By Mysti

When Re-Writes Go Bad

Am I the only one who really hates it when a show totally rewrites history?  I just don’t see the point.  After all - I remember what really happened.  I know that Luke has really loved Laura, and that their relationship was never an illusion.  I know that Tracy didn’t give a hoot about Luke 25 years ago.  I know that Rick Webber was not sleeping with random psycho nurses back in the day, because he was entirely too busy juggling Monica and Leslie, and dodging falling ceilings on a regular basis.  I remember distinctly that Sam was a more than willing participant of her boinkfest with Ric.  He didn’t take advantage of her – they had hot pissed off monkey sex because they both felt dissed by Alexis and they wanted to pay her back, and maybe comfort each other a little.   

I shouldn’t be surprised by these re-writes.  After all – these are the same PTB who claimed that the AJ/Carly friendship never existed. The ones who tried to make me believe that CARLY was the victim – never mind that she drugged AJ, doused him with vodka and dumped him in a laundry cart so that he would think he had fallen off the wagon – just so he would quit trying to remember that she gotten him into bed when she couldn’t find Jason one night.  They tried to make me believe that she always hated AJ, when the truth was – they were friends and she panicked because she wanted Michael to be Tony’s.  And she regretted what she had done – even while she was doing it.  She knew it was wrong, but in typical Carly fashion, she just did what she could to serve her own agenda.  I know better.  I saw what really happened. 

Re-written history just bugs me.  It’s the hallmark of a lazy writer.  Rather than creating a new interesting story based on the rich history that comes with all soaps – they just make something up and to hell with what the viewers actually saw on their screens.  How do they expect their viewers to stay involved when they have some characters do a complete 180  behavior-wise, while others stagnate without growth or development?  How long can we watch a character make the same mistakes, over and over, stating that they have learned a lesson, but never changing their behavior? 

Doesn’t even Maurice Burton get bored with saying “You’re dead to me!” when it lacks any real meaning?  How challenging can it be to portray a character that never ever learns that people are human, and can and should be forgiven? 

You may wonder why I’m a-ranting and raving about all of this today.  I’ve heard rumors of what’s coming up for Luke & Laura.  And it makes me so sad for those who have watched General Hospital longer than I have.  For myself – it’s a history I only know secondhand.  But for those who have watched all these years – it’s a betrayal of a much loved story – and character. 

Some of us will never buy into history re-writes.  No matter what they may write now – I’ll never believe that Luke hasn’t always adored Laura.  I’ll always remember that Luke was happy settled down with Laura and a young Lucky – because he was with her.  His angel.  And I’ll always believe that Luke really was a good guy – with personal demons, to be sure.  Yet still – down deep – he wanted to be her hero.  And he was.  Nothing that these hacks write now will change that.   

Because I know what I SAW with my own eyes.