December 15, 2006
It's a crying shame.... (On ABC Daytime)

Look at this paragraph from Julia Barr's latest newsletter:  "As for All My Children, my last show aired in November .  I had assumed that I would have a final scene regarding my character's departure - certainly with Tad or Jamie, or even a last jab at Erica. I think the fans would have liked the chance to say goodbye to Brooke and to have had some closure with the character many have known for 30 years.  I know it is what I would have wanted.  However, it was not the decision that was made for whatever reason."

Is it just me, or is this inordinately SAD and infuriating all at the same time?  Julia Barr has been with this show for all these years and the absolute best they can do for her is to let her fade into oblivion without so much as a goodbye?  Without a parting shot at Erica?  Without a kiss and a hug for her only child?  This is not some random teenager who went up into the attic to find his ski’s and never came down again.  This is Brooke-freakin-English for crying out loud.  A woman who is tied to virtually every major family in Pine Valley and we’re just supposed to forget that she ever existed and not notice that she’s gone?!

Looks like TIIC at AMC didn’t hire that “consultant” soon enough.  Although, if they EVER actually listened to any of the fans, they never would have let go the likes of Vincent Irizarry and Julia Barr in the first place.  They never would have put Babe Carey-Chandelier into virtually every single storyline, so that even the people who like her won’t get sick of her.  They never would have turned the brothers Lavery into the Patron Saints of Pine Valley.  And they would have allowed Erica Kane to have a little personal growth, for a change.  They would have known that if Vincent Irizarry is too expensive to have languishing on the backburner, they should put him in a front-burner storyline - and said storyline would have to be worthy of a man of his talents!  For that matter, any of the storylines would have to be worthy of the HUGE cache of talent they had available.  Clearly, they don’t listen to the fans; so BRING ON THE CONSULTANT, who will hopefully be the voice of reason and can be heard over the deafening roar of crashing ratings. 

(Unfortunately, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for that, until and unless Brian Frons finally manages to pull his head out of his posterior and listen to someone other than himself.) 

Julia Barr, like those who have gone before her, has been treated shabbily by the current regime and she deserves better.  She can act circles around most of the newer “talent” TPTB are pimping to us - including Alexa Havins (who I hear is just a delightful person IRL, so no offense intended) and, of course, any of the obnoxious teens, or even Susan Lucci herself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore Susan Lucci - the real Susan Lucci, not Erica Kane. But there are times when she just can’t take the drivel they give her and turn it into anything real, or something I can actually “feel.”  She’s had her moments, but none of TIIC in charge will give her character a chance to grow beyond the self-absorbed, spoiled-rotten, attention-whore that Erica has always been.  Julia Barr, on the other hand, can take the occasional tidbits of trash she’s been given and turn it into something good, or at

least palatable and believable. Shame on you, ABC Daytime!  (Frons, this means YOU!)  Shame on you for letting yet another fabulous and talented actor get away.  Shame on you, for not recognizing what the fans really want.  Shame on you for not giving Julia Barr or her fans the respect they so richly deserve.   And shame on you for leaving us with characters like Sean, Colby and Sydney in place of greats like Reggie, Brooke, David, Palmer, Opal, Joe AND Ruth (together) and the REAL Adam Chandler.  Just….Shame on you. 


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