By Mysti

Griping & Grinning

Griping about GH

Oh how I wanted to write about the Spencers this week.  I love me some Spencers.  Yet – while watching them, all that ran through my mind was “Wow.  Just wow.  Why can’t the show be like this the entire time!?”  Because you know it wasn’t – no, every 3 minutes we had to jump to the Jason & Sam show. 

I’ve tried and tried, but when it comes to Jason & Sam, I. Just. Don’t. Care.  Part of it has to do with the lack of respect I have for either character.  Really – Jason’s a thug.  Did we not see him put a viscous beat down on Ric just a week or so ago?  He kills people for a living, and I just don’t respect that.  No matter how nice the sacred abs were looking a month ago. 

Sam – oy.  It doesn’t matter how decent she may be acting now – I can still hear her screeching at Alexis, still see her banging her step-father because she was mad at her mom, playing victim because Jason dared to - *gasp* - bang some other chick because he saw his ex banging her step father.  Not only that – but he had the nerve to use a defective condom when he did it.  Please.   

Here’s a thought for the writers of this show – these are not the actions of a heroine.  They are the actions of a spoiled brat who thinks the world owes her something.  And real strong women are not only not falling for it, but frankly – some of us are straight up offended. 

Yeah, yeah – I know – she’s had a rough life.  But you know what?  So did Alexis, and you don’t hear her whining.  The woman has cancer, and you don’t see her playing victim.  Yeah – she can be a bit manipulative – but not for herself – she just wants her daughters safe.  Her methods may be flawed, but her intent….her intent is beyond reproach.  At least in my mind. 

Sam, on the other hand, just wants things her way.  And she’ll cry, whine, or throw a hissy until the world acknowledges her view.  To hell with anyone else. 

That’s not what I want to see in a heroine.  I want strong independent women.  Women that don’t have to have a man in their lives to be happy.   Women that do not appreciate being told to go to their room so the men folk can talk.  Women who don’t demean themselves when the men they have their sights on obviously don’t want them.  Women with some ever-lovin’ PRIDE in themselves!  Women with brains!   

(And a little bit of law-abiding appreciation wouldn’t hurt either.) 

That’s not what we get.  What we get isn’t working for me.  I didn’t buy it with Carly.  I didn’t buy it with Courtney.  I didn’t buy it with Emily.  And I don’t buy it with Sam.  It’s too bad that they’ve taken a character with great possibilities (remember back when she had a job?  A cool job at that – Sam McCall – salvage chick!) and turned her into Carly light.  And you know what? 

I wasn’t too fond of her either.


Grinning about GH 

But back to the Spencers….(because I really don’t want to bitch *all* the time!)  

Oh how I love the Spencers.  Let me count the ways. 

I love the way Luke smiles at Laura, and the way his face lights up when she enters a room.  I love the way she becomes his main focus, and that he puts her before himself.  Before his children, before his wife, before his friends.  Laura is what draws Luke out of the darkness he wallows in when they are apart.  Neither are perfect, but together….oh, it’s as though the sun has come out after a long and damp winter. 

I love the way Laura laughs at Lucky’s career choice, and is happy to see her children, despite the years.  I love how she embraces the idea of her being a grandmother, yet is grateful that not all 3 kids made her one.  I love how her children yearn for their mother, and yearn for her comfort – knowing all the while that she is too fragile for them to lay their problems at her feet.  And I love her frustration when she senses that her family is doing so much to protect her – even though she has no idea what they are protecting her from. 

I love the way Lulu gazes at her mother – spending time with her in a meaningful way for the first time as a teenager.  Yearning for that motherly embrace, wanting her to make it all better, as Luke never could.  Yet Lulu knows that embrace may not come – she worries so that Laura will never understand her decision.  She doesn’t understand that Laura can forgive much.  And has.  And likely will again.   

I love the way Lucky knows that his mother would have wanted this change to be with her family again – even if only for a little while.  Lucky is the only one of her children that had an entire childhood with his mother, the only one who has *always* been secure in her love and security.  If anyone worries about disappointing her most – it has to be Lucky – but he knows she will understand.  He knows that better than anyone.  Because Lucky knows that Laura forgave Luke for so much, and he above all the others can rest assured in what Laura can accept and live with. 

I love the way Nicholas *wants* to make the decisions for his mother, but knows deep down that he just doesn’t have the experience, the length of time of knowing what she would or wouldn’t want.  I love how he didn’t want to hope, but dared anyway.  And I love that he was able to tell her of his first grandchild. 

I do *not* love the fact that Laura has yet to *see* said grandchild. >:<  But there is so much other stuff to love, I’m not going to let that bother me.  Much.