By Mysti

Dysfunction Junction…what’s your function????



I come before you today humble.  Contrite.  Beyond embarrassed.  I am ready to make amends.  I will no longer make fun of those who loved Sonny and Carly in all their dysfunctional glory.  Nope.  Because I have fallen into a similar trap.  Despite their abundant dysfunction, I’ve become a huge fan of …… wait for it….. gosh, I’m so embarrassed….. 


Babe and JR.


I know!  I can’t believe it either!  Talk about your ultimate dysfunctional couple!  He may not have shot her in the head while giving birth, but he’s tried to kill her more than once.  I know it’s wrong.  I know I shouldn’t care.  I know I should just be completely disgusted by them, but I’m not!  I don’t care!  Me and Barbara Mandrell…..we don’t care if it’s wrong – we love them anyway.  I’m so ashamed.


Yet – can you blame me?  Who would have thought that Jacob Young could give a performance that sucks me in?  This week I saw JR – wounded, fighting every instinct he has – the one telling him that Babe *has* betrayed him again.  Fighting his first reaction to make her pay.  To make Josh pay.  Yes – JR knows – way down deep, JR knows what Babe was going to say – and he rushed to stop her.  He wants so much to believe in Babe – for her to be the one woman he can depend on to be there for him always.  But deep down – he knows.  He doesn’t want to, but he does.


And Babe has her own wants.  She wants her marriage to work – for her child to be raised with both parents – unlike her.  I know, I know, he tried to kill her, she’s a serial slut, but I still want them together.  Every enlightened, liberated, 21st century modern woman bone in my body cries out against it, but I them to work it out.  I want them to find some way to get through all of this, for Babe to forgive JR, and for JR to keep the faith.


Why?  Because together, they *are* better.  Together they are stronger.  Together they are infinitely better than they are apart.  Together, they strive to be better people, to be the spouses and parents they never had.  Apart – they are toxic.  To each other and everyone around them. 


So – to all those Sonny & Carly fans – my apologies for every flippant, tacky, condescending remark I’ve ever thought, said or written.  I am humbled.  Now I too know the agony of loving a co-dependant, pseudo-abusive toxic couple.  Heaven help me, but I do love this couple.


And Josh can just STEP OFF.