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December 9, 2007


Save the Quartermaines, Emily’s Death & Readers Write In 

I want to thank Jamie for pointing out a major embarrassing faux-pas I made in last weeks column. Jamie writes: “Agree that OLTL is the best soap on TV these days. But if you are going to talk about the characters, get their names correct. The guy with Layla is Vincent, not Victor.” Holy sheep-shit, duh! I completely knew that! Thanks for letting me off the hook so easily for that boo-boo Jamie but I wanted to apologize to the readers for the mix up anyway. I’m sorry! It’s VINCENT.  Vincent and Layla. Vincent and Shaun.  V.I.N.C.E.N.T.  I am SO embarrassed! 

B.P.S (before post script) Oh, hey, Katrina? Did you see that they used the exact same ridiculous hairstyle on Sam this week as you were distracted by on Lulu last week? Yes! The headband, ponytail combination from hell… on her head! 

[From Katrina:  Why yes, I did, Belinda, and it made me wonder if there were scab hairdressers filling in while the usual ones were marching the picket lines with the writers.]

Gloria from my yahoo group LOL (Lusty Old Ladies) states: “I started watching General Hospital when Holly was pregnant with Luke's child, so I saw Jason's birth, Emily joining the family, the death and resurrection of Edward, Monica and Alan's affairs, Jason's accident and the destruction of AJ. The Quartermaines are my second favorite family, right under the Scorpios. I hate that the family has been destroyed to "make room" for the undesirable Corinthos family. 20 years from now I will not smile about the quirkiness of the shoot-outs, barware throws or hanging fathers on meat hooks like I do about Lucy's red dress...Lila putting Edward in his place...the Thanksgiving pizzas. Alan was amazing when Emily was younger. The Quartermaines, for all of their flaws, had heart. The Quartermaines made me cry, laugh, and at times, exasperated. I'm sad that the family is being decimated.  I just wish the writers had the knowledge of their own show to respect their history.” 

CJ Jade from the Yahoo Group G.H. ANTI SONNY Group writes: “Let me see how do I feel about them kill yet another Quartermaine off...I hate it. The Quartermaine family has made us laugh, cry, yell, and so much more since the late 70's.  In the past two years we have watched half the family die.  I understand the death of Lila; no one but Anna Lee could play her. But then the death of AJ, Justus, Alan and now Emily.  The Quartermaine family is slowly disappearing and it is not right. Now I am not a person who has been watching since the 70's, I am only 23 but have been watching the show for over five years. Death seems to be an easy answer for the writers of GH.

Leslie Charleson gave an amazing performance as Monica during this. Though I don't agree with her for blaming Jason, and not wanting him to attend her funeral I do understand. It hasn't even been a year since Alan's death, and now she has to bury a third child. I am sure right now she is also angry that the only child she has left, is the one who wants nothing to do with the family.”   

From The Cottage*  

*Out of more than 70 sites, Yahoo, MSN and Myspace this intimate and intelligent, friendly and engaging little message board (the EOS forum) was the most responsive to my request for statements to share with you here.  Thank you! 

Chelsea statesI would like to know what would make Natalia ((Emily)) stay. The Nic and Em story still has so much left undone. I think that its tragic about Em's death. I'm just a little confused on how she's not a ghost or a concinece ((sp?)) like Alan per Guza.

The Qs losing it is understandable.. they just lost AJ, Allan, Lila and now Em. But Monica lashing out at everyone around her isn't going to help. She sure does have the eyes like she means it. When she yelled at Jason it brought tears to my eyes! But Monica has always praised Jason and hated AJ and now she acts like she cares about AJ. I wonder what’s going to happen when she finds out the Nik was arrested for
Em's death. Also find out about his blackouts and he can't account for where he was when she died. Then what’s going to happen?!

I also heard a spoiler that Jason tells Monica about Jake and that she warms up to him and welcomes Jake with open arms into the family. Then lashes out at Liz for putting her children in danger. In the end ((if)) Zacchara didn't kill Em , ((a lot of fingers are pointing elsewhere for the killer)) then how is Monica going to react and what is she going to say to Jason?

I would like to see Jason review some of his Q times like he did with Liz and Cam, (( the whole Em and cake)) and become a part of his family but not lose his identity of Jason Morgan. I think with that then he will have the will more than ever to be with Liz and the boys, and not let Lucky stop him!” 

From Linda; “I thought Emily's death was handled well, especially with the lovely eulogy by Liz. I thought Monica's reaction was right on target. I know LC has a problem with generating tears, but in some scenes it looked like they used some fake ones. Carly bringing the boys over to see her was a nice touch. It would have been nice to see Alan's ghost make an appearance. I was not a big NEM fan and regardless of her Emmy, I found it mostly excruciating to watch NL act. She and Nik had some of the weakest storylines given to them, which didn't help. Knowing the dead Em storyline will drag on until mid-2008 isn't very promising. As far as the re-emergence of the Qs in prominence - I don't think it ever will happen. They've already killed off so many and Monica and Edward are reduced to very few appearances. I love Luke and Tracy and they have considerable screen time but not enough. But I would much rather see the glorious Qs than the leftovers from Night Shift, Carly and LuLu constantly, and more mob activity. And hasn't Jason YET found enough reason to quit working for Sonny? 

