February 26, 2006

Exciting news for horror/mystery readers!  Author Peter Straub will be appearing on OLTL as the partner of John McBain's dead father (it is rumored that this will also be when the "how did Tess get here" story ties up) at an undisclosed future date.  Straub co-wrote the very popular book "The Talisman" with the reigning Prince of Horror Fiction, Stephen King.  Although I enjoyed "The Talisman" very much, in my opinion, his best work is in "Ghost Story" and "Shadowlands." 

Congratulations, Natalie, it's a guy!   Natalie wins custody of John, who is recovering from his "worst flight I was ever on" injuries.  And so it goes (on and on and on).

You take him... No, you take him... I'm not taking him... Hey, let's get
Mikey!  He takes anything.  Hey Mikey!!

Broody boy photo op

Todd manages to escape from the pain wreckage and barrels back to Llanview in a cop car.  He ends up in a standoff with Hugh at the diner.  What Todd really wants to know is just what the hell Paige Miller was talking about when she told him she knew he was set up.  The question, of course, is whether or not Paige will take the high road and unload Spencer as the killer and blackmailer he is or if she'll continue to allow herself to be controlled by this Carlo wannbe.

No one will notice me in a cop car!

Yes!  I AM too a cop!  I drove to Port Charles and graduated from their
police academy!  It was the longest 45 minutes of my life!

Although Clint is able to bring Viki back into control with the sweet somethings he whispered in her ear, she decides to stay at the Hot Spot a little longer and see what she can find out about Tess.  Claudia returns and after being soundly rejected by Nash, is hell bent on even more revenge.

If it weren't for mirrors, we'd only see her holding
her head and wincing.

Although Kerry Butler has been put on contract with OLTL, she will not begin appearing regularly until April.  Evidently, the 20 minutes or so of airtime that Butler accumulated thus far was sufficient for ABC Soaps In Depth to award her a Gold Star review as outstanding performer in their February 28th issue. 

Kelly brings her head up for air and connects with both Hugh (about Todd) and Duke, who is drunk enough to admit that his feelings for her are not all stepson-ish.  Too bad Kevin's within earshot.

Next week:

Tess may be feeling single, even if we are seeing double.

Spencer decides he's finished screwing around with framing and such.  He just wants Todd dead.

John thinks Evangeline knows more than she's saying about Todd's whereabouts.

Sometimes, a boy just needs his mami.

and a girl her daddy.

That's all for this week!


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