By Mysti

Random Musings 

Why in the world would anyone decide to make Robert Scorpio dress like a goofy gaucho?  Do they not realize who they have here?  ROBERT SCORPIO.  Note to TPTB – back in the day we enjoyed laughing *with* Robert’s witty repartee – not at him.  Sheesh. 

Maxie sure wasn’t acting like someone expecting a child, was she?  I wonder if those “test results” are legit? 

Did anyone call Dianna on Lulu’s horrendous plaid britches earlier this week?  Or is that the new hip California style?  If so – I’m so glad I live in West Texas and my vision will be gone by the time it makes its way out here. 

Oy – Jason sure showed his thug colors during that Ric beat down!  Now, I’m not saying that Ric didn’t deserve a beat down, but good lord – that was just vicious.  Reason number 483 why neither he nor Sonny should be anywhere near a child.  {shudder} 

Oh how I love Helena.  “I don’t *attempt* murder.”  Heh.  No ma’am, you do not.  You usually succeed if that is your intention.  Does anyone look as elegant while threatening psycho nannies? 

WHY is Sonny involved in the Jason/Liz/Lucky story?  Since when is Yoda Sonny a lithium side effect? 

Speaking of Sonny – while listening to Skye give birth, I now understand why he shot Carly in the head.  Now, having given birth twice myself via natural childbirth, I fail to see the need to SCREECH LIKE A BANSHEE THE ENTIRE TIME.  Yikes.  Someone be sure and warn the father of her next baby to wear earplugs in the delivery room.  (Yet that was a nice one-handed catch Lorenzo managed while holding up the sheet the entire time!) 

Oh look!  Alexis discovered her backbone.  We haven’t seen that for *ages!* 

Ric seemed almost as devastated at finding out that Alexis knew about his boink with Sam as Alexis was seeing it.  Despite what the less than Fab Four say, *I* know that I saw remorse from Ric over that whole thing from the start.  And at least he was able to own it.  Unlike Screechy Sam, who suddenly decided after the fact that she needed to blame it on everyone except herself.   

It’s too bad he didn’t hold onto that remorse, because after he pulled a Sam (aka, blaming Alexis for him sleeping with her daughter –WTH?), he is so very dead to me.  *sigh*   

Why is everyone so surprised that Alexis kept it to herself that she knew?  After all – she *is* a Cassidine for pete’s sake.  She’s spent her entire life keeping her emotions to herself.  From the time she watched Helena slit her mother’s throat.  This is nothing new.

I just love the mayor.  He doesn’t seem too impressed with Sonny’s usual threats. 

Sonny doesn’t threaten women that are going through chemo?  Oh that’s right – he just makes sure they’re in their hospital beds before he threatens them (or calls them a bitch).  (and there go the eyeballs rolling right out the door……) 

Can we contemplate how TPTB of GH missed out on a perfect opportunity to really boost ratings?  Why they did not spend the last two weeks showing the promo that started Thursdays show, I’ll never know.  That was AWESOME!  If I wasn’t watching GH and saw that, it would sucked me in for sure.  They should have been showing that at night!  During all three ABC soaps!  On SoapNet!  Hell – they should have been running that during Ghost Hunters!   It was much better than the “countdown” promo.  Both are bait and switch promos, but still! 

With that – I think I’ve rambled enough!  Later gators!