February 23, 2006


Natalie nurses John back to health
Michael releases a wounded John from the hospital and into Natalie's care. Natalie wonders why Hugh is packing heat. John apologizes for planting a kiss on Natalie. Layla mistakes Cristian for a burglar when he drops by Evangeline's apartment with a surprise. Evangeline enjoys Cristian's friendship.

Todd goes on the lam
Todd flees from the crash, but finds himself in a standoff with Hugh. Managing to escape, Todd demands answers from Paige. After being grilled by John, Bo realizes Paige is hiding something. Blair and Spencer's romantic rendezvous comes to an end following news of Todd's escape. As the pieces of Spencer's plan seem to be falling into place for David, Spencer's anger in unleashed.

Viki deals with Tess
Viki makes a return and decides to stay at The Hot Spot in search of answers. However, she returns to Llanfair, per Tess' order. Nash informs Claudia that they will never again be a couple. Following the confrontation, Claudia is determined to seek revenge on Nash for the pain he has caused her.

Kelly is stunned by Duke's confession
Kelly and Hugh chat about Todd. After receiving fatherly advice, Kevin and Kelly make up. An inebriated Duke admits makes a surprising announcement to Kelly; which causes her to deal with him in Kevin's presence. Adriana is delighted with Rex's romantic offer; and defends him to her mother.

D2D PreVUE's for the week of March 6
On Monday, Tess finds herself single again.
On Wednesday, Spencer wants Todd dead.
On Friday, John believes Evangeline knows Todd's whereabouts

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