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What's Your Theory?

By popular demand, Eye on Soaps is bringing back "Nights at the Round Table," where EOS staff come together to answer questions and talk about specific topics regarding our 3 wonderful ABC soaps.

This column's topic is one that is on the minds of a lot of GH viewers:

What is the story behind Emily appearing to Nikolas??

The facts:

1).  Head writer, Bob Guza, says that Emily is not a ghost or a figment of Nikolas' guilt or imagination. 

2).  Alfred was unable to see Emily, so in theory, only Nikolas can see her.

3).  Guza also says that this will be the "most romantic story GH has ever told."

4).  Natalia Livingston is on contract and expected to air well into May 2008.

5).  Nikolas was having neurological symptoms and rage issues well before the Black and White Ball.

6).  Emily is still wearing that same damned dress.

So, EOS amongst yourselves.  What do YOU think is the story with Emily's return?


After conferring with a wise GH fan, I have changed from the theory I had in my last column that Nikolas' visions of Emily are the result of brain pressure from the tumor that caused his violent outbursts and blackouts.  Ultimately, I previously felt that Nikolas would be forced to choose rather to have the tumor removed, causing him to live, but losing the visions of Emily versus keeping the tumor and his time with Emily, but ultimately dying.

Now, I have to wonder about the spoiler that says that a young bride will be brought in for emergency care.  I am thinking that if the bride hangs on until May in a coma, GH might do do some kind of "Heaven Can Wait" story where Emily's spirit is instilled into another body, returning Emily to the canvas in the form of a recast. 

I think this is further substantiated by Robin's visions on GH:NS and GH.  She saw herself on an emergency gurney.  She saw herself dancing at the ball, then dead in a position similar to Emily's.  My theory is that she is "seeing" through Emily's eyes.  Why it would be Robin and not someone closer to Emily, I can't imagine, but hey, I'm sticking with it.


I loved "Heaven Can Wait" and I think that it could very well be done. They pulled it off on One Life to Live, after all and Marcie and Al's love certainly never healed cancer with a magic dream so why not Nic and Em? I have a slightly different what if for you though;
What if it is not the young bride who gives Emily the chance to live again, but Robin Scorpio? Natalia Livingston is staying until her contract is up in May, roughly six months from now. We have heard rumors that perhaps Robin's EPT test in August was a false negative which would make a pregnancy full term in May. Add to that the odd visions of her own demise that Robin has been seeing since the finale of Night Shift and I think you can tell where my wandering mind is heading.
It would set up a wonderful premise for those of us who have hoped for a Robin Scorpio--Nik Cassadine romance. It wouldn't be so great for Scrubs fans but they would get their reconciliation, a Scrubs baby and perhaps a very exciting triangle if Emily stepped into Robin's body!
If we are, as is usually the case, more original than the writers and they do not go with this "Heaven Can Wait" storyline then that leaves us wondering what on earth is happening to NiK? I would love for this to be Helena's triumphant return! Perhaps she slipped an Emily look alike into the ball and that's who was killed? (They have told us for years they all have doubles) This could be the drugged Emily being used as a pawn by the psycho granny to convince Nik that he has gone insane and there by take the Cassadine fortune away from him along with Spencer. If Alfred is the only one they try the "is Emily invisible?" test on then he could very well be on Helena's payroll! After all, we have not actually had Nik diagnosed with a tumor.... yet. It could be Helena operating through Alfred.
How would that turn into Guza's greatest love story ever told? Who knows, but coming from a man who swore he would continue to bring Jason and Courtney and Sonny and Carly back together as DESTINY couples (shivering in disgust) NO MATTER WHAT, can we trust him to know the greatest love story of all time, even if it smacked him upside the head?


I absolutely LOVE the idea of a "Heaven Can Wait" type storyline for these two. IF it's done right.  (Let's face it, there are many various ways in which they can mess up whatever potential the story might hold!) Anyhoo... I have to wonder, if we go with the "Heaven Can Wait" scenario, how is it that Nik can actually touch, kiss and hold Emily - she's non-corporeal; so I have no idea how they can possibly spin that part.  One theory might be that it really IS partly hallucination on Nik's part; that he actually THINKS he can touch her, but in reality he's not REALLY touching her?  Don't want to get too convoluted in my thinking, cause that just makes CC dizzy.

