March 4, 2007

We just got back from Houston and visited with our son, daughter in law and our absolutely delightful grandson. Our grandson turned 2 on February 24. We got to celebrate once again his birthday and go to his birthday party. Have you ever attended a 2 year old birthday party? Truth of the matter is that I think my husband and I had more fun than anyone else. First of all we only had to make sure we behaved. The other parents were obligated and made sure their child didn't push, shove, whine or cry. To be honest, we behaved. We did. Honest!!  Our son and daughter in law were proud of us. Our grandson was the perfect host. He is built like my husband. Tall and thin. Think string bean!! He can eat like there is no tomorrow. I say this up front, I am so happy he doesn't take after me. I look at the wrong food and it lands on my ass.  So we, the five of us, arrived on time at the party and we watched as the 18 children and their parents entered this very cool place. The party was held at this storefront that houses all these very neat toys.  Toy cars, playstations, a make believe kitchen, a pool without water but plastic balls to play in. There were lots more toys there but I cannot remember them all. If I ever had another birthday party, I would love it held in this place. There also was an area for snacks and food. So pizza and soda and nice snacks were also added to make this party fun.

The main choice for these kids when they arrived was should they play or should they eat? As soon as our grandson heard the word "snack," he sat down at the table and had his snack of M&M's and "goldfish" and pretzels and a juice box. Once he finished, he went off and played. He didn't want any pizza and then he waited for the Happy Birthday song. Heard Happy Birthday dear... smiled and then "helped" his dad blow out the #2 candle.

We loaded up the SUV with the very lovely gifts that were brought for our little guy. Steve and I bought him his first tricycle. He parents told us that's what he wanted. Far be it from us not to get him something that his parents suggested. Did you know at these birthday parties the children do not open the gifts in front of the other children? I was surprised at this revelation. That's so no child gets upset that they cannot take home the toy or the gift. Frankly, I do remember children being upset at our son's birthday parties because they brought the gift and thought it was theirs to take home.

I was telling my 83 year aunt about this. She hasn't met our grandson. She lives in NY and the chance of her going to Texas or they going to NY are pretty slim. She proceeded to tell me about her 56 year old son, who is a concert oboist, her 52 year old son who is a doctor and her 47 year old daughter who is a designer. Both of her sons are married with children. We talked about how grateful we are to have wonderful children. She was saying that she has three successful children. I basically said that I do not know of any mother or parent who raises her child to be a crack dealer. We can give our children good values, give them love, education and compassion. However, we have to be lucky that when we led our child on what we believed was the right path, the children went down the right road.

So for today, as  most days, I am one lucky lady. Both my husband and I got to spend one milestone with our grandchild. We know he probably wont remember it. However, the great part of this journey of life is...



Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
... Stevie Nicks, c1975

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