spencer and Blair is over by a long shot.  It just means that we, the audience, are given the info and the wheels are put into motion for an ultimate resolution to the story.  Since Paul Satterfield's (Spencer) contract information is not flaming public knowledge, it is still unknown whether he will meet the demise of soap villains gone before him and be killed off (a "whodunit" comes to mind) or if he will persevere and continue torturing Llanview's general population. 

Cris not only continues boxing, but emerges a winner next week.  Hey, he gave her the terms under which he would quit and she declined, so punch on, young man!  Punch on!  There's no end in sight to the teeter totter Natalie is walking between Cris and John, but there are some interesting twists and turns coming up.  Natalie gets a warning that she may lose both of her men from Roxy.  Cris and John are both stunned when RJ accuses both of them of having feelings for... not Natalie... Evangeline.  John makes a startling announcement to Dr Crosby.


Is he or isn't he?  A couple of weeks ago, Soap Opera Digest reported definitively that GH's second favorite patriarch (Dr Hardy, dude!), John Ingle, will be returning to the role of Edward Quartermaine.  Since then, I have heard little but crickets chirping in the otherwise silence.  I have seen his return mentioned on other websites, but I had the impression they were actually quoting the mag.  It's common knowledge that GH and Ingle did not part on particularly happy terms.  Ingle was rightly frustrated at the dramatically reduced air time afforded his character and even more dismayed when GH declined to renew his contract when it expired and instead, offered him recurring status.  It was Ingle's turn to then decline, instead taking up the role of Mickey Horton (#3) on Days of Our Lives.  GH then snubbed back by hiring "Port Charles'" own "God," Jed Allen, into Edward Quartermaine's Italian shoes, complete with a contract.  In recent months, Edward's scenes have diminished to, well, none, so if what Soap Opera Digest is reporting is true, this should be interesting.  (They are the same magazine that reported baby Cameron would die in the virus story)

Speaking of Port Charles, remember this guy?  Jay Pickett (aka Frank Scanlon from Port Charles) will be temporarily taking over the role of Lorenzo Alcazar while Ted King recovers from emergency throat surgery.  Pickett's first air date in the role will be March 24 (Friday).  King recently returned to work and will be airing again shortly, headlong in the story of Skye's pregnancy and Deigo's return.

Since "Port Charles," Pickett has starred in one project, "Landslide," a 2004 made for TV movie.

GH fans attending the GH Fan Club Weekend in Studio City this July were given a special treat this week when the Official GH Fan Club announced that fan favorite, Julie Marie Berman will be joining Kirsten Storms and Lindze Letherman for their "Pillow Talk" event that Sunday morning. 

After joining GH late last year as the very SORAS'd LuLu Spencer, Berman has won the hearts of many of the show's fans, even those who normally do not enjoy teen stories.  Berman hit the ground running and held her own quite nicely in scenes with powerhouse actors such as Jane Elliot and Tony Geary, a task many seasoned veterans have not been able to master.  Go to the Official GH Fan Club  website for info on how to order tickets for this event.

True to soap tradition, Sam will sit on the news that Alexis is her mother through this week... and through next week...  Quick as lightening, there is already a Sam-Alexis message board in place called "Bonded By Blood." Isn't this whole story just a miraculous tapestry of coincidence?  It has long been speculated that there was another Cassadine on the loose and now, all these years later, it finally came to fruition.  That just shows that if you throw it out there and wait, almost any spoiler will stick.  I wonder if Carly will be raping Sonny next (wink to the EOS crew). 

The End of An Era

While in Spain, Sonny confesses to Emily that he trusts her even more than... The Jason.

*moment of silence*

*Nothing penetrates other than crashing of a lone Sason in the woods.  Is anyone there to hear?  Does it make a noise at all or just join in the silence?*  (So she's not just the new Lila, she's the new Jason as well.  Perhaps she'll start killing people who oppose Sonny by feeding them poisoned pickle relish).

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