In this column, the Eye on Soaps staff shares with you the quips, quotes and emails that they found remarkable in some way.  Sources may include interviews, scripted lines from the shows, message groups, message boards or our own conversations.  If it made us think, laugh, cry or say, "Hmmmm," we'll share it with you!

August 30, 2006

Dixie to Tad:  "Is there something we can help you with?" 

Tad: "I doubt it.  See, I was wondering what happened to the woman I fell in love with."

Adam:  "Oh my God, we're gonna be here all night.  Uh, waiter.  Another chair, please."

Sonny to Lulu: Okay, I know a little bit about this situation from Dillion's side of things (with a whole lot of stuttering) 

Lulu to Sonny:  You got someone pregnant on accident?  Who? 

Max:  Look, Carly’s great.  Fantastic.  Unbelievable.

Sonny:  What are you gonna do about it Max?

Max:  Check on the Masurati.

"You could live healthy for the next 30 years and go out that door and get hit by a bus. Or if you live in Port Charles, by a hail of bullets"

Patrick to Robin

"If you think you can tune out and then catch up in November, we'll be in a whole different ballgame by then." 

Head Writer Megan McTavish regarding AMC, just before her rumored firing

"Unlike Ned Ashton, I don't have millions of dollars, so I have to work for a living."

Wally Kurth on his decision to actively seek out work other than on GH

"He's coming back and he's a tough old bird.  Everyone's looking forward to it.  We just love the guy, and he's one of my best friends."

Robert S. Woods (Bo - OLTL) on the return of Phil Carey (Asa) from medical leave

"Dr McEverything"

Nancy Lee Grahn's pet name for Patrick Drake

"If you know anyone with a couch, let me know."

Eden Riegel about her move from LA to NY for her contract role on AMC

"I clearly won't be shaving my head."

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis - GH) on her cancer storyline

"If I have to tell Jason to stay away from Sam one more time, I'll kill myself."

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis - GH)

"The supercouple is Max and Carly."

Laura Wright (Carly - GH)

August 3, 2006

“The more I scream at her, the more I want to take her clothes off.” 

Sonny to Lainey about Carly - GH

"I told you, I was shooting blanks, just like Kevin Buchanan."

David Vickers - OLTL

“I should have known better than to buy drugs from a dealer.” 

Maxie to Lucky - GH  [You're right, Maxie.  Stealing them from the hospital is much, much smarter]

"What fresh hell is this?"

Dorian Lord having the class to quote Dorothy Parker - OLTL

"If I met your mother today, I'd probably kick her butt from here to Buffalo."

Carly to Sonny about his mother not saving him from his stepfather's abuse - GH

"Are you following me?  Because everywhere I go, there you is."

"I told you you can go to hell now, Todd."

Todd and Spencer - OLTL

"It was trial and air.  I figured it out through process of illumination."

Roxy to Marcie about how she learned the sound of a vaccum would quiet a fussy baby - OLTL

"Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor."

"What the HELL does THAT mean?"

Carly (first line) and Sonny - GH

"I don't like you because you kidnapped me and chained me to a wall."

Carly to Ric - GH

"You know there is no way Sonny would let you in the same room, much less his life, if he weren't crazy."

Carly to Ric - GH

"Believe what you want, just believe it somewhere else."

Jason to Ric - GH

"...and now your done"

Jason after Ric makes a huge, condescending speech to him - GH

"Oh come on, Annie, admit it.  You're dying for a second shot at the goodies."

"They weren't that good."

Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane - GH

"Viki, how is that you always make me feel like I just got caught cutting class?"

David to Viki - OLTL

"You're a freaky, spoiled diva and I don't even want to look at you right now."

Josh to Erica - AMC

"You haven't changed a bit."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Of course you will."

Jeff Martin (first line) to Erica - AMC

"Weepy, wussy shit."

Maurice Benard describing to Carolyn from SOW what the crying was like in his recent GH scenes.

"Enough crying with that son of a bitch. He's become a little wussy boy."

