March 25, 2008


I've been conducting some informal polls on a variety of different message boards this last week or two - just to gauge how people are feeling on some select characters and found the results to be very interesting; so I thought I'd share it with you!

I started out with Josh Madden-Kane-Martin:  Use Him or Lose Him?

You may be stunned (or not) to find out that the vast majority of fans want TPTB at AMC to USE HIM!!!   I would have to agree.  Since they made the decision to un-abort him in the first place, then they need to USE him as the legacy character he was created to be.  I mean, he's a Kane-Martin, for crying out loud!  Your family history (in Pine Valley) doesn't get any richer than that!  Yet he's relegated to backburner status while other, lesser characters get more air time... Why?  Out of the ten informal polls I conducted, I didn't see one single vote cast for the LOSE HIM option.  Not one.  That may be a small sampling, but it's still very telling.  People want to see Josh in his own storyline.  They do not want to see him sitting in the background, relegated to holding Erica's purse for her, or babysitting Kendall's children - I mean, they're calling him a "MANNY" for Pete's sake!  While it's great that he has bonded with the Kane side of his family tree, what about the other side -  the Martins?  Yes, he has his issues with Tad, but they can get past that.  And since Jamie isn't around anymore, wouldn't it be nice to see Jesse's son (Frankie) bond with Tad's nephew?  You know, a second generation of Martin-Hubbard friends.  In other Martin-related news, Josh's other paternal Uncle, Jake, is headed back to the Valley, so there's a great opportunity for bonding there.  While we're on the subject, Josh didn't seem to have any problems with his paternal grandfather at all, so why don't they have more scenes together?  

*stops and thinks*

Has Josh even MET his paternal grandmother, RUTH?!  Seriously... Have they met?  It seems ludicrous in the extreme for them not to have any interaction whatsoever.  Which, of course, brings me to another character who's been seriously underused:  Ruth Martin!  They brought her out of the attic for Jenny's Christening, and a scattered appearance here and there, but really... we haven't seen or heard from Ruth in some very important ways that we absolutely SHOULD have.  Is she even a nurse anymore?  Is she retired?  Baking pies?  What?!  If they are not going to bring Ruth more front and center, and only mention her occasionally, then the kindest thing they could do, is send this character off to her eternal reward.  (i.e.: kill her off)   Personally?  I'd rather they use her, but I don't see it happening, unfortunately, so my next choice would be to kill off her character - and by kill, I don't mean MURDER.  (Please, no more murder stories!!)  She could die of natural causes, heart disease, or cancer - give her an emotional send-off, you know?  Something that would really bring the family together.  Here's an idea... since they plan on bringing Dixie back (as a ghost) why not have her be there to guide Ruth to the hereafter?  AFTER they BOTH help Tad see what's been right under his nose this whole time:  Kate is Kathy!!!!!1eleventy!!1  Once they've set things right, Dixie and Ruth can go into the light together!  See that?  I just came up with that right off the top of my head, so I know it's not difficult for the writers to have ideas!

Another shamefully underused character is Amanda Dillon.  Really.  Amanda is so much more complex than just some bimbo with a smokin body.  (Frons, I'm talking to YOU!)  Why not pair her with Josh?  Give her something else to do besides prop up that idiot, Babe!!!  Please!!!  Josh and Amanda had wicked chemistry back when he was setting her up to be the fall girl for his gas lighting of Erica - why not capitalize on that chemistry?  I'd much rather see that relationship get off the ground than go through another round of Ryass and his harem of idiot admirers.  (Seriously...why don't all three of them just kick him to the curb right now?)


Is AdriYAWNa gone YET?!


All I can say is, don't let the door hit you on the way out of town!!!

I've been trying to steer clear of any discussion regarding OLTL due to the fact that I am pissed off beyond belief about recent events.  Not JUST Todd and Starr, but mainly them.  Why have they torn down all the character growth that Todd has (painstakingly) gained over the last few years and tossed it in the river?!  And why, why WHY have they destroyed the bond between Starr and Todd?  That was canon!  You don't mess with canon!   You just don't!  There are so many ways they could have gone with this storyline if they were so insistent on Starr having sex at such a young age.  It just... well... STINKY would be too genteel an adjective.... This s/l is one yours truly is better off steering clear of, lest I subject you all to an ear-splitting tirade, so moving on...

GH ~

There were some really well done scenes on GH recently.  Specifically, the immediate aftermath of Carly's miscarriage.  Even most Carly haters seemed to agree that the picture of Carly's face, when Kelly gave her the horrible news, was devastating.  Kudos to Laura Wright for nailing that excruciating pain with only her facial expression.  BRAVO!  That one look just tore my heart out; despite the fact that I was adamant about remaining unaffected.  Damn her!!!  Again, really well-done, Laura Wright.  Ditto for Ingo Rademacher.  Poor Jax... Will he EVER be allowed to father a child of his "own."  Now that I've gone and asked that, I am reminded that we once felt that way about Sonny Corinthos...  It seemed for a while there that Sonny would never be blessed with a child, now he's out there fathering them all!  Guess maybe that bodes well for Jasper Jax...

