August 22, 2006

Hey everybody! Remember me?  I hate to start a column with platitudes about returning to regular viewing and being again interested in General Hospital.  It's not as if I haven't done that before.  I've been watching for a couple of weeks though, inspired by Katrina's invitation and assurance that things had improved.  I'd flirted with it earlier in the year when Anna came back, but just didn't hold my attention. Emily with Sonny had much to do with it and besides, I've spent the past several months preparing for a move and it was hard to indulge in an hour of television that my husband didn't also enjoy.  Too often it was the only available hour that we could simultaneously hold our eyes open and focus on something besides a paint roller and dubious bathroom flooring.  So now the house is on the market and I'm back to some semblance of sanity (as much as anyone who is selling their house can be) and I was curious to see how our little friends in Port Charles were getting along.   

Oh, let me tell you how I LOATHE the fact that Alexis has lung cancer. I'm coming back and I get LUNG CANCER STORIES?  It's a personal thing for me - my mother died at a young age from the disease and I have tremendous difficulty in watching any cancer storylines on movies and television.  I usually avoid the movies but I sometimes get blindsided by it, like with The Family Stone.  I was loving Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton and oh, Claire Danes and wow, a Wilson brother.  Then suddenly, Diane Keaton has masectomy scars.  Who knew I'd need to blubber like a fool when I was  planning on cheap wine and popcorn?  And I know that General Hospital has treaded the cancer waters's not groundbreaking.  I just wasn't spoilered on it and it struck me that it was Alexis, whose last couple of years I choose to forget but will always recall as the endearing and powersuited cousin to Stefan and lawyer to Sonny.  I loved me some Alexis back in the day.  I rooted for Alexis and Ric but my viewership fell to the wayside when they actually got together so I'm not a steadfast supporter, I don't suppose.  I might have been, but yikes...he slept with Sam?  What the complete hell?  He was my man who looked so fierce in khaki's.  While he should have been hosting barbecues, he was doing his stepdaughter.  I should have been around the neighborhood to stop this nonsense and return him to rearranging the sprinklers in the front yard! 

I believe the last time I wrote, I wasn't terribly thrilled with Dr. Patrick Drake.  I might be getting thrilled. Oh, he's obnoxious and I'm not a big dimpled/chiseled/mussed hair fan...he was a little too much, I thought.  But now that HIV exposure has humbled him (sheesh, if that's what it takes...I dunno), I'm maybe feeling the Drake luv.  Because there he was at Robin's door last week with his "I'm such a playa, but damn girl, you killin' me" vibe, telling her that he might love her but he's gotta go and darn if I didn't melt a wee bit.  A sucka for the playas, it seems.  My girl Robin is so ridiculously cute and she really has risen above the annoying "Saint Robin" persona that she so readily adapted in the days of revealing Michael's paternity and chastising Jason.  My husband and I have an ongoing *discussion* about how cute her little nosering is - he thinks not.  I'm always excited to see more Anna (how great was she, grilling Patrick? hee!) and it should be cute to see Robin living with some other girls and developing this little thing with DimpleChiselMuss.  

Are we seriously revisiting the Emily/Nikolas reunion?  Seriously???  Forgive me, but if frickin' flowers start blooming in their presence again, I don't know if I can take it.  Spencer and Scorpio reappearances be damned, I can take no more Jack Sparrow costumes on Tyler Christopher.  I can't take it!  And this nanny?  Colleen?  Is she the foil to their burgeoning romance?  I smell a recast in the near future.  Ya know what would make it really interesting is if they made the nanny actually be former wife Lydia, resurrected somehow by Helena.  Remember Lydia?  I can see the crazy in the nanny's eye and why not make it someone with a real use for Emily's demise.  After that Sonny fiasco, she really just needs to be gone.  

What of this rumor that Rebecca Herbst is on the short list for dismissal...that she and Kimberly McCullough are redundant?  Um, why?  Because they're brunette?  Because they share a history with Jason?  Based on that criteria, I'm voting for Kelly Monaco to see her way out - not my Liz!  Not my Liz!!!  The Jason/Liz sex scene was pretty awesome, I gotta say.  He brought her water and told her she was beautiful.  Can't you just picture fangurls the world over would be running out to buy cases of Dasani to mail off to the ABC studios.  More Jason Nips - have a water!  I've always loved the idea of the Jason/Liz romance and I'm sorry it's not getting a little more play than "only this one night" but I have to hold out hope that it's the foundation for bigger and better things.  Jason and Liz are a slow burn that just can't be ignored in the minds of marketers (if they have half a clue, which I realize isn't always a given).  *sigh*  Liz and Lucky had something really sweet but I don't think there's a whole lot of heat (which probably is the direct result of the attention paid by the writers) there, and now that Maxie has been all up on the Luckster...I just don't know how much I'm feeling it.  Nobody puts Baby in a corner!  Oh...that's something else.  My Rebecca Herbst stalking getting a little out of hand, lol. I want to see her get what she deserves on this darn show though, and I think it's definitely more of that Jason bidness.  I do enjoy Greg Vaughan and I guess he's excited to have the pill poppin storyline (?) but it amazes me how they manage to de-sex that guy in every way possible.  It's as if they have the hottest guy on television (I Believe It's Butter!) but make him so self-piteous and have him making the dumbest decisions (Maxie??) and acting all dumb when he's high...just, ew!  Lucky is Luke's son for God's sake - can we get a smattering of cool?  And I am very pleased that he's finally growing his hair out, but can we get  an appointment for some highlights?  The dark shag isn't really doing it for me.  Fix these things, k thx.  If Liz is to avoid the couch of the Jason, let's give her a little somethin' waiting at home.   

Lulu.  Dillon. Georgie.  Oh, my.  I'm always a little amazed that General Hospital takes AIDS awareness so seriously but has people becoming indiscriminately with child all over the place.  It all happens in the same transaction... I think they've proven before that condoms aren't the buzzkill that all the unplanned pregnancies suggest.  And that's my public service announcement for the day.  Plus I hate Georgie's hair and want to trim those two long hunks on the sides.   


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