Maurice Benard with Carolyn again, speculating on what the fans might be thinking of Sonny

"The deadbeat dad aspect has been a hard one.  I chafe a bit on that."

Tristan Rogers on the return of Robert Scorpio to GH after 14 years

"It doesn't take much to fuel a rumor these days, does it?"

Tristan Rogers on the possibility that Robert actually fathered Sam.

"I've got the best job a 78-year-old could ever have."

John Ingle to Soap Opera Weekly

"When I first took over for David Lewis in 1993, the elevator doors opened, I pushed Lila out into the hotel lobby in her wheelchair and the voice-over said, 'The role of Edward Quartermaine will now be played by John Ingle.'  They did the same thing with Jed Allan, but they didn't with me this time --  I just walked into the room.  I thought to myself, 'Well, I guess they think this is where I belong.'"

John Ingle on his first day back as Edward Quartermaine on GH [If they thought that, I concur]

"The thing that got me almost worse than [Lila's] funeral itself was when Jason came into the Quartermaine den after hearing that Lila had died.  He walked over to Edward, Edward put his hand up on Jason's face and he talked about Jason's eyes being like Lila's.  And I thought, 'Goddammit, those are my lines!'  Then's when I had to stop watching."

John Ingle on watching GH while he was working on DOOL.

"The first time I worked with [John] Wayne, I couldn't speak."

Phil Carey (Asa, OLTL) to SOW

"I told you I was sick."

What Phil Carey thinks his epitaph should read

"I don't see how a heterosexual man and a woman who looks like that could not become romantic."

Trevor St John on Todd and Evangeline to ABCSID - OLTL

"He was one of the kindest men I have ever met, to this day."

 Greg Vaughan (Lucky, GH) on Aaron Spelling, who worked with him on "Malibu Shores."

"The turbulent circumstances Manny continued to created demanded his inevitable destruction.  No matter how powerful Manny seemed to be, he, too, had to meet his maker."

Robert LaSardo on the demise of his GH character, Manny Ruiz

"He is a class act guy.  He's a real gentleman."

Greg Vaughan on Fabio, who he replaced out as The Butter King for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter."

"He is the only person who is more self destructive than [Carly] is."

Laura Wright on Sonny Corinthos (GH)

"When you see your face on a button, it's a very strange day."

Chrishell Stause (Amanda, AMC) on having avid fans

"I think any other actor on this show could have pulled it off."

Trevor St John on his chilling portrayal of Todd during the execution scenes - OLTL

"It was kind of intimidating being in a scene with Gene Hackman."
Trevor St John on his work in the feature film, "Crimson Tide."

"I think that her sleeping with Spencer just to get information out of him is just as unforgivable.  I mean, if it were me, I wouldn't forgive that."

Trevor St John on Blair and Spencer - OLTL

"You wouldn't want to play that joke on someone who had a heart condition."

Paul Satterfield (Spencer, OLTL) regarding the time he and his friends got a pig's head from a butcher and put it in the toilet of a girls' dormitory at Whitman College

"I spin around and then start the scene out of whack.  Then you act like you're not out of whack.  That's when you really look drunk."

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) on how to play drunk

"The first thing I say when someone asks me what I'm working on [is] "I'm on GH.  Rick Springfield's my dad!"

Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH)

"My thing is:  It's respect.  Just because you watch us on television five days a week does not make that OK at all.  I don't walk around sticking my tongue in strangers' mouths and I don't want it done to me."

Jeff Branson (Jonathan, AMC) on the experience he had at Super Soap Weekend 2005 when an avid fan tongued him during "Who Wants To Be A Soapstar Live."

"Um, both would be great"

Bree Williamson on whether she'd like her character to end up with Nash or Antonio

"It's just a dream for me to be doing anything with him."

Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) on hosting "Soap Talk" with Ty Treadway  [Pfft, yeah!]

"From what people tell me, between Sonny and Jax is a nice place to be."

Laura Wright to ABCSID on Carly's predicament between her two loves - GH

"I think she should punch him in the face."

Laura Wright on how Carly should react when Jax returns

"Would you stay, you jerk?"

