January 27, 2006

Everything is going Spencer's way and whatever the man touches is golden, including a lot of touching he does on Blair!  He informs a stunned David that he is actually the one who caused Kevin's sterility (he probably took one look at Spencer and had all of his tiny boys just keel over in shame).  Meanwhile, Asa learns that the woman in the photo has been dead for many years (David's mother?).  When Renee finds the photo, she has questions.

The most stunning Spencer moment comes when he makes a house call to a very special patient who is VERY alive and VERY pregnant and VERY much in labor.
Now how are they going to explain that one?
The tradition of Valentine's Day being a magical anniversary for Michael and
Marcie continues as he pops the question on Capricorn's dance floor...
...when Lifehouse performs
Niki and Tess end up in an car accident and take refuge in an abandoned cabin.  True OLTL viewers know that no good EVER comes from a cabin scene.  Niki continues to claim she has no memory of how Tess came into being and begins to weave a deceptive web to Tess about Nash.  When Bo goes to find Clint to tell him that Tess and Niki are not only in control, but are missing, where does he find his brother?  In a hotel room with Dorian!
NuPaige or rather, NuNuPaige, debuted yesterday and will be continuing to feel the sting of Spencer's blackmail.    There are how many hats in the ring for the title of her bouncing baby boy?  Hugh, Nash and now Rex?  Or wait, is Nash a Buchanan?  No, that's David, right?  Talk about musical kids (and the song they're playing is "It's a Small World")!
John, Natalie and Cris continue to dance around one another, making sounds about moving on with their lives but still courting the same situations.  Watch for Evangeline and Cris to find their friendship deepening.
This Monday (the 30th) is the day for Tito Puente Jr. 

Keri Butler (Claudia Reston) has inked a contract with OLTL, so we have not seen the last of Nash's psychotic ex-fiancée.

That's all for this week!  Have a wonderful life to live!


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