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By Belinda Ache



August 11, 2007


All My Children: My, my, my; is that a chem test I see between JR and Ava? I think that may be exactly what that was. Uhm, So, Jacob Young is 27/28 years old. How old is JR supposed to be since he was SORAS'd? Not chronologically, because we all know those numbers donít mean squat. I ask because I read that Jonathan/Lilly was not well accepted and that Jonathan/Ava hasnít exactly set the world on fire and I was wondering how much of that is age related? I hate to be unpopular (ha! As if it isnít the story of my misspent youth!), but I rather liked the JR/Ava (Java) by-play. If they ďwent there,Ē would that mean a replay for Jonathan/Amanda (Jomanda)?  I know that Chrishell Straus, in my interview with her last April for TV Fan Online, said that there had been too much happen between them for a pairing to work for them right now, in her opinion. So, what happened?


I received some advice after my first column to ďwatch myselfĒ and what I say about Levin Rambin, that she is loved very much and that the actressís tender age should be considered before anything is said. Duly Noted. I think the girl must be very talented indeed to create such an innocent character as Lilly who is so well loved and then to turn around and create the dual role of Ava, who is the kind of character I can not stand. I really enjoyed JR and Ava in the beach cabin and I liked the way they ganged up on the drug dealer to take him down, but when she sassed off to the press afterwards, it just left me cold. Good acting, though, because I dislike Ava as much as I like Lilly.


For the record, I try very hard not to ever be deliberately mean to the performers. They are real people doing a very difficult job and doing it well if the fans strong attachments are any indication. I do not confuse my like or dislike of the characters with the actors and most of the time will contain my opinions to the characters and storylines.


Now, moving on to Ian, Spike and their assorted parents.  It didnít take long for my personal experience with a dangerously premature infant to diverge from the portrayal. In real life, the childís entire incubator was wrapped in Saranwrap* and under the ultra violet lights.  Visitors (restricted to parents and grandparents for the first three months) were allowed in to the room only 15 minutes out of two hours. Now I realize that that would put a crimp in the shows ability to show us the drama at Ianís bedside, but the farther they stray from real life the less invested I become with the story.


It is also difficult for me to invest in Ryanís incessant "Woe is me!" whining about his son's new disability. It isnít about YOUR SON being deaf and how that affects you, dad. It is about a child who can no longer hear. I know that things like this are a huge struggle for families. One of our sons received the diagnosis that he would never be able to speak and just when we were all in classes to learn sign language to communicate with him, he started speaking in full sentences. Doctors always have to tell you the worse case scenario and I wish someone would remind these distraught parents of that.  Not that I donít think it would be riveting to see the drama played out. Raising a special child has so many facets and so many trials and joys that done responsibly, it could be compelling and socially relevant programming. Iím just not sure that ABC could do such a real life trauma the justice it would deserve. I would hate to see this turned into a "magic orange juice healed my baby" story!


One Life to Live: I just fell in love with Vincent, standing up to Todd, who then got around the rules and got his own way anyway (which is one of the things I hate about Todd and Sonny, they both always get whatever they want).  Of course, then we got those red hot love scenes for Layla and Vincent. Sigh!  Now this is a pairing Iíve been rooting for all along.


Oh, see now? Thatís how one handles characters brought on the show as villains, criminals and reprobates.  Way to go! Buh Bye, Hunter. You came on, did your dirty deeds and were dispatched by the good guys. Thatís what Iím talking about! Donít bother to twist things around a gazillion ways to keep them on screen as new leads. If the actor was a hit, then bring him back as someone else. Itís not like it hasnít been done. (Katie Stuart, General Hospital, Nedís accuser and Sage Alcazar)


So, what else? Sarah and Cristian? Just say no!


Setside sources are swearing to high heaven to me that Melissa Gallo (Adrianna) is not out of there. Iím new to this whole "setside sources" thing, so this may just be the political spin until the big announcement, but her people certainly do not seem to be concerned and or acting as if this is true. What I am hearing is that Antonio and Talia may be slated for a try out but not before Talia gets some up close and personal time with a different onscreen hottie.


I also hear that the OLTL luncheon was awesome. Seems like the campaign to get Dan Gauthier back on the show is still very strong...they were out in full force over the fan club weekend and I am hearing rumors that Valentini is receptive. A number of the fan club presidents campaigned and spread is truly a joint effort from all of them to get him back on screen...all the actors want him back as much as we fans do. Make sure you send a letter or make a call or get in touch with the fan clubs to see what campaigns are going on. Or write Dan Gauthier c/o One Life to Live. In my opinion Dan was the best Kevin we had had in YEARS. Bring him back!