Laura Wright's text messages to Ingo Rademacher during his contract negotiations

"I expected... shorter."

Anthony Geary (Luke) on the re-casting of LuLu

"She works harder than anyone on the show."

Steve Burton to ABCSID regarding Natalia Livingston

"I would have to say the 'Ice Age' movies, because of the squirrel character. He keeps me in stitches."

Paul Satterfield (Spencer, OLTL) on his favorite animated movie

"The whole actors dating other famous actors and who's with Angelina this week, I don't care.  It doesn't interest me. I just want to go work, do what I love and go home."

John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex, OLTL) to SOD

"As straight as I am, damn, that Cameron Mathison is good looking!"

Forbes March (Nash, OLTL)

"Even when they say, 'This show sucks!  I hate it!  I'm never going to watch it again!'  that just means they're way too into it, so they'll watch."

Hunger Tylo (Taylor, B&B)

"I'm married, so I have to 'act' like I'm happy."

Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan, GH and husband to Rebecca Herbst, Elizabeth, GH) when asked by a fan what he's been doing in regard to his acting career

Ryan Lavery is the biggest asshole ever. What gall this guy has to tell a man who's grieving for his wife who is in a coma that he's in love with her and wishes he could take him away from her? Especially since Zach is fighting for Ryan's child. He's such a selfish, self-centered, self-righteous ass. I can't even believe Megan McTavish thinks we buy that Ryan is all of the sudden in love with Kendall again after the way he treated he over the past two years and declared Greenlee the love of his life.

Ryan saying he loves everything about Kendall. Since when? He has always hated everything about her and wanted to change her.  But I guess since they had Zach say the same thing to Kendall on more than one occasion, Ryan has to get his in.

The constant propping of this character is ridiculous. Did you see the scene where Ryan calls Opal to check on Miranda? Yeah we get it AMC, Ryan loves old people and children and all mankind.

So I guess we're going to get more Ryan propping by Ryan not telling Kendall how he feels and walking away the wounded hero who gives up the girl for her own happiness. I call bullshit.

Tina, An EOS Reader

July 11, 2006

“Do you want me to give you a penance?  Say twenty ‘Hail Todds’ and all is forgiven.”

Todd to Blair, OLTL 

"Not disappointed, but validated.  You have successfully lived down to my expectations."

Robin to Patrick, GH

"Patrick, we just slept together.  Can't you roll over and take a nap like a normal guy?"

Robin to Patrick after he flirts in front of her, GH

"I find you in a lip lock with a girl barely out of high school and you want to make this about me?"

Patrick to Lucky after finding him kissing Maxie (GH)

"I didn't work for a week and when I came back, there were so many new faces walking around the hallways, it was like, 'Whoa!'.  They're not even working all of the people they already have!  So it's obvious something's gotta give."

An AMC Cast Member

"It's fucked up!  I just hope, on the other side of it that I have a job in three months."

Rick Hearst (Ric) on Ric's manipulations of Sonny, GH

"I did [the voice] once with these friends of mine.  But [the hostess] looked at me and she didn't believe me."

Tristan Rogers (Robert, GH) on being the "voice" for Outback Steakhouse.

"If I sat down and did Shakespeare, I'd change it.  'That's gotta go.  That's not funny!  Alas, poor Yorick? What the fuck is that?'"

Tristan Rogers on ad libbing and changing lines.

"He is a vet after delivering Carly's child and the young mother in Kelly's, Bridget's.  Lorenzo would make a much better OB/GYN than Ted would."

Ted King (Alcazar) on Lorenzo's readiness to be a father.

"Stevie's Kissing Booth in kindergarten."

Stephen Nichol's (ex-Stefan, GH) when asked about his first kiss.

"I guarantee you that at some point, we are going to get to a character situation on the canvas now that you're going to go, 'It would be great to bring back Tiffany and Sean.'"

GH Head Writer, Bob Guza

[Note to Bob from Katrina, EOS Webmaster:  1) I'm already saying that and 2) Please take a grammar class immediately, you're killing me.]

