For the Week of February 25, 2008

                    I am woman hear me roar

                                                             Helen Reddy & Ray Burton


Admittedly, “roar” is a bit of an exaggeration. Still, Angie and Annie both stood up for themselves and their children this week. The fact they did it without conniving, cuckolding, or verbal castration was both remarkable and refreshing.

“You think someone is chasing you, Jesse? Well, you are right, because you are looking at her.”

Jesse left behind a smart, strong, and beautiful girl. Jesse returned to find a smart beautiful woman with a backbone made of steel. During the taro root caper, we saw that Angie does not stop until she finds the solution to a problem. Angie is determined to hold her family together despite Jesse’s warnings of danger, death, and devastation. Angie made her desires and needs known in a straightforward manner. How could Jesse, who both loves and respects her, refuse?

“All I need you to do is take one look at what you are missing. And then, get the hell out.”

Annie’s statement was clear and concise. I was cheering her on. Annie has been more than willing to help Ryan regain his memories. In return, Ryan has treated her like an annoying fly that he cannot swat away no matter how hard he tries. Annie might have been willing to endure his behavior for a bit longer, but she will not allow Ryan’s insensitivity to hurt Emma. I imagine Annie wants to protect Emma from this conversation with her father: “Emma, everyone tells me you are my daughter so it might be true. Kendall, the woman I love, ordered me to get to know you, so I thought I’d give it shot. One thing I already know about you is that you have a little brother named Spike. I didn’t have Spike with that woman over there who claims I love her, but with Kendall, the woman I really love. Isn’t Spike amazing? The first time I saw him there was an instant connection between us. Spike’s eyes look just like Kendall’s. Isn’t Kendall amazing? She’s the woman I love. Spike is a miracle child because Kendall and I made him together. Spike can hear again. I can’t wait to tell him how much I love being his father and how much I love his mother Kendall. In fact, I have to go now because I haven’t stalked Kendall in over fifteen minutes. I’m glad we had this little chat, umm, ehh, what did you say your name was again?”

 In a soap full of inconsistencies, Annie’s behavior remains consistent. It is a small thing, but this viewer appreciates it.

 “No need for that. Annie’s doing just fine.” Despite her obvious disappointment with how things are going with Ryan, Annie keeps going  on with her life.

It is impossible to predict how long Angie and Annie will continue their adult behavior but I am going to revel in it as long as it lasts.

Unlike Annie, Jesse’s story is riddled with inconsistencies. Jesse cannot identify his captors, so why, after 20 years, do they still want him dead? How could the information Jesse did not have 20 years ago still be relevant today? Do the bad guys think Jesse stumbled across this information during the past 20 years? How did they surmise that Jacob wasn’t Jesse unless they knew Jesse’s location? Why, after seeing Jesse on the PVH security cameras, didn’t they follow Jesse to the Wayfare and whack him there? Why didn’t the bad guys tail Angie and Frankie to Hypocrisy House? I am beginning to think the bad guys learned their tracking skills from Dixie.

What else. What else.

“I didn’t know you loved picnics.” Greenlee, Aidan has always loved picnics with his ladyloves. Why? Because then he gets to serve them a special serving of Spotted Dick.

 “Aidan shared his boner with Kendall while you two were trapped in the bomb shelter.” Derek did not say that but Kendall and Aidan certainly behaved as if he had.

“This is not a game, people.” I understand Jesse’s frustration. He’s slowly discovering that Pine Valley residents are not quite as smart as they were 20 years ago.

Wouldn’t it be more fun if the mystery bones had belonged to Remington Steele instead of John Remington?

Why wasn’t Manny Uncle Josh there for Spike’s big day? Why wasn’t Josh at Erica’s arraignment? Could he be somewhere coaching Reggie at the basketball camp that never ends?

“I have some very fond memories of San Diego.” I bet you do, JR. I bet the Seventh Fleet has very fond memories of Babe San Diego, too.

Adam throwing a kiss to Colby was as heartwarming as Ryan’s lame wave to Emma was infuriating.

Why did the aimless Fusion fashion show interrupt Angie and Jesse’s reunion? I know the answer but felt compelled to ask it anyway.

Amanda on the runway ruffling her ruffle was far sexier than Babe’s pathetic imitation of a seductress.

Erica treating her mug shot as a head shot was so damn delightfully Erica.

I You usually don’t do anything unless there’s something in it for me you.” I must give credit where credit is due; Babe is nothing if not consistent in pointing out her JR’s character flaws.

“I will hunt you down and I will find you.” If Tad were as determined as Angie, he would have found Kate months ago.

Can we call a moratorium on Babe/JR sex scenes, please? JR and his mother aunt Di had more chemistry than JR    and Babe. JR and Kendall had more chemistry than JR and Babe. JR and Amanda had more chemistry than Babe and JR. JR and his right hand have more chemistry than he has with Babe.

