February 10, 2007

I do not have many friends. However, my mother taught me all you have to have is one and your life is very blessed. Well I am really blessed because I have a few really good friends. Friends who I can count on through think and thin and I hope they know they can count on me for the same.

My best friend Gail is and always has been a hero to me. Here is a woman who fought breast and cervical cancer and won. A woman who was divorced with two children at a young age and remarried later on. She had one more biological child and adopted two more. In all five children. Worked to support her family and showed not only me but others the true meaning of life. She is a woman who never holds a grudge, always sees the good in people and has a personal relationship with G-d.

She was born Jewish, but didn't find what she was looking for within that religion. She found Christ 20 some odd years ago and is now working as a Pastor. She travels the world spreading the word of Christ. She lives part time in the Dominican Republic and will be going to Chile and Bolivia this year. She is amazing. Never spoke a word of Spanish and has become fluent in this language. She recently brought 500 lbs of clothing/shoes to the families in the DR (Dominican Republic) who needed the clothing. She teaches school and teaches music. She recently married off one of her "children" from the DR who she has known since he was 12. She told me she was able to pull off the wedding with a bridal gown for less than $300 American Dollars. Raphael who is one of her "children" from the DR is attending medical school. I do not think he would have had a shot if Gail didn't help him. I could tell you that I am so proud of Gail and that would be true. The real point is I am proud to be her friend. I aspire to save the world like she does. One person at a time.


Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
... Stevie Nicks, c1975

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