By Starr Raven Madde

Peter Quartermaine


Boy? Why are you crying? 


I wasn’t crying! 

Then what were you doing? 


It’s kind of embarrassing. See, I lost my fairy. 

Your fairy? 


Yes, my fairy. 

Umm…there’s a glowing ball of light next to your shoulder. 


I don’t see anything. 

It’s down there now. 


*Gasp* Tinkerbell! I found you! 

Who’s Tinkerbell? 


My fairy. I lost her, but now I found her! 

 (Four or five random clothing changes later)



You’re talking to a ball of light… 

I already TOLD you. She’s my fairy! 


I know, Tink. I think we should just go. 

Wait, what’s your name? 

(Another random outfit change) 


I’m Peter. Peter Pan Quartermaine! Who are you? 

I'm Starr!  Starr Raven Madde! How can I find you again, Peter? 

Second Starr to the right and straight on ‘til morning! 


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