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September 7, 2007


Scrambled Brains


All My Children: Kendall has lost me completely. I was whole heartedly ďbought inĒ to her dilemma; the severely premature son, her best friendís betrayal, sharing a kid with gawd awful Ryan Flavorless, that babies health crisisÖ then she went from sympathetic character to total egomaniacal ďitís all about meĒ: and Iím over it. Iím over her. I am past this entire storyline. End it. Carry on with it until maggots reproduce on its corpse: I could care less. That probably seems harsh but listening to her carry on about HER son wonít be able to swim, HER son canít be deaf, HER son has to be normal, HER sonÖ HER sonÖHER son: it flipped a switch in me way past ďOFFĒ.


Iím feeling for Annie and her dilemma and was cheering her on when she was telling off Ryan Flavorless on the plane. I also got a charge out of Greenlee telling Erica off. Iíve never liked that smug Cane bitch. I canít say I like Greenlee because the jury is still out on that but I got a charge out of her laying in to Erica. I thought the pity sex between Greens and Aiden was pretty hot, but then Iím a sap for a man with a sexy accent.


I donít know, most of the time I just feel lost and confused watching All My Children. Is it foolish to think that a new viewer can tune in to these shows and have any clue about whatís going on? Iíve always been so contemptuous of new viewers who have no respect or regard for what the characters have gone through, what they have gotten away with, what we have all watched unfold so faithfully.


Yet I find myself watching All My Children and not wanting to have to pay any attention to those things either. I want to see whatís happening now and decide if I like the people I am seeing and the situations being shown to me now. I find myself exhausted trying to figure out who did what to whom and why in the past. Itís over whelming. Those of you who watched have such a vested interest in your feelings for these characters that there is no way I can respect the history and form my own independent notions on these same characters being played for a different effect at this time.




One Life to Live: Itís so much easier having a history to go on with my feelings for the things going on. This show has probably not been any better than it is at this moment in the last decade, at least. I shake my head at Natalie and her seemingly not understandable friendship with Miles but that is currently about the low spot for me. Sure; Iím not a big fan of Sarahís but at least she is not consuming the whole program. I can take all them, even the ones I donít care for; in small, manageable bites.


Iím impressed with John and his angst for his brotherís family. Some how I didnít expect his compassion for them and I certainly never expected him to try to cover for them. The fact that Miles and Natalie were going to spill the beans to Todd and Johnís compromising his staunch moral standards would be unneeded was simply divine. My reaction to Todd is par for the course with me where Todd is concerned. I hate him. I hate his sanctimonious posturing, his ego, his sense of entitlement; well, I just hate everything about him.


No, I donít think his love for Blair or his children is a saving grace, at all; because none of that is about love. It is all about possession. They are HIS; his children, his woman, his business, his lifeÖ. None of that has anything to do with decency or compassion or love in the least. Whenever Todd has come in contact with Marcie or Tommy he has been barely civil to her and certainly has never shown an ounce of feeling for any child besides his own.


Lindsay is right. He deserved to have TJ ripped from his life for what he did to Jack when he thought Jack was not his biological son. She was right. Todd knew that Jack was Blairís flesh and blood child but let her go practically insane when he told her Jack was dead and could not care less until he found out that the boy ďbelongedĒ to him! I am disturbed and slightly sickened by Toddís blatant disregard for the babyís tender feelings. He wanted to go into that childís homeóthe only home the baby has ever knownóand rip him out of the arms of the only mother he has ever known. With no consideration for the childís feelings or what a confusing and frightening experience it might be for the boy.


Thatís what disturbs me the most. Not that Marcie deserves what it will do to her. She doesnít. Marcie opened her heart and home to a child who had nothingóeven before she knew that she could not have children of her ownóand has no idea that Tommy might have a family of his own looking for him. Itís not surprising that Todd would have no compassion for her feelings but one might hope that he would care about the psychological damage he could inflict on his own son by his rash and unfeeling actions.


Iím in to One Life to Live these days big time. I want to see more Talia, Layla, Vic, Sean, Antonio, Rex. I want to know why hot bod new guy has Tess on his cell phone and I want to know how come slut Tess never indiscriminately screwed ugly guys who became obsessed with her? I am really looking forward to seeing whatís in store!


General Hospital: Get out your thermometers because you are going to want to take my temperature. General Hospital is capturing my attention with a mob story for the first time inÖ well; forever, or at least since the days of Frank Smith and Victor Jerome. While I hate that what I loved about Sonny and Connie-Kate was ruined I find myself reluctantly being drawn in. Kate really seems to be completely clueless to the history of Trevor which rather saves the character for me. She isnít a player in his game but a pawn and thatís one thing I am glad about.


Finally the stupid-ification of Lucky seems to be winding down. His kissing Sam was hot. Iím tired of Liz jerking him around and mooning over Jason. So Iím not even mourning the end of Liz and Lucky at this point in time. Iíve been over JaSam since she was shot, so thatís not a drawback for me. I do think Liz is being a two-faced twat and I want her away from Lucky, so if that means a new twit gets to jerk him around for awhile then so be it. He isnít the Spencer I wish he was but until and unless the writing for him changes Iíll be happy just not to see him as the most ignorant person in Port Charles anymore for awhile.


It can certainly be understood how Ric has turned out to be a psychotic as he is, now, isnít it? He has needed this back story for a very long time. I was totally skeeved out to see Trevor holding Molly and it has almost redeemed Ric in my eyes to have him give Molly back to Alexis to keep her safe. (Note to Todd, thatís what parentís do, the put their childís welfare before their own feelings, Ass clown!) As much as I abhor violence and criminals on my show, at least General Hospital is going about this incarnation of the typical mob war in a way that is not completely alienating me: so far.


What can I say except what I have said before? I am a fan of General Hospital first and foremost. More than of any character or of any couple I am a fan of the show. There is much about it that could make me happier: Kill James-Jerry not Jacks, for instance, stop writing the RAPE of Jax as if he cheated on his poor, innocent wife; more Nik, more Georgie and Spinelli, more Monica, Edward, Big Alice, more Tracy & AlanÖ more Alan, period. More Maxie & Coop, more Maxie & Logan, more Maxie & Georgie, Maxie and Mac and hot heart surgeon from Night Shift. More Coleman and drinking at Jakeís, moreÖ.


Well, you catch my drift! Please listen to me on the Daytime Confidential ABC podcast; the first and only podcast of its kind brought to you by our friend Luke at TV Fan Online and check out my General Hospital Night Shift commentary at Eye on Soaps sister site: General Hospital Night Shift. Until next time!


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