By Starr Raven Madde

With (big) apologies to P.D. Eastman


Mother bird sat on her egg. The egg jumped. 


“Oh! Oh!” said mother bird, “My baby will be here! I must get her food!” 

And off she went. 


The little bird jump and jumped, and she fell out of the tree.  


“Now I will go find my mother.” 

She went right by her and didn’t see her. 

She came to a kitten. 


“Are you my mother?” 

The kitten just looked and looked. She never said a word. 

The kitten was not her mother, so she went on. Then she came to a hen. 


“Are you my mother?” 

“No,” said the hen. 

The kitten was not her mother, and the hen was not her mother. So the baby bird went on. 

Then she came to a dog. 


“Are you my mother?” 

“I am not your mother. I am a dog.” 

The kitten was not her mother, the hen was not her mother, and the dog was not her mother. 

So the little bird went on. 

Then she came upon a cow. 


“Are you my mother?” 

“How could I be your mother?” said the cow. “I’m a cow.” 

The kitten and the hen were not her mother; the cow and the dog were not her mother. Did she have a mother? 

But the little bird went on anyway. 

“I have to find her! I will find her! I know I had a mother once! I will find her! 

The little bird ran and ran. She paused when she saw a car. 

“Could that be my mother? No, it couldn’t be.” 

So she kept going. She saw a boat. 

“There you are, mother!” she called to the boat. 

She looked way, way up and saw a plane 


“Here I am, Mother!” 

Just then, the baby big saw a big thing. This must be her mother! 


“Here I am, Mother!” 

But the big thing just said: 


“Oh, you are not my mother! You are a Snort!” 

The Snort picked and up and pushed her up. Way, way up. 

She found herself back in her nest. She was home. 

Just then, the mother bird came back to the tree.  


“Do you know who I am?” she said to her baby. 

“You are not a kitten, you are not a hen, you are not a dog, you are not a cow, you are not a boat, you are not a plane, and you are DEFINITELY not a Snort. You are a bird, and you are definitely my mother.”


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