February 18, 2008

Hello again, my Lovelies!

*blows smooches*
First of all, allow me to apologize for the long, long lapse in time since my last column.  It seems that every time I sat down to write about one thing, five other things popped into my fron (SciFi fans will get that reference without blinking) - anyhoo - I was really having a difficult time settling on what it was I wanted to write about.  Now, that's one of those good-news / bad-news kind of things.  It's GREAT because it means that the Soaps are really affecting me, rather than leaving me utterly disinterested.  Bad news because when CC has too much to write about, CC gets too scattered to actually write! 
At any rate, I think I have myself sorted out now, so yaaaay, and here we go!
Right off the bat, there is something rather disturbing that I simply MUST get off my chest:  HATE mail.  (Not to me, you all have been incredibly kind and generous to yours truly and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to receive so many nice notes from the Soap Community at large.)  That said, I'm addressing my comments specifically to those who feel it necessary to send HATE mail to actors and actresses - namely those hard-working artists who bring our Soap characters to life five days a week.  What is UP with that?!   HATE mail - to individuals who speak the words given to them by the writers and various, sundry PTB?  What on earth possesses a person to scribble down vile, mean, hateful, disgusting things and then send it to people who are ACTING OUT a ROLE in a freaking SOAP OPERA?!   These are REAL people here, not characters on a TV screen.  They have their own lives and their own identities, yet they are being singled out with some of the most vitriolic, disturbing HATE mail.  Why?  Because the character they portray is an enemy of a character you love?  Does that make ANY sense?  No! 

I regularly advocate copious amounts of letter-writing (snail mail) to TPTB and favorite actors/actresses (as it gets the attention of the Network bigwigs) but this is something that goes beyond the pale!  It's one thing to advocate for a favorite character or pairing, but to blatantly and viciously rip apart an actor or actress for something their character does on screen?
These artists are not the ones in control of what their character does or doesn't do and/or WHO they do and/or don't "do."€¯  Was anyone paying attention when the great David Canary so stridently objected to the way his character so callously walked out and left a pregnant, in LABOR Krystal alone and writhing on the floor with no one to help her?  Or how about when Alicia Minshew so vehemently fought against the writers having her character boff Aiden Devane, when they both thought their respective sweeties were dead?  Those are just two examples that come to mind, but it illustrates my point:  the actors/actresses aren't the ones responsible for when characters do something the fans don't like.  In the two examples I cited, those artists weren't happy with the material they were given, in fact, they vehemently OPPOSED it, but they DID. THEIR. JOBS; which is exactly what they were being paid for.

Now, lest anyone believe that I am advocating the sudden influx of HATE mail to the writers and various PTB?  I am NOT.  HATE mail accomplishes nothing, except the promotion of bad feelings and even some fear.  (Yes, some of these actors/actresses have reported receiving DEATH THREATS!!  I mean, come ON!!!)  That said, there is nothing wrong with expressing your displeasure with certain storylines - in fact, I strongly recommend just that.  But please, dial back the hate, dial back the vitriol, and come up with some actual, constructive criticism and some genuine ideas for how things can be improved, from your perspective.  HATE mail is not the way to get things done,  in fact, it can have the reverse effect.  Bottom line, people:  These Soaps are brought to us every day by hard-working people, most of whom are dedicated to their craft, be it writers, directors, producers or on-screen talent.  They are real people, with real feelings.  Let's all try to remember that there is a REAL person on the other end of that letter, when we're tempted to sit down and scribble out a scathing HATE-filled missive after we see something on screen that rubs us the wrong way.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest - onto the SOAPS!

AMC:  I am loving me some Angie and Jesse and I am really dying to find out how they expect to pull this one out of the fire.  I mean, we SAW Jesse die.  In a hospital.  With Angie sobbing on his chest.  The woman wasn't just his wife,  she was a DOCTOR, too!  I think she would have noticed if he weren't just merely dead, but really most sincerely dead.  Had it happened offscreen, under different circumstances?  Yeah, we could all buy that it was an elaborate ruse designed to squirrel him away and into hiding.  Also, we could buy it if we hadn't seen Jesse come back periodically as an ANGEL, to guide others who have died or who are near-death (like Tad after the tornado).   Tad's can be explained away as a hallucination or dream, but Gillian Andrassi Lavery?  Nope, not so much!  At any rate - I am dutifully tuning in, and doing my part to support the tissue industry as I sniffle and sob my way through the memories and the inevitable reunion.