From what I hear, Iím going to bet that Renee killed Spencer Truman. That would explain the persistent rumor that it is a woman who has been on screen for a long time and coincide nicely with the previously, widely spoiled ďdemiseĒ of Asa. That would sure get rid of two vets wouldnít it? I hate that One Life to Live is going this route. It's bad enough Tuc Watkins is out, whether it be by his own choice or not, but then we have to lose patriarch Asa, too. SOB.


Wow. I just had an epiphany! Iíve been running my mouth about good guys and how bad I feel that there are none left on daytime. I even discussed it on TV Fan Onlineís podcast of Daytime Confidential: ABC Unplugged...


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Then, as I was searching for ways to discuss John McBain finding out that his brother is complicit in stealing Toddís son (albeit after the fact), it occurred to me that what Luke has been saying over at the TV Fan Online Forums (thread name: Evil Characters) is true. John McBain is a character who is a good guy and he is not exactly loved for it. He is a real stickler for the law, always doing the hard thing in upholding the laws and preserving the legal rights and to my knowledge he himself is not guilty of any criminal actions. Yet he is dreary. He is about as exciting as watching home movies on a Saturday night with your grandma. His angst driven moral dilemmas are boring. So it brings to mind some questions, such as are all good guys boring? Do they have to be boring? What do you think? Iíd like to know!


General Hospital: Oh, man. I need to be medicated for sure. I have LOVED Sonny and Kate this week. Yes, thatís right. I said it. Iím into it. Connie is such a likeable character. Kate, I could slap to the ground, but thatís part of what I like about it.  She canít quite hold onto Kate when Sonny gets too close. She is trying so hard to be this cold fish and when she ran out of Sonnyís living room all teary eyed today, she was definitely not cold. Neither was I. I donít want Spinelli to be their child but Kate sure acted funny after Alexis dropped the ďyou should have had kidsĒ bomb.


Iím not ready for Lulu and Logan, goodness gracious. I am just not ready. When you take Coop and Maxie out of the mix, I am done with it. Also dialing in the big ďI donít careĒ about James-Jerry NotJacks in Argentina with Carly. Snore. Bring on scruffy Jax even if we have to suffer through the Irina accent. Or better yet, let Carly wake up on the airplane coming back from the honeymoon and the ENTIRE James-Jerry not Jacks adventure has been a nightmare. Be quiet. Itís been done before, yeah, I know.


Iíd rather not admit it, I swear, but dang if Luke doesnít have a point about good guys being boring. Evidence: Robin. I love her. One of the things I hate most about Carly is that Carly won out over Robin with Jason when Robin did not deserve to lose her man because she REFUSED to allow AJ not to know Michael was his bio-son. I also support Scrubs even though goodness knows I near diabetic coma when they are on too much. But, Robin? WHY oh why did the EW factor have to kill the Noah/Anna hot sex? Unfair! It was not Noah imitating Eli Love that drove him to drink. It wasnít Anna helping him get his mojo going that caused him to drink. No, it was you two stick in the mud, wet blanket, mique toast, kill joy, no hot Rick Springfield sex scenes, stick up the ass meddling KIDS that did that. Are you proud of yourselves? Did you see Noahís face after he got shot down? Mind your own business!


May we have more Nik, please? Nic with Sam, Nik with Alexis, Nik with Spencer, Nik with Lucky, Nik with Liz, Nik with Emily (oh please no not that far!)... just can we get some Tyler Christopher? Speaking of characters I have traditionally loved and who have not been getting any decent writer love, what about Skye? What about Nik and Skye? At least it hasnít been done a dozen times before. Sure, she sat and rocked her baby while babyís daddy was shot dead and disposed of like garbage. So what? Nik cheated on Emily while she was being a frigid waste after being raped by his look alike. Sounds like even ground to me. Bring back Helena, too. It makes NO SENSE to have a kicking character like Helena and not use her.


Yay for Monica, Edward, Big Alice, Tracy and Alan being on the show this week.  How great is that? Why Ned couldnít be there too?  I do not know, except maybe my heart couldnít take the thrill. I wish that it hadnít been to prop up the Logan/Lulu relationship. How clever to bring her old issues with her birthday in to play to help draw them closer together. Too bad I canít stand him. Typical Q, although not tactful, to start trying to zero in on Jake as the heir.  They really make my skin crawl when they start in on their ďheirĒ weirdness. I love them, though.


Well, Iíve gone on long enough; Iím sure, so I am going to scoot on out of here. I did forget to mention the Lucky sandwich, but maybe that is for the best right now. Letís just pause for moment and use our imaginations. ďLucky sandwich.Ē That should keep you occupied until next time.




See ya!


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July 25, 2007