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"Scoobie Scoobie Doo"


    For a long time the summer staple has been a current adventure of the younger set in Port Charles, or as they have come to be called,' The Scoobies.'
    This summers version is a bit different as Maxie and Spin, are doing their thing in PC, and Lulu and Johnny, who is actually a tad old to be a Scoobie, are off doing their thing in New York.
    Probably the best Scoobies were the Four Musketeers. Lucky, Elizabeth, Nikolas and Emily! I think they were my favorite.
    But to go back a bit, did  you know that Jason was once a Scoobie? Yes, Jason, Jagger, and Karen, they had a series of summer adventures.  Right there on Spoon Island, before the Cassadines were even in town!
    But the original Scoobies, and this might surprise you, were:  Scotty Baldwin, Laura Vining Webber, and their friends Brian and Claudia Phillips! Yes!
    Laura was a very confused and emotional young woman, as a young teen, the shocking news that she was Lesley's daughter, taken at birth and switched for the Vining's child, who died, by Lesley's controlling father, who didn't want his daughters career ruined by having a child, helped to unsettle her even more.
    Lesley, who had dreamt about this child, eventually discovered the truth, immediately sued for custody, but an understanding judge declined to make a decision, letting Laura live with Lesley for a while, to let her decide. Laura loved Lesley's life style, the money and the perks.  At the time Lesley was married to Cam Faulkner, a millionaire, who was not thrilled with acquiring a teen aged stepdaughter. But she missed her other Mom, Barbara Vining who had raised her. This is by the way, where Amy Vining, Laura's sister came from.
    It was a difficult time, eventually, Laura moved in permanently with Lesley, and  started dating a really nice, upstanding young man, a law student named Scotty Baldwin! His best friend Brian, and Brian's  future wife, Claudia doubled with them and they became good friends.
        Lesley married Rick Webber. An old friend of his,  David Hamilton, moved in with them, he hated Rick having discovered his late wife loved Rick. He was insanely jealous of Rick and made a pass at Lesley who shot him down in no uncertain terms, so he went after Laura, and had an affair with the young girl.
    Rick found out, kicked him out and as he was  leaving town Laura begged him to take her with him, she thought she was in love with him.  He laughed in her face, told her he had only slept with her to get back at her mother, she lost her temper, and  shoved him, he hit his head on the fireplace,  and died.     
    Laura developed hysterical amnesia and didn't remember what she had done. Lesley took the blame and went to jail for the murder. Laura ran away and Scotty and Brian went looking for her, finding her in New York mixed up with prostitutes, drug dealers and other assorted bad guys.  They rescued her, hence the first Scoobie adventure,  and brought her home. 
    What started me thinking about this was the scene the other day on GH where Lulu and Johnny were out on the fire escape. Scott and Laura did that same scene all those years ago, when they were on the run. I was wondering if it might even be the same set! 
     Eventually the truth came out, Lesley was cleared,  Laura was put on probation, which she hated. By this time Scotty was in love with her, tho when they had one of their numerous breakups he had had a rebound affair with a young woman named Bobbie Spencer, a young student nurse. Bobbie was a gold digger back then, she wanted Scott, he offered everything she wanted, a good family, a career, the chance of  money, and to be respectable. Bobbie was  vicious and did everything and anything she could to break Laura and Scott up. This was when she enlisted her older brother, Luke, to come to town and help her. Little did she know........................
    After one of the attempts almost killed Laura, Luke no longer wanted to do this. He was already starting to be interested in Laura.
    Laura was 17, and to get off probation she had to be 18 or married. She persuaded her parents to let her marry Scott, and they had an extremely sweet wedding in the park.  Amy, Brian and Claudia stood up for them, ironically, years later, they stood up for her again, when she married Luke!
    Scott was so in love with Laura, he was a decent upstanding  young man, out  to save the world. He had not yet become the disillusioned, angry man he is today.
    They started out life in a terrible apartment in an old rundown building, as Scott was just starting out, she wanted to help, and got a job at the Disco, and the rest we know, is history!


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