By the Eye on Soaps Staff

Good food, good drink, good company, good atmosphere and good conversation... what else could a bunch of soapcentric girls want?  Well, honestly, we want those things and wish we all lived close enough for that to happen (more than once a year, anyway).  In lieu of that, we settle for emails flying all across the country and ultimately landing here at the monthly EOS Round Table conference where we will slice, dice and pick apart specific subjects pertaining to ABC soaps or soaps in general.  We welcome you to get a drink, place a food order, put up your fuzzy bunny slippers and join us. 

We will take each question individually with responses from our participating  staff members posted afterward.

This time, it's all about captions!

THE GOURMEZ:  "Why yes, the fetus is wearing a sweater vest; why do you ask?"

KATHY:  "I just love playing in the gloppy jelly on pregnant women’s bellies.  It’s almost as good as sex."

KATRINA:  "So Kelly, how'd you get over that whole sex addiction thing?"  "No problem.  I just have lots and lots of sex."

CC:  "OMG, I'm SOOOOOO bored.  Why hasn't Sonny killed you yet?"

DAYTIME DIVA:  "Try this: sound it out, n sound "neh", o sound "oo"...  N-n-n-o-o, nnnnnn-oooo... NO. "N" and "O" work with me here... "

KATRINA:  "No, seriously, pull my finger."  "I hate my life."

STARR:  *humming* If you were gay… [Note from Katrina:  For this to be appropriately funny, you need to have seen Starr's "If You Were Gay" video.  Click here to see.]

CC:  "No, you may NOT see my scar, you trollop!"

KATHY:  "Tell me woman to woman, can you see the big red bump on my forehead?"

MEDIA HO:  "Justin Timberlake's not the only guy who can give you his Dick in a Box, and look how much bigger my box is!"

THE GOURMEZ:  "That's right, get your hands dirty!  We're making Sonny's Special Spaghetti Sauce!"

MEDIA HO:  "YOU were Maximum Maxie? The Jackal is impressed!"

KATHY:  "Twinkle, twinkle little star…."

STARR:  "You look pretty…"

"You look…exposed. Scrubs stay on, plzkthnx?"

KATRINA:  "You blinked."  "Did not."

THE GOURMEZ:  "Really?  Gray blue is the in color for suits this summer?  Who'da thunk?"

DAYTIME DIVA:  "Huh, maybe if I'm so worried about being like my mother I should stop jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire and, you know; stop chasing men who are the dregs of humanity?"

KATRINA:  "These CDs are awfully big."

CC:  "I swear, if I have to hear you tell me one. more. time. that I would never hurt you, I'll cut you out of my head myself!!!"

DAYTIME DIVA:  "Seriously." Nadine says, "Pigs feet, pickled. Try one?"

KATRINA:  "I picked some flowers for you but I eated them on the way here."

KATRINA:  Nikolas Cassidine, the new Linus.

MEDIA HO:  "Damn, that's a big glory hole! Must be Sonny's!"

STARR:  "HALLO! My name is Nacho Alcazar! Your brother killed my father! Prepare to die."



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