For the Week of January 28, 2008


Watching AMC this week was exhausting. The emotions were overwhelming. I was shocked. I was happy. I almost fell off the couch. I wondered if my fellow AMC viewers were having the same reaction. I did not see it coming, did you?

Yes, it is true. Pine Valley Hospital has been renovated.

I am not being facetious here; it really was a shock. We knew Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and Rebecca Budig were coming back. I was pleased but skeptical about these returns. Stunt casting and stories never compensate for deficient writing and poor production values. Several months back I wrote that AMC felt small and cheap. I believed All My Children had replaced One Life to Live as ABCD’s woebegone, neglected child and that we few remaining viewers were the only ones who gave a damn about AMC.

The PVH renovation gives hope that TPTB have finally noticed that AMC is part of their family, too. Why am I making such a big deal about a set change? It cost money.  Over the years, ABCD has been increasingly parsimonious. Oh, why mince words? They have been cheap. In looking for other ways, such as SOAPNET, to increase revenue they have neglected their soaps. Exploring other income options is not a bad thing, but neglecting your core business is always a bad idea.

The new set, in all its glory, gives me a shard of hope that someone in charge is finally paying attention to AMC.

On the other hand, maybe this is the only renovated part of PVH. Hey, stranger things have happened.

Other good things happened this week, too. Val was back. He did not mention his piercings but still it was good to have him back. Zach’s casino returned. I admit to half- forgetting that Zach even had a casino. Opal had a real scene! Not only that, it turns out Opal has an attic. The Valley Inn still has its terrace. More importantly, the prop department sprung for an outdoor heater! Last week there were extras at Fusion, this week there were even more extras scurrying around PVH. Let us hope this insanity never ends!

And finally there was Jesse’s first scene. Darnell William’s performance gave Jesse a gravitas that made words unnecessary. Fortunately, the producers realized that music would also be superfluous and let the scene stand quietly on its own. Although I was concerned that at any moment “Apologies” would start playing.

It feels unbelievably good to write positive things about AMC. I remain cynical about AMC’s other shortcomings being addressed. Still this past week makes hanging in there with AMC a bit easier and I am happy for that.


What else. What else.


Where has Jesse been all these years? His appearance is a bit rough around the edges. Maybe he has been working undercover for the FBI or the DEA. Maybe he has been in the Witness Protection Program. Jayzie, friend and fellow AMC viewer, suggested that it would be amusing if Jesse and Julia had known each other during their WPP days. I would love to hear a conversation where Julia’s lament about being in the WPP for NINE YEARS was trumped by Jesse’s WPP time being DECADES.

“So, you’re Krystal.” Angie’s sweet tone made it clear she had only heard Tad’s Krystal-ized opinion about his wife.

“It’s tannis root.” Having a fictional toxin causing illness in a fictional town is perfect. I am only hoping that Greens was not pregnant when she drank the toxic fluid. After all, these writers brought vampires to Port Charles. They could easily create a Rosemary’s Baby homage for AMC. Sure, you laugh now…

“Dad, I know where my home is, OK?” Colby, I am glad the writers finally realized it, too.

Aidan should wear a hip riding towel in all his scenes, no matter what the story. Anyone else agree? Thought so.

“He(Adam) has managed to dig up a few new ones.”  Did Tad nonchalantly saying “dig” bother anyone else? Just me? OK.

“Don’t you think that’s being a little hypocritical?” Yes, Aidan, Kendall is being a little hypocritical, but she has nothing on Krystal, whose hypocrisy defies any form of measurement:

“Anyone who would do that, what you just did –anyone who would keep Tad away from his daughter I don’t want anything to do with.” It would be rather amusing to watch Krystal trying not to have anything to do with herself, wouldn’t it?

“You know, playing God’s a pretty tough gig, Ryan. Even for you.” Each time I see Josh, I love him more. Which raises the question, why don’t we see Josh more often?

“And I take care of my mother.” Each time I see Amanda, I love her more. Which raises the question, why don’t we see Amanda more often?

Erica’s financial problems are realistic ones. They might even be the most realistic things about her.

