March 11, 2008


Sonny days – Are they coming to an end?

Today, I’m going to jump right in with a thought that struck me in the middle of one of my recent columns:  “Have TPTB fallen out of love with Sonny Corinthos?”

To almost anyone watching GH right now, it sure looks like the answer would be a resounding “YES!”  Sonny has been downright unlikable, and that’s putting it mildly.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with TPTB having the cojones to actually write a mob boss as a bad guy.  He’s SUPPOSED to be a bad guy.  By all means, write him as such!  Please!  But do NOT try to shove it down our collective throats that Sonny is a “good man.”  While they’re at it, can they do something about “fixing” the PCPD, too?  Pretty please?!  If they are going to write Sonny as the bad guy that he is, then they need to write the good guys (ie: the PCPD) as the good guys they are SUPPOSED to be.  Mac Scorpio is NOT a bumbling, inept fool who couldn't catch a cold let alone a criminal.  Lucky should NOT be the fumbling idjut they have written him to be for the better part of the last two years.  The District Attorney should never be more corrupt than the people he/she is trying to prosecute.

If I am completely off the mark, and TPTB have NOT fallen out of love with Sonny Corinthos, then they need to do some major (and I mean MAJOR) damage control – STAT!  Even during some of his darker periods, there has always been a “rootable” quality to Sonny; something that generated sympathy for the character, but that hasn’t been the case for quite some time now.  Lately, the so-called “Mobster-With-a-Heart-of-Gold” seems to have morphed into a different man altogether.  Yes, he’s always been more than a little hypocritical but he’s been ridiculously so for the last few months.  He is mean and sadistic for little more than just the sake of being mean and sadistic.  He’s unfocused, petulant, childish… Come to think of it, little Morgan Corinthos is better behaved than his father, isn’t he? 

The way he’s acting, you have to wonder how it is he managed to build this magnificent empire he’s built for himself.  Wonder, that is, until you remember that it wasn’t really Sonny who built anything on his own.  Much of what he’s purported to have came from others – like his former father-in-law – who gave him the territory in Port Chuckles for marrying his daughter, Lily.  Other pieces he grabbed up during the power vacuum left in the wake of Frank Smith’s demise.  He’s managed to hold onto what was given him, not because of anything HE himself has done, but because of the people who work “for” him.  Benny kept him afloat, financially speaking, and Jason provided the muscle.  Jason also covered for him during his breakdowns (dark periods) or Sonny would have lost everything.  Jason STILL carries that organization to this day, or Sonny wouldn’t be able to go off chasing around after his girlfriend-du-jour; vanishing for days at a time without a word about where he is or what/who he’s doing.  Note to Sonny; given the way you've been treating your "brother," Jason, you totally have it coming if he snaps one day soon and clocks you upside the head with his big gun.

Even Sonny’s “legendary” love for his children is glaringly MIA.  I realize that none of his kids actually live with him, but come ON!  He hasn’t shown the slightest interest in any one of them until someone brings a problem to his attention.  Even then, he couldn’t spare more than five minutes to talk to Michael…Excuse me, not TALK to Michael, but THREATEN him.  Note to Sonny:  That boy is your SON, not one of your thugs.  Take a parenting class or ten.  Learn how to talk with and to your children.  Also, try to spend more than five minutes every few weeks with them.  It matters.  Seriously.  With regards to Michael?  You’ve been there before, Sonny.  You were once on the fringes looking in and thinking that there was nothing greater than being in the mobular world. 

When you see and hear your eldest son talking about wanting the same things that you did at that age?  PAY ATTENTION!!!  Watch him like a hawk.  Search his freaking room and do not, I repeat do NOT take his word for it when he tells you that he doesn’t have a gun in which to place those bullets his grandfather caught him buying.  Honestly!  You’re supposed to be this savvy, great and powerful mob kingpin – you can’t tell when a little boy is lying to you?  Lastly, and especially because said boy is living in under his mothers’ roof, with your other very young son, never, never, ever ASSume that it’s okay to NOT bother her with this gun foolishness.  If you don’t think she needs to protect Michael from his own worst instincts, then she at least needs to protect her youngest son (not to mention the public at large) from the wannabe mobster boy.   In fact, when you FINALLY decided to tell Kate that Michael was missing, and you filled her in on the sequence of events leading up to her shooting and Michael’s disappearance, one of you should have been able to connect the dots and see that yes, the two events WERE connected but had nothing to do with any of the Zaccharas.  It was RIGHT THERE!  He even mentioned Michael trying to get his hands on a gun and the fact that he was caught buying bullets… HELLO?!!!  Put it together, man!!! 

While we’re on the subject of Sonny and GH in general, I thought I’d share a bit of what the inimitable, incomparable Reign of Terror has to say to TPTB regarding the current state of affairs at GH.  Consider these “Post-It Notes” if you will:

"Please remember that Sam has an injured hip and if in the next couple of days, she finds herself in peril again, not to swing them around while hanging from a bridge."

CC:  Excellent point!  I can’t say it enough, people:  C-O-N-T-I-N-U-I-T-Y!!!!  It MATTERS!!!  On a more positive note, I have always believed in giving credit where credit is due… Sam ROCKED her scenes with Diego.  (The ones where she was fighting back.)  Way to survive, Sam!  She did what even The Jason had a hard time doing:  Delivering a beat-down on the big, bad TMK. She put a hurting on him that the big strong men seemed to have a hard time with.  Just goes to prove what I’ve known all along about her:  Sam does not NEED a man in her life in order to survive.  Well done, Sam, well done.

"A reminder that in the 5 years that Sam has been on the show, she has now reached maximum hospital stays of 12 times. A dozen is the charm!"