I'm guessing she's actually there; in some ethereal sense.  Her not knowing, at first, that she's dead plays really well into your H.C.W. scenario.  Add to that, as you said, the sudden appearance of a heretofore unknown "young bride," and you have the makings for a perfect H.C.W. storyline.  I do worry about the timing of bringing on this bride so early on though.  UNLESS.... *thinks* they decide to put Emily into her body before Natalia exits in May?  Play it off like it's only a temporary home for her soul, much like the way they did in the movie.  That way, if Emily ends up wanting to make that body her permanent home, it would work out that we would no longer "see" Emily's face/body any longer, but the "young bride."  IF Natalia changed her mind, for some reason and decided to stay, then we'd have another OLTL Michael/Al situation, where the new character is played by the old actor.  (Man, it's much too early to be coherent right now!)

As to the Robin connection?  I guess that could be possible - her seeing through Emily's eyes, as it were.  It'd be a way for Robin to have something else to focus (read: obsess) on.  Again, done right, I think they could make it work.  Bottom line?  Here's me jumping on your bandwagon, Katrina!  I love your theories on this!


1).  Head writer, Bob Guza, says that Emily is not a ghost or a figment of Nikolas' guilt or imagination. 

C: I can’t quite figure this one out.  I thought about the ‘spirit’ angle, but all of my research shows that a ‘ghost’ and a ‘spirit’ are one in the same…a left over entity from a person who has passed on.  Emily fits that description but only the dead person part.  Dead is dead so realistically speaking, there is only one way she can’t be a ghost and that is if she’s not really dead.  Unfortunately, since her lifeless body hung out for all to see during the whole fiasco of a ball, I’m assuming she’s deader than a doornail. 

The theme of this story is something like “love transcends time” so maybe the heart of Emily is still alive and loving Nikolas and until they can truly be together again, she’s locked in some other plain of existence.  Really, I’m pulling at straws here.  I’m hoping this story pans out to be something good and not cheesy.  Soaps can do cheesy so easily but the potential of this could really be good.

2).  Alfred was unable to see Emily, so in theory, only Nikolas can see her.

C: Nikolas isn’t nuts.  Yes, he could have the whole Jonathan Lavery brain tumor thing going on but still, Emily would then be a figment of his imagination which we’re told he’s not.  They’ve always made the love between these two characters intense, more so than most of the couples on the show as of late, so it’s possible their love exists outside the plains of life and death but then again, Emily’s not dead, so I’m really not sure how they plan to play this one.

3).  Guza also says that this will be the "most romantic story GH has ever told."

C: As I said, this couple has always been a hot one for GH, with their love being much more intense than most others.  It’s always been more seriously played, whether that’s because of the intensity of the actors (primarily Tyler Christopher) or the stories.  Either way, it’s easy to see how this couple could have the romance angle played out but then again, it was expected that romance would be a big part of Marcie and  Michael when Al’s soul got redistributed and that story fell flat. 

4).  Natalia Livingston is on contract and expected to air well into May 2008.

C: Kathy and I were talking about this and Katrina’s theory about the bride in a coma.  This is a great theory and it can work, except they’d really have to start building the bride in a coma thing and get Emily out of the scary castle and into the hospital to at least see the woman and find her way into her body.  If there were a way to make Emily un-dead but in a coma like the movie, “Just Like Heaven” it would work for me but again, we all saw her deader than dead so that doesn’t appear to be an option.

5).  Nikolas was having neurological symptoms and rage issues well before the Black and White Ball.

C: Nikolas is a freak of nature.

6).  Emily is still wearing that same damned dress.

C: Yeah, that was a concern for me, until I saw Friday’s episode.  I couldn’t imagine wearing that thing for more than an hour at best.  Uufta. 

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