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Gooooood Morning, Glory!

How are my darlings this week? I hope your week was even half as restful and peaceful as mine!  On Sunday, I went to the store and bought a dozen boxes of chocolate covered cherries and they and I holed up for the week with the case, and I do mean CASE, of Cappy Morgans that my beautiful sisters, Ginger and Natalie sent to me as an early Christmas present.  The only humans I saw the entire week were Maxine and Kurt for a wonderful Thanksgiving afternoon and evening on Thursday.  I tooled in from time to time to read the outstanding work of our Eye on Soaps staff and to answer email, but beyond that, it was intensive Sage time.  I had a fire in the fireplace every night, even when it was not particularly cold out, soaked in the hot tub, watched too much TV and too many DVDs, meditated, slept, read extensively and loved just being with me.  Only three days of soaps, sadly, because I very much missed being able to have a real Thursday build up and a real Friday cliffhanger.  I didn't care to see the repeats.  None were shows I particularly enjoyed the first time I saw them, so seeing them again wasn't appealing to me.  Now if they wanted to repeat some really good shows, especially from the more distant past, you know I'd be front and center.  Maybe when this (rather large) cloud has finally passed from over the show and the sun is shining on the genre again, we can get gratuities such as those. 

So what is coming up in the new material?  Let's peruse together, shall we?

Nov 20, 2005

AMC Commentary

It's twue!  It's twue!  Sure enough, Greenlee and Rebecca the Bachelor (thanks, Karen) will be blowing out of Pine Valley on Wednesday the 30th.  One has to wonder if Kendall will run after her, screaming her name as she roars out of town on Ryan's motorcycle.  Honestly, I'm OK with it.  I have alternately liked and disliked Greenlee over the years, but the character has been bled dry.  She lost all worth of my interest when she exposed Kendall's false pregnancy in public court.  To me, that completely revealed her ugly, truly vicious self and I am not even Kendall.  I do not believe a person comes back from something like that.  Kendall as a character is so screwed up that she is willing to lay her body in front of any oncoming truck in the name of an ounce of friendship.  In keeping with her pursuit of Erica and the rocky and fickle path to the relationship they now have, Kendall has shown her extreme vulnerability and willingness to sacrifice almost anything for the crumbs Erica and Greenlee are willing to throw her way and last week (and this coming week), she found the other edge to that sword, which is when the crumbs that are thrown turn to stones.

So to summarize my reaction to Greenlee's departure:  "buh-bye."

Although Zendall fans have been getting a stroke here and there, the ever growing throngs of Zyrtle fans will get their own crumbs in another scene this week when our favorite carnie give our favorite casino magnate a lesson in love.  Thorsten Kaye, of course, has chemistry with inanimate objects and brings life to any scene he's in, so pair him up with one of my long time favorite characters and you've got one very, very happy Sage.  I'll put up with a big fat ton of All Lavery, All the Time for a few minutes of Zach and Myrtle.  M-o-o-n, that spells Zyrtle.

JR's verbal poison isn't the only toxin flying around the Chandler mansion this holiday season.  Look for amboolances a plenty when someone actually poisons the soup.  Babe, Amanda and Adam all hit the hospital this week.

It looks more and more as though two unlikely couples:  JR and Babe and Tad and Di are making inroads this week, not to mention the growing camaraderie between our Honeymoonshiners, Adam and Krystal.  SUCKERS!


GH Spoiler Commentary

Monday, November 28
Emily denies that she has fallen in love with Sonny;

As if she could resist.  Everyone falls in love with Sonny eventually.  It was just her turn.  I mean, she's been over 18 for quite a while now.  It's definitely time.  Resistance is futile.  She has been assimilated and just doesn't know it yet.

Monica fears Emily's sabbatical is to allow her more time with Sonny;

Well duh!  What's funny is that Emily is taking a sabbatical to keep from killing anyone else, but will be spending all that time with a professional killer.  Maybe she just figures she doesn't have it down pat and needs some pointers.

Robin tells Sonny she still loves Jason;

Yeah, well, that was dumb.

Jason's memory is restored;

But how much of it?  I hear it's just the Jason Morgan part and not the Jason Quartermaine part.  My vote is with Katrina.  Give it all back and see where everything lands.  I'll bring the popcorn and appletinis.

Luke realizes that Lulu is conning Skye.

Takes one to know one, I guess.

Tuesday, November 29
When Alcazar fails to do her bidding Carly demands a divorce;

I guess grounds for divorce in New York include "won't do my bidding."

Courtney tells Carly nothing is going on between Sonny and Emily;

Like she's ever THERE?  Is this the best expert witness they could drag up? 

Emily dreams of Sonny;

She needs to talk to Alexis sort of IMMEDIATELY.

Sam accepts Jason's proposal but won't set a date;

As if he'd remember it if she did.

Diego robs Kelly's and takes Georgie hostage.

Oh man, they are just vilifying this guy to the MAX!  I guess ol' 'nacio is on his way out.  Should have dressed better for the GH Fan Luncheon, my friend.  My girls will get you where it hurts if you aren't strutting your best stuff.  It might take a while, but they'll getcha.

Wednesday, November 30
Sonny finds Carly on the roof;

So is it safe to say she heard about Emily and Sonny and "hit the roof?"

Carly admits she heard Sonny talking to Jason;

So she's been eavesdropping on Sonny and Jason for about 10 years now (if Michael is SORAS'd, so is the relationship) and it has only now driven her "through the roof?"  (Yes, as a matter of fact, I *am* going to use this til the bitter end)

Emily has another romantic dream about Sonny;

Twice in one week?  It's on now...  I hope this goes better than the last dream-initiated fling.  Ack.

