February 9, 2006

Sweeps Continue on OLTL!

Did you know that Paul Satterfield (Spencer) has famous family?  Singer Rita Coolidge (ex-wife of actor/singer/songwriter Kris Kristofferson) is his auntie.

While ex-wife Nora's future on the show may be limited to only another year (portrayer Hillary B. Smith extended her contract after it expired on the hope that something might develop in the form of a story for Nora), Bo is going to be around for a while.  Robert S. Woods just re-signed for another 4 years.  Even so, Nora won't be awake again for several weeks to come.

Many fans have heard that Kerry Butler, who just signed a contract with OLTL as Claudia Ralston, Nash's crazy ex, previously played a different character on the show, but few remember who it actually was.  Remember back when Jessica, Cristian and Will were on the road under cover and they took up with a rock band?  Jessica did some singing with the band (ringing any bells?).  "Heather" was the other female lead singer for the band.

Rumor says we may be seeing the beginnings of a Roxie-David pairing!  Whether it pans out or not, we'll see some valentine scenes between the two of them.  Comic relief meets comic relief!  Between Nigel and Max and for a while, Asa, Roxie's romances have never failed to make me smile.  Since David has had little to do but frown at Spencer, moon after Dorian and sulk, this will be a wonderful reawakening of the character if it takes off. 

A far cry from his onscreen character, John Paul-Lavoisier is reported to be very organized and "together with money."  So says Melissa Archer (Natalie) who chose Lavoisier from the entire OLTL cast as the person she's most like to take with her to buy a new car (ABC SID, Feb 14, 2006).  Paul Satterfield chose Dan Gautier (Kevin), saying that Gautier is very, very smart about money.  John-Paul himself chose Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay), certain that they could "talk any man down to a lower price."

Head Writer, Dena Higley, promised that this year's OLTL was going to be filled with romance.  That will be particularly so when Valentine's Day roles into Llanview with episodes that air on February 14-15.  Marcie accepts Michael's proposal.  Natalie warms up to both of her men again.  Evangeline fines a "nice, broad shoulder to lean on."  Jessica and Tess both spend time with their men.  While Tess is determined to break up with Nash, her heart softens a little.  Rex and Adrianna get closer and Kevin and Kelly move past their recent troubles.

Paige, overcome by guilt, visits Todd in prison, which raises suspicions in both David and Bo.  She confirms to Todd that his impression that he was framed is accurate, but tells him he will have to fight his own battle.  She can't help him beyond that.  Meanwhile, Spencer plots to kill off new mother, Margaret.

John is ordered to escort Todd to a maximum security prison via plane.  When their plane goes down, Todd decides there is no way he's going to go to death row and plans an escape.  (This one is going to go on for awhile.)  Back in Llanview, Blair tells Spencer that their sexual dalliance will not be repeated.  When she informs Starr that she does believe that Todd is guilty, the girl is crushed.

While out on the never ending quest to stalk/find Jessica/Tess (while ignoring his daughter, as usual), Antonio finds himself encumbered by... a bear trap?  He escapes and continues the stalk... I mean search.   Oh thank goodness!

After making no headway with Tess, who knows if she reveals her secret, it will be used to integrate her with Jessica, Niki returns to the roadside bar she used to frequent with 5-year-old Jessica.

The Daytime Emmy Awards nominations were announced on Wednesday, February 8th on "The View."  Surprisingly, OLTL only received one nomination:  Renne Goldsberry (Evangeline) for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.  Such a shame with Tuc Watkins, Erika Slezak, Jean-Paul Lavoisier and Robin Strasser all turning in wonderful performances this year.

The Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast April 28th, live from Hollywood's Kodak Theater on ABC.  For more on the Emmys, visit www.emmys.org

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