"There are no immediate plans to bring Laura back."

A GH spokesperson to ABC Soaps In Depth, July 18

[Another smart assed remark from Katrina:  Then I wonder who Genie Francis will plan when she comes back.  Hmmmm.]

"Men are allowed to care about their hair too.  If I had my way, [Alcazar] would have long hair and a beard, but they don't want that.  They want him clean-shaven with short hair."

Ted King

"Standing on a post in the middle of Bryant Park was the most self-centered thing I've ever seen.  Everyone was like, 'But he's been up there for so long; he's not eating, drinking or falling asleep.'  If you put me on a post that high in a park and I had all these people watching me, forty hours would go by like that anyway.  He just stood there, but he had all these watchers and got to look down like he was the emperor or something."

John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex, OLTL) on why he was unimpressed with street magician, David Blaine

"The next time I leave, it'll be in a nice, wooden box.  I'll stay here as long as they want me -- that doesn't make me a tough negotiator -- but I'm at a point in my life where I don't see the win in pretending that I don't want to do something that, in actuality, I love."

Robin Strasser on continuing her role as Dorian on OLTL

"The writers have written well and have so far honored the history of these two returned favorites.  A new viewer would be able to feel the connection and an old viewer could only sit back and let the sentiment wash over them."

Dianna ("Dianna's Dimensions") on GH's Anna and Robert 

"JR’s birthday gift is a little stuffed Lumiere.  You know, Beauty and the Beast would have been a very short movie if Lumiere had arranged for a bunch of cinder blocks to fall on Belle’s head when she entered the castle.  Frickin trespassers."

Emeraldax ("A Toast to the Soaps") on AMC

"There are just two weeks until I head out to Studio City, CA for the annual General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon. Kathy and I will again be sleeping together…some things are just too good to pass up!"   

Carolyn ("Carolyn's World")

Jamie Pressly should win.  Period.  While I love Jason Lee, Joy steals every scene she’s in.  I love Joy.  Plus, she got to kick Juliette Lewis’ ass and there’s nothing I enjoy more than that."

Sherry on the Prime Time Emmy Award nominations

"Why would someone (other than me, or our own Kate Brown, for that matter) go and attack Dr. Delicious in his cabin?"

The Media Ho about Dr David Hayward (AMC)

June 30, 2006

"I'll just have to do this myself... like everything else." 

David Hayward

“Once again, McTavish has the entire show revolving around issues of conception, birth and babies, both missing and accounted for.  If this isn’t a subject that enthralls you, there’s no reason to tune in to AMC.” 

Mimi Torchin, SOW, June 27

“If there’s a threat to Kendall and Zach’s Marriage, I don’t think it’s coming from Ryan.” SOD June 27

AMC Head Writer, Megan McTavish

“It was almost like when we should shake hands, it was like shaking my own hand.  We had the same height, the same build – you know, it was just unbelievable.” 

Paul Satterfield (Spencer Truman, OLTL) on meeting Christopher Reeve

“When opportunity knocks, take it – because they never did.”

John-Paul Lavoisier on what he learned from his parents.

“Why did Margaret have to die but Paige got to live?”

“I dunno, it’s one of life’s cruel mysteries.”

Katrina and Dianna (EOS) on AOL Instant Messenger

"I am not truly saddened by this turn of events ... in fact I am quite relieved. I have gained much and will now move on. I am saddened however by the lack of respect and humanity expressed by those in control of the show. Instead of being open and honest with me they were conniving and malicious. They actually had me come in to work Thursday, for four hours ... then called me up to tell me they were releasing me! I do not stand for such treatment and this is one reason I am happy that I am no longer in league with people who can't give me respect. They would rather hide than be confronted with the actions they take. Know this everyone, if you can't deal with the consequences of your actions ... seriously rethink your action ... because you may get far in this world ... but this world is not the world that matters.

"That said, I will leave God to judge those who have wronged me. And I do forgive them, in hopes that someday they will understand what they have done."

New Superman, Brandon Routh in 2002, invoking the wrath of God on the powers that be at OLTL for firing him from the role of Seth Anderson.