CC: I really have to wonder… What ARE they thinking here?  If they are trying to engineer sympathy for this character, then they really MUST do more than simply have her being whumped on an almost daily basis.  We need to see some genuine character growth.  Granted, she may be off to a good start with those scenes last Friday – when she was essentially letting Lucky off the hook for throwing her out on her lying, scheming arse and then not believing her when she called him five minutes later with her story about the TMK being after her.  I just hope that this is GENUINE growth and not some ploy on her part to spin Lucky back into her web.  If I’m doubtful, it’s because of past history AND the fact that she was essentially giving Lucky an ultimatum when she asked him if he could now believe every single word out of her mouth… Um… Did she HONESTLY expect him to?   With all that she’s done?  Trust is something that must be EARNED, Ms. McCall, it isn’t just handed to you on a silver platter.  Absolute trust is something that takes even more time to EARN, which is as it should be.

"NOTE: Since Emily has never worn those clothes before, it is impossible for Nik to ‘imagine’ her in them!   Please make sure she is wearing only clothing Nik has seen her in."

CC:  Better yet?  Just end this storyline… NOW!

"Remember to tell grieving parents, TO GRIEVE! They aren't supposed to look all dressed up, refreshed and have a smile on their faces, constantly.

CC:  AMEN and pass the salt!!!  Carly WAS playing the worried sick, grieving mother for a couple of days there, but then WHAM!  All of a sudden, she’s at the hospital, carping at Lizzeh about how Jason will never be happy if he can’t continue to be a hitman for her arsehole ex-hubby.


And Sonny?  Don’t even get me started on how ridiculous he has been behaving throughout this whole Michael-is-missing-storyline!!  Okay, so, I already ranted about that; moving on…

"A reminder to stop with the Kate and Sonny crap already. His child is gone and he needs to be concentrating more on THAT than the HAT!"

CC:  Okay, so I’m not moving on…


Seriously… For someone who so desperately wanted children for SOOOOO long, and who claims to love them with everything he is, he sure doesn’t seem to be focused on his missing eldest son.  As I said earlier, when your child is missing, you explore ALL avenues, not just the ones you want to.

er to have Sonny be told about Jason soon and Alexis should probably be told about Sam."

CC:  Not that he’ll care all that much; except for the fact that it keeps Jason out of commission for a while and unable to look for Michael.  I mean, how DARE Jason lose the use of his hands while saving two women from a psycho serial killer maniac who HE (himself) wanted dead for what he did to Letitia and Emily.  How dare Jason get hurt and make it so Sonny has to run his own business for a change?!  How dare he make Sonny take any responsibility (albeit by default) for his own business and his own children?!  The nerve!

Oh yeah, and just WHY didn’t anyone tell Alexis about what happened to Sam and that she was back in the hospital?  What the FRENCH TOAST was that all about?!

"A reminder to end this Ric/Marianna storyline quickly as to not lose anymore viewers than already necessary."

CC:  I wonder if MariYAWNa from GH and AdriYAWNa from OLTL are really long-lost sisters?  Cousins, maybe?  They sure do raise the YAWN factor, at any rate.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the new, softer, less pouty-angry-vindictive Ric – really I do, it shows some growth on his part and that is GREAT by me.  I also love his “vision” for the waterfront property he got from Skye.  You know?  The one that’s about to be blown to smithereens, courtesy of Diego and his bombs-o-vengeance?  Maybe they will let him rebuild it to suit his vision for the future.

"A reminder that the viewers aren't morons and have probably figured out by now who the tattoo guy is, and that he isn't fooling anyone with that voice he uses with Jerry."


CC:  Yeah, huh?  I’ve always wondered how stupid TPTB think we really are.  Things like this tell us they don’t think too highly of our intelligence.

"Looking at Jax and Kate and seeing much more chemistry with THEM, a reminder to think more seriously about putting them together as a couple."

CC:  They DO have chemistry, don’t they?  The only thing that would really bother me about that is that Jax and Sonny already have far too many women in common as it is.  Also, I like the softness Jax brings to Carly – and how he is able to call her on her crap and insecurities without making her feel scared and insecure – you know… the way SONNY made her feel all the time…  Also, it means they’d likely send Carly right back to Sonny and THAT?  I could not abide!

"The 80's just called and they want their big hair back, remember to tell Carly and Jason that."


CC:  Good gracious but that was awful, wasn’t it?  I wonder who LW and SBu ticked off in hairstyling to warrant those gawdawful poofy do’s!!!


Makes me wonder if Sonya Eddy adlibbed that line about using Carly’s hair as a mop!  It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny (or apropos) if her hair weren’t as poofy as it was!

"OOOOPS, forgot another one. Reminder that Nik has a child, SPENCER CASSADINE IS ALIVE AND WELL AND NEEDS HIS DADDY TO LIVE!"

CCGrrrrrrrr!!!!  I am beyond livid with this Nik-wanting-to-die-rather-than-live-for-his-son crock of kimchee!!!!  It is beyond ridiculous, beyond despicable that Nik would CHOOSE to die and leave his son parentless all because he loves Emily too much to live without her!  Yeah, I get that he’s not all there upstairs, but come ON!!!  This man - who was so livid not so long ago - about being robbed of the first couple of months with his son,  sure couldn’t care less about that son now.  Hell, he may as well have left Spencer with Jax and Carly.  It also doesn’t speak well of the love he’s supposed to have for his sister, brother, Grandmother or Aunt.  Yep, Nik’s being written as a true Prince alright… I know *I’m* swooning…


Well, that’s all I have for today, my lovelies.  I’ll be back again soon with a few more soapy thoughts.  In the meantime, have a couple or three drinks on me!


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