While we're on the subject of Jax, I have to give him kudos-within-a-scolding, too.  Jax was dead-bang-ON with what he said to both Sonny and Carly regarding Michael and his lack of consequences.  He's absolutely right about what it was that paved the way for Michael to become what he's become.  He's also right that by covering up his involvement in Kate's shooting, they are doing him more harm than good.  Even if he doesn't feel it right now, the guilt will stay with him - under the surface - and it will manifest in all kinds of ways.  He may not even realize that's what it is, which could easily lead to more psychological damage.  Also, it sends a very clear message to him:  You never have to take responsibility for anything you do wrong.  I mean, he was responsible - however accidentally - for nearly killing a woman!  That's SERIOUS!!  However, with that said; I truly wish they would have had him hold off on sharing those pearls of wisdom - with CARLY.  He can berate Sonny all he wants; I encourage that.  Sonny's been a total tool for a while now and I love seeing Jax getting the upper hand with him lately.   As much as those things were true and NEEDED to be said, they didn't need to be said to Carly while she was lying in a hospital bed on the verge of having a miscarriage.   Just saying.  Other than that?  Yeah!!!!! 

I know I wank about this time and time again, but until TPTB do something to correct it, I suppose I'll continue to bring it up:  C-O-N-T-I-N-U-I-T-Y!!!!!!!  The cliffhanger Friday (the Cannery explosion) was fantastic.  Couldn't wait to tune in on Monday and see how everyone managed to survive it.  One by one, we caught sight of the survivors - save for two.  Yes folks, I'm talking about SPIXIE!!  We know they were there just seconds before the explosion tore through the building.  Hell, they were standing right beneath a pillar where one of the bombs was counting down!  With each passing day I was left to ponder their fate.  What happened to Spixie?  Where are they?  Did they get blown into the water?  Were they buried under some rubble?  There was no sign of them, nor any mention of them being there.  Did the writers and DIRECTOR just...FORGET they were there?!  All week long, I heard the cries on the message boards wondering what fate met our beloved Spixie and then on the following Friday...we finally saw Spinelli. 


Not one mention of the cannery explosion, or Maxie, or how they got out.  Not even so much as a murmured thanks to the Cyber-Gods that they escaped unharmed - NOTHING!!!  Shame on them for such a glaring lapse in continuity!  Also - shame on them for another glaring lapse in continuity:  Jason's hands.  One week, one or more of them are literally hanging by a thread - very nearly severed - and the very next week, he's not only gone to Seattle for intensive surgery, but has had the surgery and is back in fighting form with not so much as a bandage on the nearly severed appendages!  WTF?!!!!!  Yes, I know he has these nifty black leather wrist brace-guard-thingies, but... it wasn't his WRISTS that were damaged!!!  It was his FINGERS!  Trust me, we know the difference!

*swears like a sailor*


Unfortunately, one thing they DON'T have a continuity problem with is making Lucky look like an idiot, and making Sam a bitter, vengeful, pathetic witch.  They seem to have no problem deviating from that course with those two.   Good GAWD!   Now, when I say Lucky is behaving like an idiot, I don't mean because he is giving Sam a twenty-fifth chance... Nope.  He's a big boy and if he wants to play Russian roulette with his heart - again - at least he now knows what the woman is capable of and how low she will stoop to try and get payback.  BUT... Him coming right out and telling Elizabeth that HE wants Sam to be around HER kids (her being Liz) is just about as idiotic as they come.  It's one thing to put his own heart on the line, but to involve those boys?  NO WAY!  That man needs to be cut off at the knees for this one; and so what if he doesn't continue pretending to be Jake's father because of it!  Bottom line?  He may be pretending to be Jake's father, but those are Liz's kids - period.  If he places conditions on continuing to act as father, then his motives aren't really about keeping those boys safe to begin with.

*breathes again*

Let's move on to the little ray of sunshine I like to call Dilexis!  ZOMFG, how much do I love those two?!!!!  The banter is fun, believable and intelligent.  Two women "of a certain age" and they are STILL the brightest spot in the GH universe!  (Frons, I'm talking to YOU!)   The two of them together are a sheer delight.  I hope they do eventually open a law firm together - preferably upstairs from a bar!  HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!  They could take Lulu under their wings - steer her away from becoming too overly dependent on having a man in her life and give her some direction and a real purpose in her life.  Spixie could do a little P.I. contracting for the Dilexis Law Firm, too.  Brilliant!  I love the possibilities this could bring!

On that positive note, I'll take my leave for now.  Belly up to the bar, my lovelies.  As always, the drinks are on me!


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