"Quite simply, a character should not be recast if the only thing that makes the character interesting is the actor who portrays them."

Emeraldax in "Nights At The Round Table"

"Girls gone wild part 3 was a wash for me.  I done and I’m tired of these girls grouping together and drinking Tequila.  The only plus to these scenes is that we get to see Coleman."

Dianna in "Dianna's Dimensions"

"...if the bickering at Fusion doesn’t stop soon, I am going to 'accidentally' drop construction supplies on everyone there."


"This week’s “Best Use of a Hand Prop” award goes to JR Chandler." 

Kate Brown in this week's "AMC Spoiler Commentary"

"There’s really no place to go to for Bullshit Rehab.  You mainly just have to stop watching GH.  Yes, you have to go Cold Bullshit and just stop watching the show completely.  It’s the only way, so that’s what I did.  I’ve even stopped taping it and THAT is a huge step for me in living Bullshit-Free."

JenJen in "Channel Surfin"

"A friend of mine thinks that sleeping with Manny would never be dull; after all, she could just read him if she got bored."

The Media Ho

“I don’t want to have sex with you to get back at Robin, I just want to have sex with you”

Carly to Patrick, GH

"I get that you want to be the one to help Sonny, that you're rather stand by him and let him throw glasses at your head."

Jason to Emily, GH

June 12, 2006

"A man was executed here tonight for killing you.  If he dies, it's going to change a lot of lives" 

Hugh Hughes to Margaret Cochran (OLTL)

“Well, you do have a particular aboriginal attraction.”

Tracy Quartermaine to Robert Scorpio (GH)

“You’re so good to me, Lily,”

Sonny Corinthos to Emily Quartermaine (GH)

“I just couldn’t face my family and came here for some peace.  What are you doing here?”

“I just desecrated two graves.  If you find any of that peace, let me know.”

Kelly Cramer and Hugh Hughes (OLTL)

“I still dream about that one position.”

David Hayward to Julia Santos Keifer regarding their very brief tryst (AMC)

"Keep your friends close and your lunatics closer."

David Vickers to Margaret Cochran

"Would you shut the f*** up?  You've got two shows, you're in a warm area and I'm freezing my ass off out here [in New York]!  Shut up with the 'Oh, poor you, you didn't get to go out on a good note.'" 

Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC) to Eva La Rue regarding her dismay over Maria (AMC) not being given a worthy send off when she left the show. (SOD)

"It's just work but it's not like I go up to David and brag that I get to kiss his girlfriend because I don't want to get punched."

John Paul Lavoisier (Rex) on any awkwardness around David Fumero (Cris), who is dating Melissa Gallo ( Adrianna) (OLTL) (SID)

"She's so real -- there's nothing fake about her -- and just the sweetest woman that you'd ever want to meet."

Kristen Alderson (Starr) regarding Erika Slezak (SOW)

"She f***ed my son in that bed, so I don't really want to sleep there."  (re:  Kendall's prior relationship with his son, Ethan)

Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC) on some of the story "potholes" on AMC (SOW).

"Ric's being cruel to be kind.  For years, Sonny has gone through this and never gotten help.  Ric knows Sonny as to hit bottom before he seeks help.  Everyone will think Ric has ulterior motives, but this is the only way to save his brother and Ric wants to be the safety net that Sonny falls into when he finally does crash." 

Rick Hearst (Ric - GH) on Ric's true motives in regard to Sonny's manic-depression. (SOW)

"I wish she would pull her head out of her butt when it comes to relationships."

Lindze Letherman on her character of Georgie (GH) (SOW)

"It was pretty creepy.  It made you contemplate your own mortality."

Trevor St John (Todd, OLTL) on taping Todd's execution (SOW)

"You would have been as creeped out as the rest of us."

Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL) on taping Todd's execution (SOW)

"I always felt comfortable with adults. It was more difficult to get along with kids, because they're not as forgiving."

Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH) (SOW)

"No.  I think he is fabulous, but I always call him Ross."