DJ Rogue calls himself/herself the “sole voice of dissent (so far)” and states (in part) “I will give GH props for killing off a "major" character, but I will not miss her. I was never a fan of Natalia's, and I’m still amazed she won an Emmy (then again, awards seem to rarely be given to those who "deserve" it, WHEN they deserve it).

The Qs, as we knew them, are as dead as Alan (and AJ, and Justus and etc, etc..) On the bright side, we get to see Wally (and now Scott) every time one of the Qs bites the dust (exactly how many are left?). As for Monica's reaction, it was poorly scripted. As I read on another soap site, Carly bringing Sonny Jr. and the other one to visit was the Monica's brightest spot since the last time she was on the screen, and in the same breath, she was wishing Sonny's enemies decimated the very bight spots she was thrilled to see. 

Maya says, “I really hate the way they’re picking the Qs off. And now Skye will be leaving soon, too. And why isn’t AJ's picture up on the mantle with Emily and Allan's?? And while we're at it? Where's Lila's pic? Dylan and Ned are in California making movies so who's left in the house? Tracy, Monica and Edward. Shameful.

 What if this whole death of Emily thing is just Nik in a coma? Kind of like Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower? Im at a loss, I dont know what's going on.....wanders out, drooling.

From TV Fan Online & Daytime Continental’s forum 

Daisyclover1938 writes; “It’s not too late to save them! There are plenty of Qs off canvas that can be brought back, and younger generations that can continue the Q legacy. Plus the great thing about soaps is that you can take a lot of liberties in your storytelling, so bringing back beloved Q’s that have supposedly passed away is an option (yeah, back from the dead stories are a bad soap cliché, but when it’s done to correct horrible mistakes, like the destruction of the Q’s, I’m all for it.)

As MollyPop said, “ultimately it’s up to the writers/producers. If they are committed to re-establishing the Q’s as a major force on the show, then it can be done. Unfortunately, that's clearly not a priority to them. While fans have been very outspoken regarding the Q’s, it seems to have had little effect.”

From Jack Myers Ed Martin, Watercooler TV, Chris comments: “For 30 years, the Quartermaines were a constant on GH. While Luke and Laura left, returned and left again, Alan and Monica were still there. When the Webbers went from Rick and Lesley to only Elizabeth, Alan and Monica were still there. When the Hardys all but disappeared, Alan and Monica were still there. When the Scorpios went and got killed and resurrected, Alan and Monica were still there. For 30 years, Alan and Monica kept the show interesting with their quarreling, making up and general dysfunction. They were the comic relief but could also be the heart wrenching drama that soaps were famous for. It's been too long since Leslie Charleson has had something to sink her teeth into and it was a welcome sight to see her tearing into Sonny with that familiar Monica "take no nonsense" attitude. I've gotten weary of watching Monica (and Edward) putter around the den reading newspapers while the whole of Port Charles (and their family) was falling apart around them. The real Monica has finally stood up...let's hope they don't let her sit down again. 

Show Commentary 

All my Children 

12-04/05-07 Adam: “Snivel, snot, grovel” That’s what does it for Kwak? His acting like the sweetheart Stuart didn’t do it but this does? That’s sick. 

Tad: “I will protect Jenny from Adam.” Oh, Tad! Are you related to Lucky Spencer at all? 

Babe to Ritchie: “Who’s going to take care of you?” Satan? 

Zack & Greenlee; “It hurts doesn’t it?” Oh, my, yes it does. 

Lily: “Murder… no, no, no, no.” Same here! 

One Life to Live 

12-05-07 Rex: “You don’t have to get me anything for Christmas.” Us either! She’s LEAVING.  

Antonio: “Is there something you want to say?” Yeah, take your clothes off! 

Marcie: “I want this to be over.” So do we. SO DO WE. 

David to Viki: I’m sure he said something but he was in nothing but a towel so I heard nothing. 

Cole: “What am I supposed to do now?” Emote? 

General Hospital 

12-04-07 The younger nurses getting drunk at Jake’s could have been good except for the EMPTY GLASS in Leyla’s hand most of the time--too cheesy for goodness, right?-- Such a small detail to distract me from the whole scene. Where is the other nurse who graduated with Leyla, the one who wasn’t the mass murderer? Where’s the rock and roll cardiologist? 

The Look on Robin’s face when she sees Leyla sexing up Jake’s: priceless! NOTE OF CAUTION: in a real dive like Jake’s they will throw your ass out you get it up on THE FELT to shake that money maker. Take my word for it. 

Lansing/Johnny: Of no interest. 

Johnny/Lulu: Couldn’t care less. 

Kate: “I get it your every woman’s dream.” Holy shit, Batman! This woman may not turn into instantaneous, brain dead, sperm receptacle at the first brush with Sonny’s magic member. Just as I was afraid she had fallen under the influence of the DUMB STICK. 

Lucky: “Stay away from Elizabeth.” Oh dude, you are so screwed about that. 

Sam:  There is a chipmunk on your head!

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