Robin promises Sam she will not interfere;

Well, Miss Ego, that's pretty grandiose of ya. 

Tracy wants Lulu to spy on Luke;

I feel yet another match made in hell coming on.  Lord, if EVER we needed Laura, it's now.

Georgie feels sorry for Diego.

Has anyone noticed that Georgie is seriously challenged in emotional application?  It was her over the top reaction to Sage that got this ball rolling to start with and now she's sorry for the roofie stalker?  Girl get thyself to a psychiatrist (and not that weird Winters chick who reminds me wuh-ay too much of Layla on OLTL *full body convulsive shiver*)!

Thursday, December 1
Jason and Sam return to Hawaii;

Does Robin promise not to interfere with that too?

Nikolas assures Courtney that Helena is no longer a threat;

Unless he has her dead body in his daddy's stasis chamber, Helena IS a threat.

Jax schemes to get Nikolas and Emily to reunite;

Yes, I can definitely see where that might work in his favor, but an absence of Nikolas does not guarantee Courtney's affections. 

Georgie convinces Diego to do the right thing;

Sign with another show?

Alice warns Lulu not to side with Tracy over Luke.

Wise words from my favorite GH gal. 

Friday,  December 2
Sonny has a shocking proposition for Jason;

Ha!  At last!   (Below is my new "gay innuendo line up)  See it.  Learn it.  Know it.  Live it.

Robin tracks down a surgeon who may be able to help Jason;

I wonder if anyone has considered that it might be a lot better if Robin just stopped helping Jason.

Nikolas and Emily have an emotional discussion about their past;

Yeah, saw that coming.

Elizabeth remains unapologetic for tricking Emily;

Ah!  I missed something! Elizabeth tricked Emily? 

Carly turns the tables on Luke.

Bring it on!  I hope Laura Wright can pull it off once she's in a scene with da Mastah.  (In other words, *NUDGE* "Don't screw it up!"


OLTL Spoiler Commentary

Monday, November 28
Bo stops Rex from sneaking into the prison;

You know, how often is it that the police commissioner has to stop someone from breaking into prison?

Cristian saves John's life;

If these two are not in love by the end of this prison riot, then I wasn't the one who dropped the soap.

Michael comforts Natalie as Hugh reaches out to Evangeline;

Does he grab her boob when he reaches out?  (OK, by the end of all these spoilers, I start to get a little low brow.  Who, me?  )

Tess refuses to think about the future;

Well, that is likely wise since it is unsure which "ess" will be living it.  (I know, I know... no one likes a wise ess)

Spencer battles to save Ginger's life;

Save a life, take a life, he just keeps getting those confused...

Paige is curious about Spencer and Ginger.

In that Lolita kinda way?  Yeah, me too.  It makes me wonder if Ginger is going to show up on Mary Jo Truman's door step packing heat (that's for my Long Island friends - word).

Tuesday, November 29
Carlo taunts Agent Arlen;

Agent Arlen should consider it an HONOR to be taunted by Carlo.  NO ONE taunts like Carlo!

John is able to repair the bugging device;

Does he use it to bug the shit out of Cris?

Natalie tells Clint about Cristian being alive;

If she told Jessica and Viki, she'd be telling four times as many people as if told Clint.  Just something to think about.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Tess realizes she is talking to Niki, not Viki;

It was the hair, right?  (Nice cut, by the way!)

Natalie slips away from the officer protecting her;

Viki's girls just will NOT stay where they are supposed to be.

Spencer is allowed to operate on Bo.

I'd put a serious surveillance system in that O.R.

Wednesday, November 30
John allows Carlo to capture him and gets Carlo's confession on tape;

*sigh*  The ol' "tell your victim your whole villain gig seconds before you are taken down" mistake.

Natalie learns that John is being held hostage;

She didn't figure that out when he didn't LEAVE the rioting prison?

Paige watches Spencer as he operates on Bo;

Like a hawk, I hope.

Asa makes a scene;

As far as I am concerned, Asa makes absolutely every scene he's in.

Bo takes a turn for the worse;

I hope there are enough respirators to go around in that hospital since Nora's been hogging up one for the past two months.

Blair hears the message Ginger left.

"If you make me do those shitty 'Fun in the Sun' bits like Kassie DePaiva did, I quit."

Thursday, December 1
John makes a daring move;

Tell the truth.  He grabs Carlo's ass, doesn't he? 

Cristian and John walk into Hayes' trap;

Hayes was accidentally and temporarily smart enough to come up with a plan to trick both Cris and John?

Natalie finds herself in a dangerous situation;

Yawn, again?

Spencer and Paige work to save Bo's life;

Guess he ended up needing help (and a couple of days unless this is a recurrance).

Jessica falls asleep as Antonio talks about their future;

He has the same effect on me, Jess

Niki wants to make a deal with Nash.

So do I.

Friday,  December 2
Carlo uses Natalie as bait;

To catch a shark, I hope?

Natalie holds John and Cristian's fate in her hands;

That's a bit more lofty that what of theirs she usually holds in her hands.

Evangeline and Michael are frantic about John and Natalie;

As are we all...  zzzzzz

Evangeline has bad news for Todd;

You're the next "Fun in the Sun" lackey, Todders!

Blair is outraged to learn that Todd has kept another secret from her.

Outraged, perhaps.  Surprised?  Please tell me no.

And with that, my dear ones, I am out of here!  I hope you have an amazingly joyful slide into our magnificent holiday season!!

Much Love,

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