Kassie DePaiva on the idea of Blair having a romance with Clint (Jerry VerDorn) (SOW)

"When was the last time All My Children told a story that wasn't about a baby?"

Mimi Torchin in "Speaking My Mind" (SOW)

"Unable to contain herself any further lest she piss down her own leg, Robin announces that Nikolas is actually John's father..."

Sage Bourland's presentation of a GH spoilers from last week's Sage's News and Gossip (EOS)

"It’s not just the fetus stealing and kidnapping that sets Greg apart from Erica’s other suitors, it’s also his choice of romantic music. No Barry White for Greg, he goes right for German folk music. Who knew he was such a softy?"

Kate Roach Brown, "A Cynic Soaps Up" (EOS)

"Sam wonders if there are snakes in the grass outside the patio not realizing that the snake might be sitting inside on the couch with her mother.

Kathy Hardeman from "On the Soap Box" about the "Sam looking out the window while Ric leers" scene (EOS)

May 26, 2006

"The daytime medium becomes more and more youth oriented.  I think it was Sir Laurence Olivier who said that the great tragedy of acting is that by the time an actor is old enough to understand the part of Romeo, you're too old to play him.  I've certainly found that to be true."

Anthony Geary upon winning the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor

* * *

"We can't keep picking the scabs of the past...  There's really no resolution unless Genie decides to come back... I'd always welcome her return." 

Anthony Geary when Soaps In Depth asked about the story of Luke and Laura.

* * *

"Right now, he wants out." 

A Soaps In Depth AMC source regarding Thorsten Kaye's frustration over Zach being played as a father figure.

* * *

"Kelly's planning to leave."

A GH set source to Soaps In Depth regarding the September expiration of Kelly Monaco's contract.

* * *

"He's gone for sure.  He wants to leave and his contract is up.  They are definitely recasting."

A GH set source to Soaps In Depth regarding Ingo Rademacher's rumored departure (June 6th issue)

* * *

"The actor has agreed to stick around P.C. for some additional time."

Soap Opera Digest regarding Ingo Rademacher's rumored departure.  (June 6th issue)  :)

* * *

"Bob Guza did a ridiculously outstanding job.  I've had a great time."

Finola Hughes regarding her brief return to GH.

* * *

"I think that of the crew, perhaps almost 50 percent were the same people I worked with when I was on the show the first time around [1982-85]. I was shocked and thrilled and ecstatically happy because these people were so lovely to me, and continued to be lovely to me. To see those wonderful, warm, welcoming faces was an absolute joy. They work so hard. I would love to see them get the rewards that they deserve. I was so thrilled when GH won the Emmy for Best Show. They worked very hard for it."

Emma Samms regarding her brief return to GH.

* * *

"If you don't follow those instructions, you will be put into a coma following May Sweeps."

Brian Frons' threat to Daytime Emmy Award winners regarding the absolute 90 second time limit on acceptance speeches.

* * *

"I don't watch American Idol.  I protest that show with every fiber of my snobby, elitist, song-writer being."

Scott Clifton

* * *

"I see Roxys all over the place.  She's kind of an homage to a lot of the girls I've seen in bars over the years."

Ilene Kristen

* * *

"She would love to get her hands on this baby."  "I think that Helena may feel differently for Sam than Alexis and if she does, God help Alexis."

Constance Towers to Soap Opera Digest about Helena's possible motives in returning to Port Charles.

* * *

"Todd's story doesn't end with his execution."

Soap Opera Digest on OLTL, June 6th edition.

* * *

"There are some [AMC] episodes I'd like to leave off my resume."

Vincent Irizarry to Soap Opera Digest

* * *

"I was seriously wondering what the deal was, thinking, like, 'Is he running a brothel out of his dressing room?'"

Colin Egglesfield regarding the sounds he heard coming from Cameron Mathison's next door dressing room, before he knew that CM had a full weight set that he uses regularly.

* * *

"I felt connected to someone else for the first time in my life.  Deeply connected. Robert felt like roots to me.  Like home, and I would have to say that no other man has ever really affected me quite the same way - I would have to say that.  But you know I take great pride in my independence, and Robert is the only man I've ever allowed to rescue me.  He's the only man I ever needed."

