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Latest Eye on Soaps Updates For All My Children

8/4 - A Cynic Soaps Up
By Kate Roach Brown - AMC

JR thinking Adam would be happy spending his days puttering around Casa Chandler was funny. JR obviously had confused Adam with Tad.

8/4 - Kate's AMC Spoiler Commentary
By Kate Roach Brown

This week, Kate breaks apart her column into spoiler commentary and a return to her column of old "A Cynic Soaps Up," which will be posted later.

8/4 - AMC Spoilers

For the week of August 4th.

7/31 - Confessions of a Media Ho
By Karen H - AMC & GH

Scott Baldwin, special prosecutor/pit bull, is determined to pin son Logan's murder on Johnny Zacchara, and if Lulu gets caught in the crossfire (literally), that's simply collateral damage. Nik and Lucky, understandably, are furious at Baldwin for going on television, offering up pictures of the lovebirds on the run and a reward for their capture. Added to that the mention of Johnny being armed and dangerous, and Lulu's brothers are fit to be tied. Baldwin, naturally, doesn't care. It's a pity it took his son's death to make him care about the guy.

7/21 - CC's Soap Saloon
By Cindy Devine - AMC, GH & OLTL


I get that Guza doesn't seem to give a flying fig for CHARACTER driven storylines, HOWEVER... this drivel with Lulu and Johnny and Maxie (by extension) has so many plot holes you could drive several semi-trucks through them - side by side!!!
7/16 - View From the Recliner's Edge
By The Daytime Diva, Belinda Ache - AMC, GH & OLTL

Perhaps my problem last week was that I watched One Life to Live and then I watched General Hospital? This week I decided to watch each show one at a time so that the comparisons to each other would be minimized. I know that here at Eye On Soaps we try very hard to be positive and that last week, as pertains to General Hospital; I really channeled my inner Tyra Banks

7/3 - As Easy As ABC
By Katrina Rasbold - GH, OLTL & AMC

Give me those daytime drama lies! - very minorly spoilerish about stuff already hinted about on the shows.



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