Kendall... I am as angry as the next person about the idiocy that had Kendall and Aiden have manic sex when they both thought that Zach and Greenlee were dead, but it's Kendall who is taking the brunt of the criticism for that debacle.  Why IS that?  Yes, I know Kendall is the one who is actually married, but come ON!  She wasn't in that alone!  I have seen and heard comments ranging from (a)€How could SHE do that?" to "Why couldn't SHE have at least used birth control?"€¯  (See where I'm going here?!)  Why is no one questioning / condemning / reaming out Aiden for what HE did?  Why isn't HE being held AS accountable as Kendall?  After all, isn't Aiden the one who should have been somewhat MORE level-headed, given that he's only been "in love" with Greenlee for five minutes and, as such, should not have been nearly AS devastated as Kendall was by the mere thought of her husband being dead?  Seriously.  It's not only the writers who need to give Kendall a break, but some of the fans as well.
Speaking of fans..... I must, must, MUST commend the efforts of the "Zendall Nation" who have gone out of their way - a far beyond the call of fan duty, to show their love for their favorite soap couple:  Zach and Kendall.  I have to say, this group's love shows no bounds and I heartily applaud their dedication, solidarity and their love.  With all the rampant hate-mail, it has to do Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew's hearts good to see this amazing outpouring of love.  As a whole, the "Zendall Nation" pooled their hard earned money and they used this to buy and send gifts to "Zendall" and their extended AMC family, including the tots who play Spike and Ian.   Not only that, but they managed to catch the attention of Anne Sweeney when some of the gifts arrived on February 13th instead of the intended Valentine's Day.  Fate stepped in and allowed one of TPTB to see first-hand the outpouring of love and support.  Here is a small sampling of just SOME of the gifts that were sent:
Alicia Minshew:
Personalization Mall
She's My Girl© Ladies Red Camisole & Shorties
Fortunes of Love© Silver Fortune Cookie
Kiss Me Goodnight© Pillowcase Set
Do Not Disturb Couples Welcome Mat
I Never Knew Bistro Mug
Love Conquers All Watercolor Art Jewelry Box
Key To My Heart - Black Fitted Tee
The Warmth of Love© Fleece Throw
Love letter (glass heart shape sculpture engraved with the letter Zach wrote Kendall in Las Vega during the SS storyline)

Thorsten Kaye:
Personalization Mall
Fortunes of Love© Silver Fortune Cookie
Do Not Disturb Door Hanger
Dessert's On Me!© Chocolate Body Paint
Make Me Late Pillowcase
Simply Silk Red Embroidered Boxers (Black was back ordered until March1st)
MR/MRS Set Mr. and Mrs. Collection© Velour Robe Set
You're Our LifeSaver® Candy Jar
Gentleman's Choice Leather Flask

Other Gifts
5 mini bears for the kiddies (For twin Ians and triplet Spikes)
Gifts were also sent to Grandma (Yes, I said GRANDMA!) Erica, Uncle Josh as well as members of the crew, hairstyling and makeup.  Is that not simply an AWESOME thing to do?  Sure beats hate-mail!   To those on the Zach-Kendall board, the Zendall Nation, I salute you!!  Now THAT is the way to get a point across; and very succinctly.  This doesn't mean that every fan has to go out of their way to send gifts to their faves, not at all.  I'm talking about POSITIVE fan feedback.  Cards, letters - and lots of them.  And why did they do this (aside from their deep and abiding love for Zendall)?  Because they pay attention and they remembered that it was not only Valentines Day, but the day that Ian was likely conceived.  It shows TPTB that fans really DO pay attention to the details and that things cannot just be swept under the rug as though fans won't remember or aren't really paying attention.  Now maybe, just MAYBE the writers will actually pay attention and stop trying to ruin what made this couple so beloved in the first place.  Hope springs eternal!
I'll leave things on that note, for now, but I promise to be back SOOOOON with another column.  (Really, I promise!)  In the meantime, the bar is open and, as always, the drinks are on me!
See you soon!


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