GH - Anna to Robin about her feelings for Robert

* * *

"Soaps go wrong when they start focusing on the couple only, and every little move *they* make, instead of focusing on the relationship and how it touches everyone around it.  Giving one or both of the super couple Teflon armor and enough ammo to take out everyone else in town means you’re setting your viewers up for disappointment.  Viewers expect change, cause and effect.  There’s the couple, on a little pedestal, with some little people in the background.  Things get shaken up on occasion but look away and then look back and things will have fallen back to basically the same place they were – and there’s your pretty couple still standing in the middle of it all wearing the exact same expression on their face and all the little people are still behind them somewhere, seemingly unchanged as well.  That’s not drama, that’s a snow globe."

Sherry Mercurio on super couples in this month's "Nights At the Round Table" column

* * *

"If I have to hear “ taking the baby way too early” one more time, I am going to run over someone with an ultrasound machine.  Are viewers the only ones who remember Kendall got pregnant on September 20th?" 

Kate Brown in this week's "A Cynic Soaps Up."

* * *

"One Life to Live is just my little engine that could.  It keeps trudging a long and I find myself cheering, “you can do it!"

Dianna in her recent "Dianna's Dimensions" column

* * *

"So, I'm sitting here, cat on my lap, as Sonny's trying to explain his "temper" to Emily, and I'm yelling, "Break some crystal! You know you want to! Come ON!" My cat, naturally, thinks I need meds."

The Media Ho in this week's "Confessions of a Media Ho"

* * *

"Robert, Robin, Mac and the Jones girls sitting together at Kelly's brought a smile to my face and a good feeling that I haven't had for a long time. Luke getting a head massage from Big Alice, Robert getting a head massage from Big Alice -priceless! Ric seems to be growing a mustache and goatee and looks so handsome. Anna is coming back for the summer! And best of all - no Emily and Sonny yesterday. All you have to do is ffwd Soily and the rest is really good now."

Poster "Linda" on a recent message board

May 15, 2006

Ok, I want to SCREAM at the TV and in my need to rant and having no GH friends of my own, you get to hear my complaint.  Alexis has NO legal right to Sam in any form or fashion.  Once Sam was adopted, all legal rights were severed.  There isn’t even a legal document in existence in this particular case that even says Alexis is her mother.  Just saying “I’m her mother” won’t work in a court of law.  I must admit, I am a child of adoption in contact with my biological mother and so it is a little personal for me but still, I think they are abusing this relationship a bit too far even for GH land.  A good story could have been for Alexis to rant and rave over how she has no legal right to help Sam even though she is her mother.  Just a hint of research into adoption law could have done a lot for the writers in this case. 

Thank you for letting me vent! 

Always your fan,
Melissa Hawkins
EOS Reader

* * *

Just for fun, let’s pretend we’re each in a coma. We get to pick not only who is reading the spoilers but in which language. For example, my choice is Antonio Banderas reading the spoilers in Spanish while naked.  Wow, suddenly these are the best spoilers ever.

Kate Brown in this week's AMC Spoiler Commentary

* * *

"I look in my yearbook and I'm like, 'I would have kicked my ass, too.'"

Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC - from SOW)

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"If SECRETS becomes a series, I'm leaving GH not only because I want to do the show, but because I have to.  If you choose to do a pilot and it gets picked up, you can't say no.  It's illegal."

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH - from SID)

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"He doesn't know when -- or if -- he will be returning."

A OLTL setside source regarding Phil Carey's undisclosed illness (SID)

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"He already gave notice that he won't be re-signing."

A Soaps In Depth source regarding Michael Easton's contract, which expires in August.

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"Maxie found the latest paternity test done on Little John and knows that, genetically, he prefers gyros to kangaroo burgers."

The Media Ho in her most recent column

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"What really struck me is that as Laura Wright thundered and shone as Carly on my screen I watched Maurice Benard shrink.  It was odd. "

Dianna in her most recent column

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