By Starr Raven Madde


So what do they look like? 


At least double D. 


What about her hair? 

You’ve seen it. 


Sonny? SONNY! You’re walking away from her!
How can you do this to me?! 


I’m right here Jason…. 

Where are you? 

With your girlfriend. 



Who are you talking to? 


No one. 

Give me the phone. 


Give me the phone. 


Give me the phone! 

…Yes, ma’am. 

On phone: Wait! Sonny! What are you doing?! 



H-hi-Hiya, Liz. 

What are you doing? 


Nothing…thinking about you. 



Yeah…what are you wearing? 




I can see you through the window. 


What am I wearing? 

A blue T-shirt. 

Shit…uh…uh…Wrong number. *hangs up*




Whoops, dropped my gun. 


Then the old lady dropped "The Heart of the Ocean" over the side like this.  


Now what do we do?



Oh! OH! Pick me! 


Yes, Spinelli? 


Okay, you and that Sam chick, strip to your underwear and wrestle in the mud. 


What? No! 


What about you, Sam, you in? 

…Do we have to wear underwear?


Pictures are from:



Are You My Mother?

Peter Quartermaine

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