Speaking of realism, Frankie’s seizure was realistic. Greenlee’s difficulty breathing? Not so much.

Now that Greenlee has dark hair with highlights, will Annie go back to having blondish hair with lowlights? (The things that keep me awake at night are truly pathetic.)

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”  I cannot even comment on this because it takes me to such a dark place. A dark place where vampires wander free and tannis root is the main crop.

“Yes she has (trouble swallowing).” That’s odd, I would have thought a serving of Spotted Dick, no matter how large, would go down rather easily.

Will this week’s spoilers go down easily or not? Let’s see:

Our first stop is Casa Chandler.

JR realizes that his father truly loves him.

Well, damn JR, it’s about time.

JR realizes that Adam’s vendetta against Tad will never end. JR remembers how Tad let him believe that Lil’A was dead. JR decides having a lifelong vendetta against Tad is a good thing.

If only. Riddle me this, why is Adam’s eternal vendetta against Tad a bad thing yet  Tad’s eternal vendetta against Adam isn’t? Unfortunately, I know answer. It is because Adam is EVIL and Tad is a Martin.

Adam’s heart is broken when he overhears JR plotting with Krystal. Adam is also damned pissed.

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Adam.

As a sign of his affection, Adam gives JR a Trojan Horse family heirloom.  Adam’s gesture touches JR. Little does JR know that the gift contains a listening device.

If loving that Adam outsmarts JR and Krystal makes me EVIL so be it. 

Meanwhile PVH is jumping with action.

Annie finds out she is not Richie’s match.

Of course she isn’t. Richie is crafty and clever and fueled by insanity. Oh, and she’s also not enough of a match to be Richie’s bone marrow donor, either.

Zach, Aidan, Jack, Kendall, and the entire population of Pine Valley sit vigil for Greenlee.

I admit it would be wrong if no one was worried about Greenlee, but Greenlee never was nor she should ever be a character everyone in PV loves. I miss “I’m a bitch, that’s what I do” Greenlee. Every soap needs a self-proclaimed bitch and Greenlee used to be the perfect one for AMC.

Angie realizes the only possible treatment for Greenlee and Frankie is an experimental drug. The drug will either cure them or kill them.

It’s a safe bet that Greenlee won’t die unless RB signed a one month and not a one year contract. Frankie could die but AMC wouldn’t be that stupid, would it? (I’m hoping that question does not turn out to be rhetorical.)

Zach supports Greenlee as she struggles about deciding whether or not to try the experimental treatment.

If AMC plays “Apologies” while showing a montage of Zach and Greenlee moments, I am delivering my special Tannis root muffins to ABCD.

Kendall brings Spike to visit Greenlee.

Make that a double batch of my Tannis root muffins.

Greenlee and Frankie both have dangerous reactions to the experimental drug. Greenlee has an out of body experience involving Jack, Aidan,Erica,Kendall and Zach.

I’m hoping to have my own out of body experience making it impossible for me to watch these scenes.

Angie almost catches Jesse watching over Frankie.

Jesse’s lurking makes some sense ,still wouldn’t it be refreshing if a faux-dead person returned to the Valley saying, “Hi, I’m back from the dead, how are you doing?”

The Laverys’ life gets more complicated.

Richie tries to convince Emma to be his donor.

Richie’s insanity stops being fun to watch when he starts messing with children. Messing with Ryan’s head is one thing, messing with Emma’s is quite another.

Speaking of Ryan’s messed up head, one morning he wakes up with no memory of either Annie or Emma. Ryan thinks it’s four years ago and he’s still engaged to Kendall.

Can we pretend the last four years in Pine Valley did not happen, too? Pretty please?

Erica’s life is not all rainbows and sugar free lollipops, either.

Erica tells Val to search for the  letter that will clear her of financial wrongdoings.

If the letter is missing, Erica should go to Adam for help. After all, forging a letter from her stockbroker cannot be more difficult than forging commitment papers.

Erica invites Samuel Woods to appear on New Beginnings. She is infuriated yet intrigued when he turns her down.

Of course, Erica is intrigued. As we know, what Erica wants most is always the thing, or man, she cannot have.

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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