“And you’re a politician whoring for votes.” If Sam is as effective as the Careys are in whoring for what he wants, he is a shoo-in to be the next Senator from Pennsylvania.

“Why would they want to talk to us unless it’s something serious?” Because they are the PVPD , Greenlee, that’s why.

“You committed a felony.” Don’t be so shocked, Richie, Babe lost her felony virginity years ago.

Will this week’s spoilers make us want to ruffle our ruffles or not? Let’s see:


It is not all cute shoes and hair tosses for Erica this week.

Erica is surprised to learn just how bad her legal problems are.

Erica should invite Martha Stewart to appear on New Beginnings. Martha could explain to her how one can take serious legal problems and turn them into a “Good Thing.”

Darn, looks like Erica will not be inviting Martha to do anything except visit her in jail. The network cancels New Beginnings.

I am cursing Samuel for not arresting Erica sooner. And by sooner, I mean before Celine Dion’s appearance on New Beginnings.

Samuel offers Erica a choice between six months in jail or risk spending years in the Big House by taking her case to trial. And by Big House, he doesn’t mean Casa Chandler.

The last time Erica spent time in the Big House she got a spiffy new hairstyle and redecorated the visitors’ lounge. Maybe this time she can get her fellow inmates cable TV and a lifetime supply of Fusion cosmetics. To show their support, the Fusion women could create a new product. On one end is a shiny lip gloss called “Pardon Me” and on the other end is a shiv.

Erica surprises everyone by holding a press conference. Her announcement is an even bigger surprise.

 Does Erica tell everyone her real age?

 Erica blames Adam for all her troubles.

I had naively hoped Erica would never jump on the Adam is EVIL train. Damn.

Turns out that Richie is the master and JR is a mere neophyte when it comes to evil.

Richie spins another sorry tale for Babe, leaving her convinced that JR changed his mind about the transplant.

The only bright spot in this whole sorry mess is that Babe so wrong, oh so wrong about Richie and JR. What happened to Babe’s legendary street smarts? Did she lose them somewhere between the kiddie pool and the Comeback’s rear parking lot?

JR wakes up to find himself in a makeshift medical clinic.

Or as I like to call it, the PVH Emergency Room. Just kidding, but the ER does look a bit shoddy compared to the newly renovated infectious disease wing.

The doctors extract JR’s bone marrow. Richie’s minions leave JR passed out in a hotel room with Babe a prostitute. Only Krsytal believes that JR has been set up.

If TPTB think this will change my mind about Krystal, they are very wrong. (Although I must admit I like Krystal’s new hair cut.)

Meanwhile, over at the real hospital.

Once again, Frankie is an intern at PVH.

I wonder if this is part of a “hide in plain sight” plan or just plain stupid. I also wonder if he will bump into Dr. McMillan and ask about Simone.

Angie, Jesse, and Tad look up who was working in the morgue the night Jesse died.

I am impressed that PVH has time cards going back 20 years. Usually the only thing hospitals have that old is Jell-O.

Jesse has a feeling the bad guys have followed him to Pine Valley.

Just because you are paranoid, Jesse, doesn’t mean you’re not being watched.

Things remain complicated for anyone with the last name Slater, Dupres, Devane, or Lavery.

Aidan and Kendall continue to fret over their upcoming trip.

“Psst….Aidan and Kendall… few things make one look guilty more than excessive fretting.”

Zach advises Annie to fight for Ryan.

And here I thought Zach was Annie’s friend.

Greenlee decides to give Ryan’s memory a nudge. She takes him to their “special” gazebo.

It could be worse. Greenlee could have decided to nudge his memories by donning her Green Butterfly outfit and wearing a clown nose.

While nudging his memories, Greens nudges a little closer to Ryan and they kiss.

That’s Greenlee, always sacrificing her own wants/needs/desires for the good of others.

Greenlee is hurt and upset when Ryan doesn’t remember their marriage.

I envy Ryan. I wish I could erase my memories of his marriage to Greenlee.

Ryan tells Joe he wants a life with Kendall. Joe is hurt when Ryan doesn’t remember the special times they spent together.

Well, at least that would put an interesting spin on things.

Greenlee decides to liven things up at Fusion. She announces that it’s Pole Dancing Lesson Day!

Well, that should certainly class up the joint. Pole-dancing classes at the Comeback would make perfect sense. At Fusion? Not so much.

 Greenlee has invited Maksim Chemerkovskiy, from Dancing with the Stars, to teach the class.

I did some checking and it turns out that not only DWTS is on ABC but  the new season starts in just a few weeks. Talk about freaky coincidences!

Ryan decides to help the “girls” out with their class.

Let me guess, Ryan volunteers to be the pole.

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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