February 1, 2007
Brian Frons and All You Idiot 'Suits' at ABC Daytime…
You SUCK!!  And not just a little.  You suck great, heaving, gaseous, nauseating, fetid clumps of…
But, I digress…
Bad enough that you treated two powerhouse performers like Vincent Irizarry and Julia Barr like the cow dung you are, but then you go further still and completely level AMC fans everywhere by denigrating the contributions of Cady McClain as Dixie Martin over the years.  Your complete and utter disregard for the fan base - the REAL fan base, not the made up focus groups you like to throw out as reasoning for the tripe you are trotting out as Daytime Drama - is nothing short of appalling and insulting!
You kill off Dixie Martin, a character so beloved (alternately despised) and entrenched in Pine Valley history, and then you don’t even have the decency to mention her death, or the fallout thereof, in either the preview (spoilers) for the week or the episode recaps?!  Not. One. Single. Mention.

You sure had the Ryan garbage up there.  (Excuse me while I vomit!)  But you can’t even show enough respect for the character, the actress, or the fans, by mentioning her (ill-conceived) death in the freaking episode RECAP???!!!! (Check it out at ABC's own website; starting with Monday's (1/29/07) recap through Wednesday's (1/31/07) here: )

Not. One. Word. About. Dixie.
Do you even know how completely you are destroying these once revered “Soaps”?  Better yet, do you even CARE?!  What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish by gutting these shows?  And by gutting, I mean the steady removal of core characters, beloved veterans and any semblance of quality in the writing or in the performances given by your new youthful, talentless actors.  If you are TRYING to drive away the fans, congratulations!  You’re losing more and more of them Every. Single. Day.
This is DAYTIME Television, folks.  It’s not supposed to look or sound like Primetime or Late-Night television.  It’s supposed to be escapist in nature - in a PLEASANT way; not in the Soprano-esque way that has become staple to General Hospital since Frons took the reigns.  It’s not supposed to be Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy.  (Here’s a hint:  Those shows are already being done; better and with more style, finesse and passion than Frons & Cronies will ever grasp.)
Here’s another hint for you:  Ryan Lavery is NOT a hero.  Neither is his serial-killing brother, Jonathug.  Tad Martin is NOT a murderer, despite what you tried to sell us.  Erica Kane is sixty years old, not twenty five.  Babe and Krystal Carey-Chandelier aren’t heroines either.  They are baby-stealing, hypocritical, lying, adulterous tramps.  No matter how much common sense or right ideals come out of Krystal’s mouth, it doesn’t ring true when she doesn’t hold herself or Babe to the same standards she expects everyone else to live up to.  Brooke English deserved a better send off.  Heck, ANY send off instead of just fading off without so much as an off-hand remark about moving to Tasmania or something to write a book!  Zach Slater is not the bad guy.  Kendall Hart-Slater should be allowed to grow up - especially now that she’s with Zach.   Bianca Montgomery needs to kick Babe to the curb.  Permanently. None of us buy, for one moment, that she would or should ever forgive Babe for stealing her child and only giving her back when she found her own.  David Hayward was NOT evil incarnate.  He was ten-times the man that Ryan Lavery is.  David was a complex, deeply-layered man, whereas Ryan is nothing but a shell.  He has no depth, no honor, and no right to condescend to others as though he were the freaking second coming.

Annie McDermott is a Stepford wife.  Nothing more.  Kill her now.

Over on OLTL?  Natalie Buchanan is NOT the pathetic, shrieking, whining, pathetic loser you have turned her into.  She was a strong, self-reliant,  tough-as-nails-but-still-vulnerable woman when she first came to town.  Bring THAT Natalie back.  Jessica Buchanan-Vega is not the adulterous whore you are turning her into.  Jess was boring, true, Tess was fun; but this new Jessica - who is supposed to be a mix of Jess/Tess is a crashing disaster. Victoria Lord Reilly Buchanan Davidson is the heart and soul of this show. Give her something to do besides prop her pathetic daughters.  Dorian Lord would never, I repeat NEVER terrorize her own daughter by having someone “fake-stalk” her.  Never.  Get a clue.  John McBain ceased to be heroic a while back.  Now he’s just an abusive, passive-aggressive jerk who needs a good swift kick between the legs.  Rex and Bo are GOLD.  You need to capitalize on that.  Right now (and for a while, actually) those two have THE best chemistry (bar none) on the show.  Nu-Marty is NOT Marty Sayebrook. Let Susan Haskell recover from child birth and put her back in the role. Starr Manning’s Kristen Alderson is a gem.  Do not lose her.

GH:  Sam McCall needs to go.  Now.  Just put us all out of our misery. Felicia Jones needs to come home.  Do yourselves a favor and go crawling to Kristina Wagner and beg her to return.  Maxie Jones desperately needs the guidance.  STAT.  Alan Quartermaine did not kill Rick Weber.  Neither did Scott Baldwin.  How dare you ruin those characters like this?  Sonny Corinthos is not a hero.  He’s not perfect and he doesn’t always have to win.  Sonny and Carly are OVER.  Let them rest in peace.  You’ve already destroyed Ric Lansing, a character who had a wealth of potential.  Why have you NEVER given this character a real reason for behaving the way he does?  Why have you never explored WHY he is so broken?  If you aren’t going to delve into the psychology of the character, just kill him already and be done with it.  There’s no saving him now.   And what the frell have you done with Robert-Freaking-Scorpio?  Fans were sooooooo excited to have him back and then you….what?  Dump him?  Idiots!  Don’t kill Mac Scorpio.  USE him.  He’s still a hero to many of us fans.  A real hero, not a glamorized thug.  Why is it that all the cops (ie: good guys) are made to look stupid or inept?  Because you love Sonny so much?  Guess what?  You’ve wrecked Sonny, in case you didn’t know.  He’s not the misunderstood, downtrodden bad-boy any more.  Maybe if you let Jason quit the mob and join law enforcement things would turn around in Port Chuckles.
Those are just a few suggestions, Oh Mighty Idiots In Charge.  If you truly want to save these shows you’ll consider listening to the fans for a change, despite the fact that you currently believe that it’s up to YOU to TELL US what WE want to see.  If your agenda is actually to tank all three shows? Continue doing what you’re doing now.  And, shame on you for treating us so badly.


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